SmokeHouseDeli A Meat Lovers Paradise

Smoke house deli is brought to you by impresario hospitality. Impresario hospitality has been in business for the last 14 years operating across various cities and has created brands in every category. They are the driving force behind multiple brands like Salt water café, Social, Mocha, The tasting room etc. Their current areas of focus are to grow their Smoke house deli and Social brands. They have a belief that social is going to be the café of the future. Smoke house deli is the chain of cafes which tries to get you a unique café experience with a very homely feel. They specialize in meat and many of their dishes have been wowed by epicures in terms of taste, portions and price too. I being a long-time fan of SHD decided to give their Bandra outlet a visit for spending some quality time on a hot sunny afternoon.


The ambience of Smoke house deli is very unique. Its focus is to give its visitors a very homely feel with a unique café experience. The interiors of every SHD is tweaked according to the city it resides in.  The different pictures on the wall all portray a story of the city it resides in from a slice in history. The staff will be happy to tell the story behind them in case you’re interested in. You can also check them out on their website if needed. I don’t really want to start history lessons in my review and bore of reader’s lol. The restaurant in bandra is much more spacious than its lower parel counterpart and is spread across 2 floors. It can get a bit noisy in the noon though when a gang of guys & girls start drinking from their unlimited drinks menu which runs from 12 to 4 every day. But that shouldn’t be a major problem. All In all it’s a great looking place to spend some quality time with friends and family.



With the ambience giving a very homely feel service is something you would really want to go in sync with the experience and that’s exactly what you get in Smoke house deli. The staff makes you feel at home and is extremely proactive, helpful and focused on helping each visitor there. They keep their patrons updated with all the latest offers going on, what their special dishes are for the day, what their specialities are and proactively inform you that they are ready to tweak your meal as per your wishes which really adds that extra point in Customer Experience. Customer experience is the new black in the hospitality industry. Customer service is thing of the past for many such joints. I conversed with multiple people there including the manager and they all really knew how to deliver that experience to its customers. As usual I asked my universal question of what’s your most special dish and I was surprised that proactively categorised their menu and gave their best recommendations for each of the category. They also gave me a pretty detailed explanation of what each dish consists of. These are the small things which add on to the overall experience.


I could have gone for hours and hours over their service but it’s high time I switched over to the main section of this review and that’s the food. Smoke house deli is known for its diverse menu with a good number of dishes in each of that category. It has a little something for everyone be it the hungry veggies or the people who feast on meat. The portions they serve are really good as compared to some of its competitors and there is absolutely no compromise on the taste quotient. If you are a person like me who loves to eat meat then you will definitely love it here. Their menu consists of an exhaustive all day breakfast section, Soups, Salads, Pizzas, Pastas, risottos, Burgers, dogs, Sandwiches, Appetizers, mains and desserts. There is a lot to choose from and you will always have something new to have in each of your visit.

I started off with the Lemongrass chicken skewers + Smoked pepper emulsion as this was their newest addition to the menu. It’s the SHD take on Chicken Skewers and was a hit with me from the very first bite. The chicken was grilled to absolute perfection with the meat not losing its texture and retaining its flavour. The smoked pepper emulsion did the role of adding flavours to the grilled meat. The pineapple garnish that was given with it didn’t really make it sweet too. If you mix the stuff correctly you get a sweet and sour taste with every bite of soft and succulent meat. The portions of each dish are very good here so that isn’t something you want to worry about when you’re in SHD. For me the SHD take on chicken skewers was a hit and was a great way to start off

IMG_20150405_170042  IMG_20150405_170034IMG_20150405_170052

Then we ordered the Country style fried chicken Burger. It consisted of 2 fried chicken patties with veggies, peri peri sauce and melted cheese with fries and a salad as a side. The burger was crunchy because of the multiple fried patties. It had the right moisture in each bite because of the peri peri sauce and melted cheese. It was definitely not the biggest burger I have had but it definitely was a bang for your buck type of burger. They have many other better burgers but I didn’t go for them because I don’t have bacon. If you like eating beef and bacon then you can try going for the Baconater or benedictor

IMG_20150405_170819 IMG_20150405_170804 IMG_20150405_170635

We then ordered another new dish from the menu called Ras el Hanout Rubbed grilled chicken. It’s basically grilled pieces of chicken served with spiced rice along with a peppery sauce. I think SHD can’t really go wrong with their chicken. They have been so consistent in providing the most succulent grilled chicken. This time it was their signature spiced rice and a peppery sauce. It was another stellar chicken dish that they could serve. They also proactively asked me if I want extra sauce with it and I obliged. The reason I had this dish because I wanted to try something which had rice with it. In case you want to avoid rice you can go for the peri peri chicken which is also a stellar chicken dish they have to offer

IMG_20150405_174005 IMG_20150405_173955 IMG_20150405_173912

After this I ordered for a Boss Style aglio olio pepperoncino spaghetti with smoked chicken. I am a big fan of the aglio olio and I definitely wanted to try it here. The dish consisted of spaghetti mixed with beans, red onions, mushrooms, smoked chicken and bread crumbs. These bread crumbs were actually a way to add a crunch on to the spaghetti and it definitely played that part efficiently. The portions were pretty huge. Each bite of this boss style aglio olio was full of veggies, meat and spaghetti. One of the things you may want to look at before ordering this dish is the way you want your spaghetti. I like it a little over cooked so that they are a little softer but not everyone would prefer that. Completely depends on what you want.

IMG_20150405_181656 IMG_20150405_181640 IMG_20150405_181630

We then had the hazelnut mousse flan to end the day on a sweetish note. It was definitely a good dessert. The mousse was balanced on a small thin chocolate pastry. The nuts were properly embedded in the mousse and the flavour of the mouse was just perfect. It wasn’t too sweet or heavy like some other cheap quality mousse that I have had in other restos. I was completely full, happy and satisfied with my meal.

IMG_20150405_183815 IMG_20150405_183742 IMG_20150405_183707

Final Verdict

It was an awesome experience. SHD continues its trend of delivering an absolutely amazing customer experience whenever I visit them. The prices are totally worth it for the quantity and quality of the dishes being served here. Be it their complementary breads or their signature dishes everything has class written all over it.  All in All I will definitely want to come back here to try some more. A Meal for two will cost you Rs 2000 but is definitely a bang for your buck. Like, Comment and follow me in case you liked my review. Follow me on Twitter. Link given in my profile. Impresario has hit all the right notes with SHD and I wish it all the best to grow to its complete potential

Rated 4.5 / 5

Food 4/5

Service 5/5

Ambience 5/5

Value For money 4/5


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