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“Cause in a sky, cause in a sky full of stars
I think I see you
Because you’re a sky, you’re a sky full of stars
Such a heavenly view
You’re such a heavenly view”

These are the excerpts from a song by Coldplay called A Sky Full of Stars. The song is a chart-buster across the world. The lyrics of this track is exactly what I experienced and felt when I made a pit stop at Hotel Ramada’s pride and jewel their restaurant called Skky. It was a cold Thursday evening and the plan was to celebrate my friend’s birthday on their Rooftop Restaurant. I had read a lot about Skky in zomato and its ratings were pretty good too so I knew that it won’t go wrong. Skky is a rooftop restaurant of Ramada group of hotels situated in Powai. The place specializes in Pan Asian at least that is what I understood from the looks of it. It also serves Indian cuisine in case Thai and Chinese isn’t your thing. It’s situated on the 3rd floor of the convention centre I believe because the main hotel is bang opposite the hotel. You need to take a lift to the 3rd floor. As I entered the lift and saw its beautiful starry light interiors I was confident that I had taken the right decision. Read on to know how it went.



As I left the lift and entered the restaurant I was amazed with its ambience. The restaurant is extremely spacious. The tables are separated with walls that have water filled on top of them with artificial lotus flowers floating on them. It really gives a very serene effect to your mind. I also noticed small lights on top of the lotus to give that light in the water effect. These tables surrounded by these walls actually give you your own space and that’s very important in such a setup. Even with the noisiest of crowds you won’t be disturbed which is the beauty of the setup here. As it was my friend’s birthday the restaurant team had decorated my table with flower petals and candle lights. The dim lighting and the candle lights really adds to the already vibrant ambience here. I think this is one place you should experience from an ambience perspective if you don’t want to the cities costly alternatives. Al-Fresco dining at its best. The view of the areas surrounding the hotel from the rooftop isn’t any great though. And as the night goes deeper the place turns colder with the clear view of stars in the sky. Mesmerizing.

IMG_20150108_202416 IMG_20150108_202558


One of the highlights of the service here are the Android tablets that are given to the customers to choose what to order. The tablet contains a completely detailed and pictorial menu with proper descriptions for each dish and the category it fits into. I was actually busy checking out the pictures for like half an hour deciding what to order. I really like the concept of giving a tablet as it empowers the customer to take their own decisions instead of relying on the description given by the staff as it can be misleading at times. The staff here are polite and give ample privacy whilst making sure they attend to you. The low-lights here was an instance where the dish recommended by the staff there wasn’t how it was described by him and I had made the mistake of not crosschecking it with the menu. I will be writing more about this in the food section. So my recommendation would be to wisely choose what to order yourself instead of really banking on recommendations given by the staff.


The menu here offers Pan Asian and Indian with a wide array of dishes to choose from. In pan Asian we had Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Malaysian. In Indian we had all the indian greats with a dedicated section for pizzas too. My plan was to stick to the Oriental.

We started off with the Ginseng Vegetable & Chicken Sweet Corn Soup. The sweet corn soup was made well with the right balance of chicken and corn in the soup. It started off well.

IMG_20150108_205211 IMG_20150108_205302

In Starters I ordered their Wok Fried Fragrant chicken. I noticed that chicken options are very limited here so there are actually very few chicken starters to choose from. The fragrant chicken was good. The chicken was deep fried and tossed in fragrant sauce. Chillies, bell peppers, Coriander, Soya and garlic. The portion was good for 2. It tasted good too

IMG_20150108_210203 IMG_20150108_210155

In Mains I was very confused in deciding what to order that would accompany the rice I had ordered due to which I had to check with the staff there. I had actually asked him for a main course which was both Sweet and Spicy to accompany the fried rice. After a lot of discussion he recommended me to go for the Kung pao chicken for which I said ok as I really thought that it would be a good dish.


To my utter disappointment and disbelief the kung pao that was served turned out to be completely 100% sweet. There wasn’t a hint of spice in it. On checking the tablet I got a reality check that the dish wasn’t sweet and spicy at all but a sweet tasting one. The recommendation went completely wrong. My meal ended up being very sweet because of the kung pao. I felt like I was actually having a sweet dish with chicken and cashews in it. I wouldn’t blame the chef for this to be honest as he made it true to the description and the food had ample amount of chicken and veggies in it. This was when the Skky full of stars just came crashing down and gave me a reality check. So guys the lesson learnt here was to check the tablet very carefully and not to risk ordering anything which has the word sweet here because there is a probability that your dish could land up like the kung pao. I and my friend usually can eat dishes which are sweet so we finished it up but were very disappointed.

IMG_20150108_212402 IMG_20150108_212412

Now since we already had so much of sweet we decided to skip the dessert and just chill under the starry night listening to the music and gazing on the stars and also cribbing about the Kung Pao we just had.

Final Verdict

Despite the mess up in the main course I still had a great time and would recommend friends to try this place out at least once as it’s affordable and is definitely a romantic date spot. The ambience will make up for the food in case you mess it up like in my case. For food you need to be extremely cautious and just stick to the basics. Do not venture on the sweet and spicy lines like I did. Do not order the Kung pao chicken. Try to order the dishes which don’t have anything as sweet mentioned in the description to keep it safe. If you like Indian food then I would just recommend to go for the Indian as that will definitely not be completely sweet. A Meal for 2 of the things had above was Rs 1800 which is completely ok if you compare it with the competitors in the city. I would have definitely given Skky a 4+ rating if my main course experience wouldn’t have been bad. Like, Share and Comment if you liked my reviews. I have uploaded pictures for those who don’t want to read the complete review.


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