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Oh Calcutta is a part of speciality group of restaurants. The same chain which brings to you heavyweights like Mainland China, Sweet Bengal, Sigree Etc. It’s a restaurant which serves you Bengali Cuisine. When you’re bored of eating the same Italian, Continental, Oriental etc in different parts of the city and want a change in cuisine then this is the place you need to head to. I decided to give the lokhandwala branch a visit on a busy Sunday afternoon. How did my visit go read on?


The place is tucked away in a corner in lokhandwala. You won’t be able to make out that there is actually a restaurant out there. The entrance also isn’t as grand as you would expect from a speciality group of restaurant. If you have been to branches of MC and Sigree then you would know what I meant. The place inside is also quite small. It holds true to its quietly tucked in a corner cliché LOL. However the décor inside is done well. That is something that these chain of restaurants will never fail you in. Something that really added to this was the artwork on their plates. Check out the pic to see what I meant.



This is an area where one of its MC branch has set some really high standards so when I go to a restaurant which hails from the chain of speciality group of restaurants my expectations are also very high. There have been joints like sigree in Malad which during its peak hours completely forgets about the term service but Oh! Calcutta stayed true to its word and delivered great service and met my expectations. A shout out to Saptarishi who was a Management trainee and Shouvik who is the Branch Manager I believe will make you feel right at home. We were here for the first time and were pretty much confused. However Saptarishi dealt really well with us. Gave us that extra attention and also explained us a lot of options that are good here. He being a Bengali himself was an added benefit as he knew exactly what we need to order. And that too in an extremely busy Sunday afternoon where they were short staffed. The highlight of the day was a time when we ordered something for dessert and i out of the blue told my friend that I wanted to have a rasgulla. Saptarishi actually heard that and ended up giving me a complimentary cup of rasgulla. Now that’s sweet and really is that differentiator between good and great customer service. So you know who to call out when you’re out there.


This is also a place where my expectations were really high primarily because of the food we get in Mainland China and Oh Calcutta doesn’t fail to deliver. If you love eating fish and wanna try it out in a different cuisine then this is definitely a place to try. The fishes served here are mainly Bekti and Hilsa a good change from the usual Rawas and Surmai Combos.

We ordered a Fried Fish Calcutta Style. The fish was just perfect. It was perfectly crisp and still had that amount of tenderness that you would want from a good fish fry and I didn’t find any traces of Oil. It was served with a Mustard Dip and that added some really good flavour here. Bengali cuisine is known for its usage of Mustard in just about everything. I and my friend aren’t mustard lovers but we surprisingly liked the mustard dip with our fish.


We then ordered a Freshwater Whole Bekti in Kasundi. Kasundi is basically fermented mustard. If you don’t like mustard and still want to try your hands out in a dish which has mustard then this is what you want. The gravy was just perfect with a nice mix of spices, onions and mustard. The bekti cooked with it was soft and had flavours in each bite. This dish was definitely something I liked and went really well with Steamed rice. This is what you need to try when you’re here

IMG_20141130_144703 IMG_20141130_144653

The next dish that I ordered was Daab Chingri. This was only because it was written as their speciality in zomato. This is basically prawns cooked in tender coconut cream. Saptarishi warned me that this dish is a bit bland but we were adamant to order it. I personally didn’t like it at all. It was like having coconut soup with rice and that too a soup which had very subtle and bland flavour.  For me this dish was an utter disappointment and we hardly even ate a quarter of this curry. If you go to a restaurant and are looking for bland food for a change then this is what you can go for LOL


We were then recommended a scoop of Nolun Gur Ice cream. This ice cream is basically a sweet concoction of Nolun Gur with dates. This is something which you need to must try when you go there. The jaggery that they make this from is produced only in Calcutta and this ice cream is also flown from Calcutta is what Shauvik told me. Do try this

IMG_20141130_151405 IMG_20141130_151353

Final Verdict

A meal for 2 here will set you back by Rs 2000. Be prepared for a sling of taxes on your bill (VAT, Service tax and service charge). I give this place a thumbs up and I will definitely be back here. If you’re a fish lover and want some Bengali dishes then do pay this place a visit. No wonder this is featured in the regional favourites section of zomato.


4 thoughts on “Oh Calcutta – Bengali Cuisine at its Best

  1. I am surprised that you did not like daab chingri. I am bengali and daab chingri is one of our speciality. If you are ever visiting Kolkata make sure that you visit 6, Ballygunge place to have daab chingri. I am sure that you’re going to love it.


    1. i like daab chingri in general but this particular daab chingri that i had in Oh calcutta was so bland that all i could feel was a bland curry with some prawns in it. Thats the reason i didnt like it. i am sure other bengali restos would be cooking up a Killer daab chingri

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