Very Poor Service & An Ok Experience – Mangia Fuori

After a month long hiatus I finally decided to start writing again. Got some time after all from my busy work schedule. Mangia Fuori is situated in the by lanes of Gulmohar road, juhu. It is a restaurant which serves fine dining Italian cuisine. It is also known for its Multi grain wood fired pizzas. I decided to give this place a visit as I was nearby. Read on to know if it passed the taste test.

Mangia Fuori is spacious and cool. Big glass windows almost the size of full length French windows, are draped with sheer organza curtains. The restaurant is layered with different levels, with an inner dining area combined with a bar and mezzanine seating. The interiors spruced up with interesting hues of yellow and earthy browns plays flawlessly with the lights to create a cosy, yet very chic ambience. The ambience of this place was definitely good. The restaurant itself is pretty spacious. However one of the greatest disappointments for me was the afternoon heat inside the restaurant. The restaurant has some air coolers to cool you up but they only cool at few angles. Due to this I had to change my table twice to find the perfect place to sit where I could get some cool breeze. I wonder where the air conditioners were. They were playing some nice bob marley tracks at noon and the bob marley fan in me liked that.

So after my ordeal in trying to beat the heat which was a long feat I finally decided to get some grub for myself. I called up the staff and like I always do asked him the universal question which was “Whats your bestselling pizza here because I have heard a lot about it” and to my greatest surprise the guy was absolutely blank. Whichever pizza I pointed out to him he said yes that’s good and this was definitely not helping me out. I somehow got a recommendation out from them which was a feat in itself for me. The bob marley tracks helped in keeping my cool or it definitely would have got worse. After getting the pizza recommendation I went on to ask them about the mains but as usual they were blank there too. I even asked one of the staff about what the specific dish consists of but he had no clue. I am not exaggerating here but this definitely happened and was a clear turn off for me because if this is a fine dine Italian restaurant these are the basic things that need to be covered off. Giving proactive recommendations isn’t something that exists in their diaries I believe. Oh Well I am ok if the foods good and that is all I was bothered about at that time.


My mind was quite clear that I had to have the pizza here because that is something this restaurant is known for. I tried my best for getting a pizza recommendation from the staff here but they couldn’t help much. It’s not like I don’t know what I want to order but I wanted to have the best pizza they could offer to me. I luckily got a senior staff member to help me with a recommendation. He ordered a Pizza Capriciosa for me with Chicken. The crusts here are thin by default. The pizza consisted of Pesto, Bell peppers, Sun dried tomatoes, jalapenos and Chicken. It had a nice soft thin crust. The pizza was made well. The crust was soft and the pesto sauce went well with it. The toppings also complemented the sauce well. I dunno if it’s just me but I somehow like sundried tomatoes in my pizza. I have definitely had better pizzas but this wasn’t bad either. I would have loved if they would have been a little more generous with the toppings. With the increase in gourmet pizza joints in the city there is definitely some stiff competition for mangia fuori here. However it was a nice way to start my meal

IMG_20150516_143805 IMG_20150516_143835

After finishing my pizza I began my ordeal once again to order something good for main course. But to my lethal disappointment the staff was clueless in giving proper recommendations so I took the onus on myself to decide what I have to order. I ordered a Dijon Pomfret. It consisted of filets of pomfret marinated with Dijon mustard served with vegetables cous cous and honey glaze tomato sauce. At first glance I could see the portions of the mains here are generous indeed and I liked that. The filet of the fish was soft and grilled well and the honey glaze tomato sauce add that tinge of sour quotient to it. I liked it with the exotic veggies sauted in olive oil. However the major downer for me was the vegetable cous cous that was served with it. The first spoonful of cous cous that I had made it very clear to me that this is a bland version of the cous cous mixed with veggies and that was a total downer. I would have definitely liked risotto instead of bland cous cous but because of lack of information from the staff I was stuck with this. I happily finished everything on the plate minus the cous cous. I am sure the staff must have noticed that I left the entire cous cous on my plate but they didn’t bother asking me even once if I liked my meal. So much for service.


We then ordered a PETIT DI POLLO ALLA BOLOGNAISE. This consisted of grilled chicken piccata on a bed of spaghetti, olive oil and lemon juice. The grilled chicken was soft, succulent and grilled to perfection. The sauce accompanied with it was great too. But the spaghetti served like the cous cous was completely bland. I mixed the spaghetti with some of the sauce to actually have them and that’s how I could finish them. After having this dish I was pretty much full and also not in the mood to order further.

IMG_20150516_151133 IMG_20150516_151109

Final Verdict
To Sum it up Mangia Fuori has some great ambience with its technical snags, very poor and lacklustre service and some completely ok food. The portions served are good but the main course meals I ordered had some or the other thing lacking which was disappointing. The pizza was definitely good and I think I would recommend you to have the pizza if you go there. A meal for 2 is Rs 2000 here and the price definitely doesn’t justify the service and the quality of the mains that I had. I have definitely had better meals elsewhere.

Average Rating 3 / 5


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