The Tasting Room A Culinary Journey

Tasting room is brought to you impresario restaurants. These days I feel I have become an impresario frequenter with the number of reviews I have been writing for its various restaurants. Tasting room is a restaurant which had opened in Mumbai as a wine bar. The ethos of this resto is to serve a wide variety of wines with a unique menu consisting of really special hand carved dishes by the chefs to make it the best of both worlds. Opened in 2006 it’s frequented by many fans not only for its wines but for its great tasting dishes and innovative desserts. Its situated on the first floor of the good earth store and can be a tricky one to find if you’re coming here for the first time. I was recommended to try the place by a fellow connoisseur Yatin G



Tasting room is actually much known for its ambience and is considered a very romantic resto to visit in Lower parel. It uses a lot of its décor from the good earth and the store itself keeps changing periodically with the launch of new things, the decor at the Tasting Room gives you something new to look at each time as it tries to keep making small changes to its ambience in few months while keeping the core design the same. The place is pretty well done with the chandeliers, tables with comfy sofas, dim lightning, and candle lights during the night. It is definitely one of the better looking restos in town and one if someone wants to go for a romantic date. However while there are a lot of positives in the décor there are some glaring negatives there as well in the form of few poorly painted walls which just shout how the place was a mill in the past.

IMG_20150608_152646 IMG_20150608_152636

I had gone for dinner and reached the place at around 8pm. We were comfortably placed at a table with sofas so that was a comfy way to dine. I had initially thought that because I am sitting in one corner of the resto I may not get proper attention or service but that wasn’t the case here. The staff here completely know their stuff. From recommending to serving to probing everything was done well here. One of the backdrops of the service was that a number of the desserts I wanted to have no longer are sold there post the menu revamp. Also one of the dessert that I wanted to have was over by the time I ordered which left me disappointed.

As I reached I already knew what had to be ordered as I was briefed well by Yatin on what goes with what. I quickly started off with the Pan seared John Dory. It consisted of a perfectly grilled John Dory made with Kaffir lime and spices and served with mascarpone risotto. From the first bite itself this dish was pure MS indulgence. The fish was well done and kaffir lime added a subtly sour flavour to the meat. When mixed with the mascarpone risotto it was just stellar of a dish. This is one dish you definitely should try if you go here.

IMG_20150608_215446 IMG_20150608_215521

I then ordered another one of their favourites and that’s the Seared fillet of basa served with cauliflower and potato mash with spicy bhavnagari chilli cream. You know for fish eaters basa is like that toy that you always had and never really cared about. It’s that type of a fish but the way it’s done in here was different. First bite into the fish with a healthy serving of that chilli cream blew me away. The chilli cream is extremely spicy. But when you eat it with the lovely mash you don’t feel any spice but a burst of flavours with each bite. It is definitely another dish that you should try when you’re here.

IMG_20150608_215434 IMG_20150608_215408

I quickly hopped over to the desserts after this and to my surprise there were a couple of desserts that have been stopped recently post the menu revamp due to which I had to stick to some different desserts then planned. We started off with the Guanaja Chocolate mousse served with chilli ice cream. Yea you heard that right a chilli ice cream. The mousse was fresh and soft and one of the better mousse that I have had. The chilli ice cream was slightly spicy and complemented the mousse well. I have understood one thing after having this dish that the chef loves his chillies


Then went for Baileys Mousse served with brownie and marshmallows. As I took a bite I loved the mousse but to my horror there was a hair in the dessert and that completely ticked me off. I immediately showed this to the staff and they apologised and took the dessert back. But to my disappointment they didn’t have any more of that dessert and I was left a bit low.

Baileys Mousse With Brownies and Marshmallows

To complement this the staff got me a chocolate tart filled with caramel and chocolate in a tart. Well this one dessert wasn’t all that great. It was too stiff and I really wasn’t in the mood to have a gooey caramel tart. I somehow finished it up

Chocolate Tart

Final Verdict
The Food here is great and I would definitely come back to try more. There were certain disappointments in the desserts section but I will make that up in my next visit. A meal for 2 here would easily cost you Rs 2000. It’s a place where you can spend nice time with friends or family and enjoy a good meal. They also keep having special menus for different seasons so that will certainly get me back here. If you’re in Phoenix mills and want a good continental meal then you should try this joint. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Zomato if you liked my review.

Food 4/5
Service 3.5/5
Ambience 3.5/5
Value for Money 3/5


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