SmokeHouseDeli Meaty Fest Continues

Smoke House Deli Part 2 the Meaty fest Continues. I decided to pay the SHD outlet in Phoenix a visit on a not so busy weekday. What came later was nothing short of yet another treat with “DA Meat”. SHD is known for its Tantalizing meaty fest for yo chest and this outlet was also nothing short of that same experience. Impresario like other companies is not only focused on expansion but is also ensuring to give the same level of experience in all its outlets which is exceptionally good. These days a lot of big players who are focused on expansions have started missing on striking a perfect balance on some critical aspects like Customer Experience, Quality of Food & prices but Impresario have struck gold with their Deli outlets. In case you want to read a background on impresario you can refer to my review of SHD for its Pali Hill outlet. I will be skipping it here.


SHD strives to give its visitors a very homely feel with a unique café experience. As written in my previous review the interiors of every SHD is tweaked according to the city it resides in. The different pictures on the wall all portray a story of the city it resides in from a slice in history. The staff will be happy to tell the story behind them in case you’re interested in. You can also check them out on their website if needed. The SHD Outlet in Phoenix Mills is a little quaint in my honest opinion and due to that there is almost always a waiting going on for hours especially on a weekend during peak hours. Before this specific visit I had tried my luck here around three times to get a table in here over a weekend but was told about an hour + waiting which definitely left me dejected but more anxious to give it a visit. Everything else is similar to its roots and that has been explained in my previous review.


The Service in SHD for me in the outing I am specifically writing for was impeccable. Appreciate the staff to cater to such a demanding customer like me and make him and his tummy happy when being done for the day. Special note of thanks to the manager here who was kind enough to recommend some of his in house specials and also give us a dessert on the house. Also do note that the staff here too will be very happy to tweak dishes basis your requirements. Small things like getting extra sauce for your chicken or extra dip for those chicken strips will always help


I started off with the Spiced Chicken Panko strips. These are fried chicken strips fried and served with their signature tartar Dip. Usually the Chicken strips that you get in resto’s are pretty small in size but that wasn’t the case here. They were not at all oily despite being a fried chicken strip. They were served hot, were Mildly Spiced and can’t be called Spicy. The dip is something which you need to use in generous portions to add flavour to these strips because without them they just taste like plain fried chicken strips. For me it was a good way to start the day as I just gobbled them up really quick like the GobbleGanger in me.


I then ordered for their Peri Peri Chicken rubbed with citrus pimento. It consisted of 2 grilled breast chicken pieces which are grilled to perfection served with a salad and saffron potatoes. The Salad had a Honey mustard dressing. The Chicken just blended in with the sauce. The dish was definitely a dish of the day for me. I asked for some extra sauce and they happily delivered. The portion of the dish is pretty good for 1 person

IMG_20150112_170056 IMG_20150112_170114

Then Came the House Spiced Smoked Chicken with Five Spice Jus. This is a dish which consisted of smoked chicken pieces served with garlic, beans and onions. The chicken pieces were smoked instead of grilled. You could definitely make that out from the taste of the chicken pieces. They were well done and the sauce that was served with them was a bit different from the usual fare. The dish was pretty heavy for me to be honest. If you don’t like the taste of smoked chicken then you may not like this dish but it was good enough for me. I was practically done after this one.

IMG_20150112_170144 IMG_20150112_170128

For desserts I was given the Panna cotta. A good panna cotta is something I look forward to end my meal on a happy note and this one was right there.


Final verdict

It was a great experience in the outlet here. I would definitely recommend you to give this place a try in case you’re here and try out their meaty dishes. A Meal for 2 would set you back by Rs 2000. If you don’t like cramped up spaces then give their bandra outlets a try if possible. Special thanks to the staff for the complimentary panna cotta. You can also have a look at my review for their Pali hill branch which is a little more detailed. Like, Follow and comment in case you liked the review. Follow me on twitter @Chotuv

Rated 4.5 / 5

Food 4/5

Service 5/5

Ambience 5/5

Value For money 4/5


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