Leaping Windows – Comic Book Cafe Not Worth Visiting

Leaping windows is a comic book themed café in versova. It’s one of the first comic book cafes I have been too. Situated in Yari road the joint on the first glance looks rather small but it houses a completely loaded comic book collection in the basement of the joint. The collection is really good and houses a rather large collection from asterix to dragonball. It has them all. The section is well designed and can fit around 10 people in. People can sit on couches and read their favourite books while sipping on drinks. They also let you rent comics and have a membership which you can avail too. It also sports a resto which has an outdoor as well as an indoor seating arrangement. I was really excited to visit this place myself it was on my wish list from quite some time.


This place sports an outdoor and an indoor seating arrangement. The seating inside is extremely limited with very little space and few tables. There’s a mezzanine floor which supports some couches and tables but there is space restrictions there too. The outdoor seating area is where the crux of the seats are. But if you don’t like people smoking and if the inside area is full then you’re going to need to wait. There is a full-fledged library in the basement area which can sport 10 people and is nice and comfy.

IMG_20150314_201005 IMG_20150314_200544

The interiors are fine no qualms there but there was some glaring issues that I faced on my trip during the evening time there.

  1. One of the AC wasn’t working which made the inside area pretty hot. Even the one AC which was working wasn’t doing the trick
  2. Place is full of mosquitoes inside which thrive on some human smoothies LOL. And guess what many other reviewers have posted about this before me
  3. The light lamps on some of the tables are a little too low. I was sitting on a chair for 2 where the light from the lamp was directly coming on my head. I felt like I was sitting in a torture chamber. We requested staff and moved out of that seat to a place which didn’t have an overhead lamp.

So from an ambience perspective it isn’t something which I would be an awe of. The joys of the comic themed store was completely overshadowed by these glaring issues. But I was more focused on the food so I didn’t bother much



We were being served by taufiq. He was the only guy inside trying to attend everyone and was trying his best. He was really helpful and was attending to my questions. He was doing a good job. However I was sitting on a table which taufiq had offered to me which apparently was a table for 4. 3 orders into the evening I was requested by the manager to shift to table for 2 for a group of 4 people. That was downrightly embarrassing and unacceptable. To my biggest surprise the group just for 5 minutes without ordering anything and scooted off from the joint. This really was a massive disappointment and wasn’t expected at all. I am someone who has already ordered like a thousand bux worth of food and I have been made to get up for some random group of people who don’t want to sit outside. I was very annoyed with this and was certainly one of the core reasons for my ouster from the joint. This incident right there is the reason I am cutting major points in my review.


The menu here consists of Italian, European and American. Has a limited menu with focus on specific dishes. I was recommended to try the Cajun Chicken burger by Taufiq. So I started off with that. The burger consists of a char grilled chicken seasoned with their special spice rub and topped with mayo and mustard served with fries. I honestly felt the burger to be really ordinary. Burger these days are moving from the old conventional burgers and are trying to be 50% bread and 50% meat but in here it was the opposite. It was 80% bread and 20% meat. It was like a diet burger. Check my pic out to understand what I mean. I have had better burgers in Burger king and that’s a place I don’t rate very high for burgers. I won’t recommend this for burger lovers

IMG_20150314_202310 IMG_20150314_202359

I was then recommended a Grilled Chicken with Sundried tomatoes. This consisted of Chicken breasts grilled and served with parmesan and sundried tomato sauce + rice. This dish was fairly ok. Taufiq also gave me some extra sauce which I requested for as the default sauce that comes is not enough to have with the rice. The chicken breast pieces were grilled perfectly and were soft and succulent. The sauce had sundried tomatoes and a tinge of parmesan to add that thickness. It went well with the rice. I can certainly recommend this dish if you visit the joint but not something you would specially go for

IMG_20150314_204441 IMG_20150314_204450

Then we ordered for a roasted chicken pasta with a mixed sauce (Red + White) and veggies. The pasta was ok. The sauce I feel could have been thicker and was a little too thin. The pasta was loaded with veggies and meat but the mosquitoes were really annoying me when I was having this. I think if the sauce would have been a little thicker it would have been a great pasta. From a portions perspective it will be filling for 1 and good for sharing between 2

IMG_20150314_211813 IMG_20150314_211824

Then I was suggested the Nutella pancakes for dessert as it’s their signature dish. In this dish pancakes are served with Nutella smothered all over it. Despite the Nutella I think the core problem for me lied in the pancake itself which wasn’t that great. It was rather dry and a little tougher than what I have had in other joints. I have had better pancakes elsewhere. There are people who may rave about these pancakes but not in my books.

IMG_20150314_215135 IMG_20150314_215144

Final Verdict

The place houses a great comic collection but really falls flat from an ambience, service and food perspective for me. Where it’s great with comics and ok with the food there is a lot of other things which made my experience incomplete and I won’t recommend this place to my friends. It’s a value for money place as it will cost you rs 1200 for a meal for 2 but other than that there’s nothing much.


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