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Located in the corporate hub of Bandra Kurla Complex, China 1 is the perfect blend of a sumptuous Asian fare, interesting cocktails and a chic ambiance. With the first outlet creating its mark in the busy suburbs of Andheri, the BKC is one is all set to become a hotspot too. What started off as a Chinese restaurant that created its stamp of authority in the busy suburbs of Andheri now has taken a step further into BKC with a restaurant that not only provides fine dine Chinese but also hosts a variety of lunch buffets, dinner buffets, Sunday brunch and weekend gigs guaranteed to get you grooving.

Style & Elegance


The architectural style at China 1, is a mélange of splendid Chinese and oriental décor. With elaborate carved artifacts and opulent fine dining décor, China 1 promises a dining experience in the most interesting of surroundings. It’s elegant, spacious and minimalistic. Be it the wooden furniture, dim lighted lamps overlooking them, seating space or the décor of the walls it definitely has class and style written all over it. If China 1 in Andheri had started a trend the one in BKC follows it to the T. It is a place which you can visit for various purposes like a fun filled Saturday night or for a romantic Chinese dinner


A Chinese Tale

The Chinese fare in China 1 Andheri is adjusted to suit the Indian palette but the one in BKC is trying to go the authentic route and has crafted a menu that wants to glorify the authenticity of its cuisine as much as possible with less Indian variants. The headchef for this outlet of china 1 was formerly working in hakkasan so the team here have the knowledge and the capability to make that happen. I was greeted by Kazip the manager who gave me some of the insights that I wrote earlier. He helped me go through the menu and guided me in selecting some of the delectable dishes they had to offer.

Soup Soup Who wants some Souppp

I started off with a Chicken Lemon Coriander and a Sweet corn Soup. They were like Adam & Eve where one was sweet and the other one was spicy. Both were made to complete and complement each other. If you like to have a soup which is thick, sweet, meaty & full of crunchy corn’s then sweet corn is the soup for you


If you like to have a soup which is thick, slightly sour, moderately spicy, meaty with veggies then Lemon Coriander is your go to Soup. I loved them both and can recommend them if you visit the place. They also have clear soups if you don’t like them thick but I usually prefer the thick variants.


Delectable Dimsums

The Dimsums here were the dish of the day for me. I ordered some of them and they were just delectable. The team here takes pride in their dimsums and do some of the smallest things to make sure there the dimsums are soft, succulent and full of flavour.

Prawn & Chive Dumplings

These little green dumplings were a delight in every bite. These dimsums had soft green wrappers in which there was a mix of prawn & chive and topped with crabmeat sauce on top to get that balance in flavour. These dimsums were perfect. I had it with the sweet and spicy sauce and loved each bite. You should definitely try them out


Black bean Prawn Roll

Another one of their magical dimsums was the black bean prawn roll. It was a great tasting mixture of prawns wrapped with spinach and dipped in some black bean sauce to add flavour to the mix and it was a sure shot hit with me from the first bite. What I loved about the dimsums here that they don’t have the pungent flavour of prawns when having them and that is something I liked. They only use fresh prawns in their dimsums and that was very evident


Chicken & Prawn Siu Mai

Chicken Siumai is something we have at every other restaurant and there are very less people who can pull of a good siumai and China 1 is one of them. The China 1 variant has a mix of chicken and prawn. Their mix has a small layer of prawns with a larger layer of chicken. What this does is that the result is a siumai which has the best of both worlds and is another one of their delectable dimsums.


Starting It Up

With the Soup and Dimsums done it was time to head for some of the starters. The starters for me was like a mixed bag of imported chocolates in which some were stellar and some were nothing to rave about.

General Mao Tai Chin Chicken

This here chicken was a sweet and spicy chicken starter. It was one of the starters I personally liked because it was somewhere on the lines of General taos chicken which I am a big time fan of. The dish consisted of succulent pieces of chicken pan fried and tossed with veggies and chillies in a sweet and spicy sauce. The meat was tender and the veggies added crunch value. The only problem for me were the chillies some of them could really burn you as they were fiery spicy. None the less this was a great starter to try out


Vegetable lettuce wrap

If there is a starter that I would love having when it comes to being a veggie it would be this wrap. This dish was simple yet very high on taste quotient. It comes with a cup of mixed veggies (Pine nuts, corn, carrots, tofu & beans) tossed in their house sweet and spicy sauce. It is served with broccoli florets and lettuce leaves. The sweet and spicy veggies were absolutely delicious. You can have them with the lettuce leaves as a wrap but I just had them without it because it had all the things that I wanted in a veggie starter. Sweet, spice and everything nice 🙂


Silken Tofu in Black Bean Sauce

Another one of the house favourites for a veggie. Consisted of steamed silky tofu pieces mixed with veggies (Broccoli, mushrooms, Peppers & Spinach) and a copious serving of black bean sauce. The crunch of these veggies with the softness of the tofu and the spicy flavour of black bean is sure to be a hit with people who like their meals a bit on the spicier end. A dish you should definitely try if you like tofu. If you don’t like soft tofu then you should give it a miss because not everyone likes tofu


Fried Turnip Cakes

These were fried pieces of turnip topped with flakes of garlic and spices. These square pieces were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The only problem with me was that this was a bit too oily and there was a little taste of oil that I could feel when I had them which ruined the experience for me. I had read other people liking this starter though so it could have been a one off. This was one of the starters which didn’t go too well with me


Mongolian grilled chicken

These were tender pieces of chicken with a thin orange coat sauce. The sauce that the pieces were grilled in was similar to the indian spices that we have in chicken tikkas so this was not exactly oriental for me and had more of that indian tasty tikka touch. The dish wasn’t bad but wasn’t great either because I was expecting something oriental. Though the chicken pieces were grilled to perfection with subtle flavour of the marinade with a lemon squeezed on top it still left me feeling like having an Indian starter and that disappointed me a bit. However you can always give it a try if you want to.


Mains & Grains

Done with all these yummy starters it was time for some mains which were tasty yet light. I also hadn’t eaten any fish so I decided to order some Cambodian Basa in Oyster Sauce with a portion of Spicy chicken fried rice with Edamame beans and Veg prosperity noodles. The Cambodian basa was another one of their mains which had subtlety and sincerity in it.


The Subtle flavour of oyster sauce mixed with chunks of fish and exotic veggies showed the sincerity in which the chef makes this dish. This mixed with the Spicy Chicken rice was a dish of the day for me. One of the best things about the rice were the portion of fresh Edamame beans mixed with chicken, egg and garden veggies. Every bite made you feel alright especially with the oyster sauce.


The veg prosperity noodles were your usual hakka noodles with veggies. They too went well with the sauce.


Sweet Ending To a Super Meal

I ended the meal with an Italian tiramisu and oriental mango pudding. The tiramisu was served in a cocktail glass. It had layers of tiramisu with soft pastry. It surely satisfied my soul that was having a craving for having something delectably sweet to end the meal on a good note.


The mango pudding on the other hand was ok. I would recommend the chocolate rolls instead of the mango pudding and definitely the tiramisu


Final Verdict

I loved the meal here and I would definitely recommend china 1 to the people who feel like having a good meal with flavours from the orient when passing by BKC. A meal for 2 here can easily hold you back by Rs 3000 but good things come at a price. You can always speak to kazip the in house manager if you’re confused on what to order. So China 1 passed my taste test. Hopefully it will pass yours too. Give it a try and let me know what you feel in the comments below


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