Great Food On The Go My Review For On The Go

On the go is a restaurant which has been visualized by Hitesh and Dipen. It started off as a small kiosk in a corporate office in vikhroli. After its success the duo planned to make it a bigger brand and go for a restaurant. After months of planning and strategizing they decided to open the restaurant in borivali as it caters to a wider number of vegetarian people as compared to other regions especially as the crux of the resto was vegetarian cuisine. With the plans in place on the location and the cuisine all that was left to the dynamic duo was to decide the menu in its entire elaborate sense and that’s where Chef Manoj came into the picture. He is the head chef of the restaurant and has been the silent phoenix behind the elaborate menu. His role in the venture is not only drawing an elaborate menu but also looking for constant changes and additions that can be done to the current one to add that something new for its loyal patrons. The menu spans from Indian, Continental, Chinese and Asian cuisine. They have also been open enough to try new things in their menu and some aspects of that have certainly hit a right note with the people there during my visit. The Gobblegangers were invited for a tasting of their diverse menu on a Saturday evening. Me, Arun, Jay, Neha and Ruteika decided to show up.


The ambience for on the go is something similar to brickhouse café. The walls are exposed brick walls with their brands metal frame on it. There are light bulbs on the roof to give that dim light effect that you see in restos these days. The place is having an indoor and an outdoor seating place. Despite the shortage of space seats haven’t been really crammed into each other so that gives some space to patrons. Seats were comfortable. One of the downsides was that there isn’t a washroom in the resto due to space constraints for washing your hands. In a nutshell the ambience in the resto is perfect for a quick veg meal.


As we were in a tasting session the service for us was completely upto the mark with chef manoj sitting with us giving us a detailed description of each of the dish that was being served to us as well as explaining the purpose for keeping that dish in the menu.

The cuisine here is primarily vegetarian. However the team here is daring enough to try some innovative things with their menu. Though some of those things have been successful like the Naan truck there have been some dishes which didn’t meet that level of success. However they have kept that in mind and are constantly working towards new dishes in the menu. So lets go through some of the dishes we tasted

We tried the Caesar and the hummus salad. The Caesar salad was good and was like every Caesar salad needs to be. It had lettuce, croutons and a half cut apple mixed with their Caesar dressing. One of the recommendations by me for this was that the salad could have had a little more of that dressing in it with more pepper to add more flavor to the salad. The hummus salad was definitely a good one. The hummus was fresh and went well with the pita that was offered. One of the things they do while making their hummus is adding pineapple in it for enhancing the flavour. One of the things you should try if you’re here.

IMG_20150613_202646 IMG_20150613_195953

Mexican Tomato Bean Soup: – This is basically a tomato soup in with an OTG Mexican twist. It’s made of tomato and kidney beans with copious amounts of exotic veggies with grated cheese on the top in it instead of bread crumbs. If you like tomato soups and are looking for a change then you can definitely try it out
Potato Leek Soup: – This is the second soup we had. Its base was potatos and peas blended mixed with leeks and seasoned with copious amounts of pepper. The soup tasted great and was liked by all in the group. It is a soup you like to go for if you visit the place.

IMG_20150613_201237 IMG_20150613_201226

Naan Truck: – One of the most successful innovations in OTG. This dish consisted of a naan with a good amount of filling in it in different layers. Its outer layers was full of copious amount of cabbage. Post that there was a patty made of paneer, cheese and jalapenos which was slathered with mint chutney on one side and schezwan sauce on the other side. It is a very generous starter from a portions perspective. In my honest opinion I found it a tad little dry and I would have loved to get more sauce added in the centre but that’s just me. This dish was a sure shot hit with the patrons in resto as I had seen quite a number of naan trucks being sold whilst I was there.


Quesadillas: – The quesadillas here were actually grilled sandwiches to be honest so I wouldn’t call them a quesadilla. From a toasted sandwich perspective it was fairly good with a good amount of cheese, mayo and veggies in the centre. Again the portions for this dish were great too. One of the good things about OTG is that they definitely use a lot of their veggies which is a positive


Broccoli Cheese Salad Open Sandwich: – These were nothing but bruschettas with a generous topping of veggies and Paneer garnished with spices. I didn’t have it but the gang liked having it especially the veggies. They had recommended about keeping the bread a tad bit more soft.


Khichiya pasta cheese papad: – You won’t believe me if I say that this was the first time I had a dish like this but yes this was definitely the first. A very different dish indeed and full credit to the chef for this. My recommendations here were that the pasta on the papad could definitely have been a tad creamier with more veggies in it. The papad also could have been done with more crisp in it so that we wouldn’t need to chew it as much we had to


Main Course
Pav Bhaji Platter 2: – If the above dishes were innovative then this was another one of them. This was a pav bhaji platter with 3 types of bhajis served in it namely Pizza, Chinese and Manchurian bhaji. The pizza bhaji was the best of the lot with the same taste as the original added with cheese, oregano, baby corn, peppers and olives. It’s a must try out if your there over the normal bhaji. The other 2 bhajis namely the Manchurian and Chinese left me disappointed as they were tad bit oilier and the taste between both were very much similar. The Chinese one especially had noodles in it and I am not a big fan of noodles in my bhaji.

IMG_20150613_212445IMG_20150613_212501IMG_20150613_212534 IMG_20150613_212522

Pesto Pasta in exotic veggies: – On request of one of my fellow gobblegangers they made a pasta mixed in pesto sauce with exotic veggies. The pasta was great in my opinion with the sauce perfectly creamy and full of exotic veggies.

IMG_20150613_213642 IMG_20150613_213511

Red thai curry sizzler: – If you like red thai curry then you will definitely like this sizzler. It had Rice and noodles mixed with good amount of exotic veggies in red thai curry sauce served with fries and topped with cheese. You may want to go for this sizzler if you’re here. Also ask for more sauce if you’re at it to make sure you get enough curry. Very good portions for the cost of a sizzler here

IMG_20150613_211824 IMG_20150613_211759

Vegetable Pot Rice: – A nice little pot rice with good amount of veggies in it. Just the way pot rice usually are in veg restos. I appreciate the fact that the OTG team ensures that they use exotic veggies in very good quantities in all their dishes. Not many veg restos do that and this is what makes all the difference.

Paneer Dulari: – Another one of those fusion dishes that were done really well by the team here. It consisted of spinach based gravy in the centre and tomato based paneer gravy on the sides. The paneer was minced and mixed with the gravy really well. One of the Indian dishes I would certainly like having with rice and naan.


We ended this massive feast with a spoonful of their sizzling brownie which was great too.


Final Verdict
I really liked the fact that each of the dishes had great portions, loads of veggies and were a great value for money spent. A meal for 2 would be around rs 1000 but it also depends on what you order. If you’re in borivali and want some vegetarian food then you should definitely give this place a visit. You may also want to note that there is a long waiting in the resto for dinner so you may want to come early and get your seats because if you’re late you will need to Wait and that won’t be great. Like, comment and follow me on twitter & facebook in case you liked my review.

Average Rating 3.5/5
Food 3.5/5
Ambience 3.5/5
Service 3.5/5
Value For money 3.5/5


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