Wok Express – This Wok Rocks

Wok Express is a newly opened QSR that has started in Bandra on 15th may. It’s based on the ethos of being fresh, quick, flexible and convenient. With burger chains on the rise all over the city I definitely wanted a QSR which can serve some great Chinese really quick and wok express delivers



Wok express is a 30 seat restaurant in the heart of Bandra. It’s pretty spacious for a QSR with black bar stools and tables spread out and white walls with their brand frame on it. There are also normal wooden tables and stools for the people who are not a big fan of heighted bar stools. The restaurants entrance has a glass door and panes with subtle lighting provided by cute little lights which gives a very pretty and cozy look during the rains. Perfect ambience to sit and eat some woks. They also have an open kitchen where you can watch those woks being prepared by the chefs to keep you engrossed while you get your chow

IMG_20150620_151418 IMG_20150620_151547


It has a self-service counter where you can choose how you want your wok to be done. The beauty of it all is that it’s completely customizable and there are a number of choices you can make from things like selecting the veggies, the sauce, type of meat(Chicken, Fish or prawns), base(Rice or different type of noodles) and the size of your wok(medium or large). This makes it pretty diverse with a number of options you can opt for. Other than woks they also serve Dimsums and buns. They plan to have a rotating menu of dimsums. They also plan to add Sushi and Cheong Fun to the food roster in the months to come which I will be looking forward for. And guess what it has no Lead or MSG in it so yes it won’t be getting banned 🙂

Dimming the sums

I started off with the Crystal Dimsums and the Edamame & truffle dimsums served with 3 different types of sauces which are packed and kept on the table. The crystal dimsum was the general vegetarian dimsums which had small pieces of garden veggies tucked in it. The Edamame & truffle dimsums are made of Edamame. These are beans which are boiled and crushed with other condiments and mixed with some truffle oil. These dimsums was stellar according to me and it really set the tone. Its wrap also was soft and the filling inside tasted just great.


In non-veg we tried the chicken Coriander & Prawns Hargau dimsums. The chicken coriander dimsums were just about right with the chicken coriander mix going well with the wrap. You can definitely go for it if you want to go for some dimsums here. The prawns Hargau on the other hand was a disappointment as it just had a small piece of prawn inside a considerably thicker wrap as compared to the chicken coriander. This is something they would need to work on as the dimsums here are at the same price as a wok. I also tried their chicken buns. They were a tad too doughy for a bun and the filling inside was minimalistic.

IMG_20150620_154757 IMG_20150620_154805

Wok it Up
As written earlier the woks here are completely customizable depending on what you want to have. I started off with a Medium Wok consisting of exotic veggies, Chicken, Teriyaki sauce and Rice. I am a firm believer in teriyaki and the team here made my wok just the right way. The teriyaki sauce has a sweet and smoky flavour and with the amount of veggies and meat mixed with the rice each bite had a crunch or protein in it. If you like sweet sauces then you should definitely try this one


Then went for a Medium Wok consisting of exotic veggies, Double Prawns, Kung pao Sauce and Ramen Noodles. I was a bit sceptical about this combination at first but the wok turned out superb. Well don’t know what’s with me and sweet & spicy Chinese sauces but I just like em. This one was sweet and spicy and had burnt garlic as a condiment. This was a bit on the oilier side so I made it a point to reiterate to the staff to make all my other woks less oily


I also went for 2 more woks after this which were primarily rice, exotic veggies, double chicken. One was made of Sambal sauce and the other one was Chilli Basil. The chilli basil one was a bit on the spicier side so you know which wok to go for if you want spicy woks. They also put some green chillies in it and those things can really turn the heat so do let them know if you don’t like green chillies in your wok. The Sambal Sauce on the other hand was another one of those sweet and spicy sauces that I so love having.

IMG_20150620_164203 IMG_20150620_164321

I also recommend you to try out the black bean and pepper sauces if you have had chilli basil and want something new which isn’t sweet and spicy. Their menu also describes each sauce well so it can help you make the right decision

Final Verdict
Wok Express is definitely pro at what its ethos is and that is making good tasting woks. Their woks are loaded with veggies, meat and right amount of Rice or Noodles. Their medium woks are priced at Rs 200 which is definitely great value for money. The portion sizes of medium and large woks are great and can fill you up really quick. If your nearby Golds Gym in bandra and want some Chinese I would recommend you to definitely try wok express for its delicious dimsums or really customizable woks. A Meal for two would cost Rs 700 which is good value for money. They will be opening an outlet in Kemps corner and Andheri pretty soon so stay on the lookout. Follow me on Facebook, twitter and zomato in case you liked my review


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