Indigo deli – Delicious Decade

Indigo deli started off at colaba in June 2005 and set the trend for some delectable continental cuisine. To this day Brand Indigo Deli has spread its wings to various outlets in the city with each outlet retaining the same consistency and quality that people wowed for in the original Indigo with their motto of serving soul food exactly the way their customer wants it. It has been 10 long years since then and a decade of decadence definitely calls for celebrations. For celebrating this iconic milestone and their 10th year anniversary Indigo deli has created 10 days of excellence in food by charting special menus for each day starting from June 21st leading to 30th June fostering out their house specials each day. Each day is a unique experience with a menu specialising into something, some of them are the “Breakfast like a Boss” on 21st june, “Food truck” on 26th June, “Burger off” on 27th June all leading up to the final day 30th June which is their birthday and On this day they will be releasing their new menu.

I finally got a chance this Saturday to visit their outlet in Inorbit Malad to feast on some of their gourmet burgers from the “Burger off” Menu. The menu had all sorts of burgers made for every palette suitable for vegetarians and non-veggies alike. And if you’re a burger fan and are tired of the same MCD, BK and DD then you definitely needed to pay them a visit yesterday.

Looks are everything

Ambience in Indigo Deli has always followed the ethos of being calm, cosy and mildly lit with an open kitchen and that’s the same here in malad as well. The ceiling here has the trademark indigo deli design that is common across all their outlets. Dim lights in pretty looking lamps hanging just at the right height across multiple tables. Comfortable seating with options of comfy sofas to wooden chairs whichever way you like it. In a nutshell as always you know this place is meant for the long hours chilling in a café gobbling up sort of a scene.


Burger Off

I finally took a seat and started glimpsing through the menu which was named as “Burger Off”. I knew one thing that if I want to really utilize the full potential of this menu I need to have the best and that’s when Chef Paramjeet came to my rescue. Chef Paramjeet is a guy who really knows his food. I am usually known for throwing some really tough questions on whats the best in this and whats the best in that and it really makes some people go crazy but Chef Paramjeet was onto it on a jiffy. He not only gave me amazing recommendations for burgers but also took a request of mine for a risotto which wasn’t in the menu.

Quack Quack on the right track

Paramjeet Initially started off recommending their famous pork belly burger but as he came to know that I don’t eat pork he recommended the “Quacker” as I call it. In short it was a very innovative burger by indigo deli. It was a burger that consisted of succulent duck leg slowly cooked to perfection and mixed with plum sauce, veggies and coriander in a steamed Bao. When was the last time you had a burger in a BAO. The Bao was so soft and fresh that it completely changed the dynamics of this burger. The inert plum sauce sticking to the soft duck meat mixed with veggies and made with extra sauce just the way I like it. I was also served a cup of extra plum sauce to enjoy it with my fries. There were absolutely no complaints in this burger from any perspective. It was a big burger with a lot of meat and sauce and a well presented plate. I quacked away in glory with each bite.

IMG_20150627_161653 IMG_20150627_161544

Chicken burger that was like “The Great Khali”

After I was done quacking I realized it was time for the next burger and the chef got me one of their supersized chicken burgers. It was a parmesan chicken burger, rucola and pepper salad. The name sounds so simple but the burger was like a devil in disguise. It was a massive burger with 4 strips of chicken pieces mixed with their in house mayo and veggies. Even the Double patty whopper would run in shame on seeing this beast of a burger. The speciality of this burger was the chicken strips. These strips were made of the “Supreme” part of the chicken breast. That’s the softest part of the chicken breast. These pieces are then coated with parmesan and bread crumbs and fried just right to retain the softness. You can also tweak it the way you want it. I made mine with extra sauce.

IMG_20150627_164039 IMG_20150627_164110

Yo Monn Get Me Some Salmonn

After having 2 beast of a burgers I decided to request Chef Paramjeet with a dish that was recommended to me by fellow “FISH CONNOISSEUR” Yatin G and that was not part of the menu that day. It was a Salmon Risotto. I showed the pic of the dish to Chef paramjeet and he was quickly onto it. The salmon risotto was exactly the way it was done in phoenix atleast. Pan seared salmon chunks mixed with onions, capers, white wine, cheese and rice with a sweet dollop of butter on top as a garnish. The best thing about this risotto was that each bite of the risotto had that juicy salmon in it. On asking the chef he replied that they pan sear and salmon separately and mix it with the risotto later to retain its texture and flavour as risottos take a longer time to cook and boy we smacked that risotto in a matter of minutes.


Liquor infused ice creams

I was so full after having so much but you know that there is always space for dessert and we went for a scoop each of Belgian dark chocolate truffle and Baileys Ice cream. The Belgian dark chocolate truffle is their best-selling ice cream and you can never go wrong ordering this. On the other hand the Baileys ice cream wasn’t upto the mark as there were pieces of crushed ice coming in every bite which was certainly altering the flavour of the bailey. But well I was so darn full that I just didn’t bother and gulped it all up.

IMG_20150627_175845 IMG_20150627_175831

Final verdict

The “burger off “menu was stellar. A bit on the pricier side as indigo always has been. A meal for 2 can make you spend Rs 2500 for 2 people here but well you need to pay for the good stuff and indigo delivered that in all aspects in visit here. I loved the experience and will be waiting for the launch of the new menu on the 30th which will add a much needed change for regular indigo fan boys like me. If you haven’t been there yet you should definitely pay a visit and special thanks to Paramjeet for his hospitality and service to make this visit a one to remember.



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