Zapata – A Tale of 2 Contrasting Experiences

Zapata – A Tale of 2 Contrasting experiences


Mexican is a cuisine which has great potential in Mumbai and I for one believe that its complete potential hasn’t been tapped out by many restaurateurs. There are some biggies in this space like Sammy sosa and Sanchos but that’s too less for a city like Mumbai where there is an Italian and chinese resto in every corner. Due to this I always try to give every Mexican joint a visit to see how they go about serving some good food. Zapata a New Mexican resto opened in malad had all the right ingredients for me to pay a visit there. Mexican cuisine (It’s all about the beans), relaxed ambience and rave zomato reviews by some fellow gobblegangers. I decided to pay a visit to the resto on a Sunday evening for grabbing some grub.


The Happening First Visit

The menu in zapatas is short and specific and has clear categories so that the person ordering doesn’t have any issues in deciding what to order. There is a section which talks about the different types of tortillas they serve like Burritos, quesadillas etc. A section which has some starters and one section for the few mains they have to offer. So it doesn’t take much time to decide what to go for which was good.

Mexican Samosas (Chimichangas)

I started off with some chimichangas aka the Mexican samosa :). These are fried tortillas with a mix of minced chicken, lettuce, pico de gallo and sour cream served with salsa. They were fried just about right and were copiously filled with the mix and had good amount of sauce garnished on them so that they don’t end up try. Try to get a good helping of your favourite sauce when having them just like when you have your samosa J we were quick to finish the 3 chimichangas in no time. If you ask me to rate them they were not the best I had but were good ones that you can definitely go for.


Chicken Jalisco

After the chimichangas we went for their signature main course the Jalisco. It’s a dish consisting of a grilled breast piece of chicken sauted with spicy habanero and tequila based sauce with garden veggies in them served with Mexican black bean rice. The chicken was tender and succulent. The sauce wasn’t all that spicy which was good for me and the tequila added a little tang to it with the necessary crunch given to it by the garden veggies in it. It went well with the meat and the exotic veggies. The portion of the dish was good for one. This is one of their signature dishes and they certainly didn’t go wrong with this one. You should try out the Jalisco if your here


Cake with Milkmaid Time (Tres Leches)

Tres leches is one of the signature desserts that you usually get in a Mexican resto. It consists of a sponge cake made with 3 types of milk. It’s like having a sponge cake with milkmaid 🙂 for us Indians. The cake was soft, fresh and was soaked in sweet milky goodness which gave a sugar rush in each bite. Definitely something I can have multiple times but not to the extent of getting a case of high blood sugar.


The Disappointing Second Visit

Everything went well and my first ever visit to zapatas was a good one as per the dishes that I had. I definitely wanted to come back again. As always I started recommending this place to my friends and office colleagues as it was definitely a good option for a change in an area dominated by archies best friend. After all the free promotion the place got my office colleagues decided to give Zapata a visit on a weekday for dinner. But this is where it all started going downhill for me. This specific lot of people were majorly vegetarian and also a big fan of Sammy sosa (The Terminator of Mexican cuisine in the western suburbs) due to which they had very high expectations. We ordered Veg Nachos, Sweet fries, Onion rings, Veg Jalisco, veg fajitas, veg enchiladas, costa maya, lamb shanks & tres leches. The onion rings were extremely oily, the veg fajitas was poorly done, the enchiladas was so sour that none of the people in the group could have it (to be honest I have never had such sour enchiladas ever), the sauce in the costa maya was very sour and acidic and didn’t blend well with the rice and veggies. This visit was an acid test for zapatas and they failed in it in my opinion with so many dishes not going well

Final Verdict

For me zapatas was a tale of 2 contrasts with one experience being extremely good when ordered their bestselling dishes and the other experience being a bit horrid cause of the number of dishes which were not upto the mark. The second visit left many of my colleagues disappointed who sought not to return there ever again. A meal for two people will just cost you rs 1500 so it’s definitely one of those value for money options in malad but you need to be very careful with what you order.

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