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Silver Beach café is brought to you by Silver beach hospitality. These are the same people who are behind greats like Nom Nom, Copa, Treesome café etc. This is the joint under their hospitality umbrella which serves European. Me and my friend had been eating a lot of Indian and Chinese lately and were really craving for a good European meal. We decided to give Silver beach café a visit. Located in the bylanes of Iskon temple in juhu this joint is a cosy little place which can easily be missed if you don’t pay enough attention. We finally found the place thanks to google maps and entered it with a lot of expectations because of the rave reviews I had read and seen about it on zomato.



The place is a small cosy joint with a really relaxed atmosphere. It has floor to roof glass windows and is divided into 2 sections. One is the ground floor while the other one is the mezzanine floor. There are really comfy leather seats on the ground floor. These with the dim lights and the glass windows give a nice touch to the overall experience. The mezzanine floor on the other hand was a bit crammed and had open seats. There was one sofa stretched across various tables. I was seated on the ground floor besides the open glass with dim lights on my table. These Dim Lights is a good innovative alternative to Candle light dinners. It sure was a pleasant experience to start with.



We finally sat down and were going through their elaborate menu. I decided to ask the staff there for some Wifi connectivity but the staff rudely said it’s not available. I really wonder why the “Wifi Available” option is given on zomato if they can’t offer that to their guests. This was a massive spoiler for me. However my woes didn’t end here. The service in this place is actually non-existent in my honest opinion. The staff doesn’t bother to check with you. They are hardly interested in giving any recommendations. They are conveniently sitting in one section of the restaurant and only get up to place a meal on our table and conveniently disappear in thin air after that. It’s a good thing we know what we order or else people coming here for the first time and who don’t have a clue what those dishes are really going to have a tough time. This is something they will really need to fix because I don’t think I am the only one in zomato who is complaining about their abysmal service.


The menu at Silver beach café is pretty elaborate. They have a breakfast section followed by Soups, Salads, Mains, Pizzas, Pastas and Desserts. They majorly focus on Italian with a hint of Mediterranean here and there.

We decided to start up with a dish called “tangy Chicken Curls”. This was a dish which had Chicken breasts stuffed with Spinach, Parmesan Cheese & Mushrooms laced with Balsamic. It was served on a bed of caramelized onions and decorated with Balsamic sauce. This starter was amazing. It had the right tang with the meat being very soft. The onions and the little sauce on the starter complemented the filling of mushroom and cheese really well. We were quick to gobble up those 5 delicious curls.

IMG_20150101_175541 IMG_20150101_175553

We then ordered a “Chicken Lasagne with Onion Plum and Tomato Jam”. I just had one word for this masterpiece of a lasagne and that was “marvellous”. I think this is one dish you definitely need to try here. The cheese, pasta sheets, minced chicken and a small layer of jam just balanced everything so well. We were really quick to finish this up. The Portion of lasagne offered here is good as well and not like some of their mains.

IMG_20150101_184650 IMG_20150101_184712

Then came the “Roasted Breast of Chicken Cajun Style With Potato Mash”. This consisted of 2 pieces of grilled chicken breast served with Cajun sauce, Potato Mash and a small salad. Cajun sauce here is a mix of mushroom sauce with hint of BBQ sauce. The grilled chicken was soft. The portion of Cajun sauce served with it was good and it went really well with the meat. The mash was ok. This dish was light and tasted great but from a portions perspective I felt the dish could have done with one extra piece of grilled chicken. If you’re a bit diet conscious then you can certainly try this out.

IMG_20150101_183834 IMG_20150101_183744

For Desserts we ordered a “New York Cheesecake” and honestly it wasn’t upto the mark at all. The cheese in the cake wasn’t soft at all. The pastry that supported the cheese also wasn’t as soft as a good cheesecake should be.

IMG_20150101_191101 IMG_20150101_191036

Final Verdict

Despite the non-existent service at this joint the Ambience and the food really makes it up if you want to have a nice time with your friends or loved one and have a good meal. A meal for two will cost you rs 1800 here. Do try the lasagne if you visit this place. Like, Share and Comment if you liked the review


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