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Noodle Whoo

Chindian Food (Indianized Chinese) is something I had long stopped having because of the Rise of Authentic Chinese restaurants all across the city spearheaded by some biggie’s in the industry. It was something I didn’t expect would taste any better because of the sheer number of poor experiences I had with so many wannabe Chinese joints trying to serve some Chindian Food. Until Recently I came across a brand named Noodle Play thanks to a fellow food reviewer Shwetaa.
Noodle Play is the brainchild of Hitesh Bhatia. Noodle Play is a venture still at its infancy! As a frequent consumer of home ordered food, he found that most restaurants (good, bad and the great ones) gave out a step brotherly treatment to home delivery of food. One fine morning he took a vow to change that and thus was born Noodle Play. Noodle Play is an Internet restaurant (wherein they don’t have a dine-in or takeaway model) which delivers great Chinese food to your doorstep! The vision behind the venture is to make home delivery an experience. They also aim to create VFZ’s (Virtual Food Zones) across the city and then across the country! In the coming days, months and years.

What makes Em Different

So people ask whats the difference in Noodle Play when compared to the lights of other joints and what makes it standout. The Answer is the way in which Noodleplay makes their Chindian food.

  1. They serve some really tasty noodles customized to the Indian palette in a unique way in the form of stuff like Punjabi Tadka Noodles, Amritsari Fataka Noodles or the Himalayan Sherpa. You don’t get this stuff in random joints. The Noodles of Noodle Play is something they master in.
  2. Their Food is Low on Oil and has little to no MSG depending on the sauces they use
  3. The portion they serve in 1 Pack of noodles is clearly enough for 2 people. Clearly at par with Joints like 5 Spice which are known to give huge portions of food. It’s evident in the pics I have uploaded
  4. They are good Value for money and the average person who wants to have a good tasting and not so expensive Chinese meal can afford having it. It’s not like a Order once in a month sort of a joint where you end up paying 2k for 2 people even if you order at home
  5. It retains the Indian taste in its meals. Me and my friend ate the Punjabi tadka Noodles in one go without any sauce as they had the yummy indian flavour we missed having in many pro Chinese authentic joints
  6. They are ready to tweak meals as per your preferences in their orders.

Packaging. This is something they are extremely innovative in as well. You don’t need any plates or spoons. Everything is part of your meal. You just need to open up and go Brute..

IMG_20150228_141749 IMG_20150228_141825

Forget The Brub & Get the Grub
I wrote a lot About Noodle play in general its time I wrote about the food I had. We started off with Black pepper Chicken in Starters. The Chicken was nice and soft. The delivery had taken a toll on the starter so it wasn’t all that warm but considering it had come all the way from Bandra to Malad I will completely ignore that part. The sauce was mixed well and there were crunchy bell peppers mixed with them.

IMG_20150228_141901 IMG_20150228_141914
We then started with the Punjabi tadka Noodles. To describe them In 1 Word they were Fantastic. . I have had a lot of authentic Chinese meals and stuff where each brand tries to give their best but the finesse in which Noodle Play had made the Punjabi tadka noodles it made me fall in love with Indianized Chinese food once again where I would actually want to have a Punjabi tadka noodle over a plain Hakka noodle. The noodles were low on oil, high on taste and the packaging was top class. I just opened the flaps and started eating. Check out the pics

IMG_20150228_142419 IMG_20150228_142429
We had a Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce with us to accompany the noodles but we didn’t touch it as the noodles were just awesome and didn’t feel like having a gravy with it as I felt the gravy could alter the fun of it…

Post the Noodles we had the Chicken Thai Chilli Basil Rice with the Hot garlic Sauce. Now if there was an area of improvement that I could foresee it was clearly in the rice where I could hardly find much meat or veggies because of which the thai flavours in the rice were too overpowering. But the Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce went well with the rice and saved the day for me and ended the meal on a good note. I would just go for the Chicken Burnt Chilli garlic Rice over the Thai one.

IMG_20150228_143637 IMG_20150228_143644

Then came up the Chicken Mongolian Pot Rice. One of the dishes from the new menu of noodle play Chicken Mongolian pot rice is Pot rice personified. A pot rice which is extremely similar to the pot rice you get in 5 spice has something for all the Chindian lovers. With a proper mix of exotic veggies meat and soya it has the capability to become another one noodle plays signature dishes.

IMG_20150530_153122 IMG_20150530_153512

Whaddya Sayyy
Food Delivery Joints now have a new and formidable competitor with the name of Noodle Play. They are tasty, good quality and value for money Chindian food and get a thumbs up from me. They are expanding rapidly with outlets open in Powai and bandra already. If you’re around the areas they deliver you should definitely give them a try. They guarantee a delivery within 29 minutes in specific regions so you won’t need to wait long as well. A meal for 2 people is Rs 500 which is great.


2 thoughts on “Noodle Play – Value For Money Indianized Chinese Meals

  1. Certainly a mouthwatering review, those pics made me hungry. Unfortunately they are bit far from my location or I might have ordered it right away. I cannot stay hungry for that long.


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