Woodside Inn – An Experience similar to Ram Gopal Varma’s AAG

Woodside Inn – An Experience similar to Ram Gopal Varma’s AAG

The busy and bustling woodside inn situated in oshiwara is another one of those outlets where people go to have cold chilling beers and some fully loaded burgers. Loaded you say ok maybe I can take that back courtesy the other outlets I have been to these days. Every day I wake up in the morning consoling myself to stop having junk food but the inner indian junkie in me takes over at noon and i end up binging on them which isn’t the right thing to do but I do it anyways. I decided to visit their outlet for lunch but then they have this Sunday brunch which didn’t get good reviews from my fellow gobblegangers so I ended up going for dinner

The Tavern Like Ambience


Woodside inn is an outlet which takes pride in serving great beers and some great burgers. I take pride in my munching skills so it was a proper combination. Their outlet is split into 2 sections. They have an outer section where people can sit and smoke and an inner section. The place is always buzzing with people, good music and the inner section sports a dim lighting at evenings which gives more of a date night sort of ambience during the evenings. At first glance I was extremely happy with my decision and hoped for having a great time. I still dont understand whats up with a pic of miley cyrus tongue on the wall LOL


Minestrone Soup

I started my meal with a healthy serving of chicken minestrone soup. The soup was exactly the way I liked. Right balance of flavor infused with good amount of chicken & cheese garnished with parsley. It was a good start to the meal


The chaotic “B In a B” experience (American Special burger from the fest)


As soon as i glanced over their special burger fest menu I was advised by their staff that they don’t have the regular burgers as they are having the fest during which their regular burgers are off. That disappointed me slightly but not to a great extent. The inner “Who moved my cheese me” me wanted to try something different as I love change. Their staff recommended me to go for a very healthy and innovative burger of theirs called the “B in a B”. At first the name struck me for “Bada & Behter” and the hit song “Bade ache lagte hain” started playing on my mind but later on I came to know it meant burger in a bowl. So much for the song 🙂 lol. The dish consisted of a tenderloin patty with gooey cheese, a sunny side up egg, bacon strips, grilled peach, fresh plums, lettuce, onions and rocket leaves with a portion of chips. As I don’t eat red meat I replaced the tenderloin patty with a grilled chicken one and the bacon strips with grilled chicken strips. As I started eating and cut the patty with knife I saw absolutely zero cheese. Cant believe this is their american special. Obama may just go on a diet if he had to have this. I immediately checked this with the staff and after 10 minutes I was told that the chicken version of this doesn’t have any cheese. So much for proactively letting the guest know before placing the order. That absolutely disappointed me and what made it worse was the grilled chicken patty served was tad burnt which made it very difficult to chew for which I complained to the staff but they didn’t bother. It was a “Manmohan Singh moment (MUUTE)” for them maybe. Due to these factors the dish was an absolute disappointment. The portions of this dish were good but the lack of cheese and a burnt chicken patty was the end of my burger festival right there.


“Chewy & Bland” Rawas in Lemon Caper Sauce

Keeping my burger disappointment aside I decided to go for some fish. I was recommended a grilled rawas with lemon caper by the staff. I was told it was their in house specialty to which I gladly said yes. The dish consisted of grilled rawas tossed in lemon caper sauce with veggies and some gnocchi. I was advised the dish would take some time to be prepared. But the dish was presented on my table exactly 52 minutes later. I have heard about sourcing the right ingredients and prep time but 52 minutes was just too much. Maybe they were sourcing the fish post me ordering. On first look the dish looked unique and I had loads of expectations from it but they fell flat on my face as I took the first bite. The rawas was having a rubbery and chewy texture. The sauce wasn’t mixed well with it due to which it tasted absolutely bland. The capers were too few and too sour to my liking. I like my capers but maybe the guys at indigo have spoilt me with the way they “caper it up”. The handmade gnocchi also didn’t blend well in the sauce which made me feel like eating tasteless dough on biting them. The dish was a signature disappointment of epic proportions. The only saving grace in this dish were the veggies as they blended well with the sauce. This dish was an ode to RGV for his excellent movie making


Dry Nutella Pancakes (Only Saving Grace)

For desserts I was recommended their Nutella pancakes with fresh fruits, whipped cream and served with maple sauce and honey. The dish consisted of 3 pancakes resting on top of each other with a good amount of nutella slathered between each of them. Despite all this the pancakes were extremely dry and chewy. I had to literally use all the maple syrup and honey on the table to gobble them. If your scared of sugar then this dish is certainly not for you cause you may end up having high sugar after having so much of maple and honey:).


Final Verdict

To sum up my evening in woodside it was a disappointing experience. From the get go the staff kept recommending me ranked failures which just didn’t go well. From a fish perspective it was a BIG MS FAIL. Their portions are good for the price but you need to be very careful of what you order. You need to stick to their most ordered food and not venture on the lines of change and something different as that would disappoint you. Meal for 2 would cost you Rs 2000. I have my doubts I would visit this place again cause of the poor service and disappointing food


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