Brunching Away With Board Games At Boveda

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Vault Hunting

This Sunday I was portraying the role of a vault hunter raiding the vault of good food. Borderland addicts can surely relate to what I meant. And this time the location of my hunt was the Industrial warehouse style decked up Pub named “Boveda”. The name is actually derived from a spanish word which means Vault in english. Boveda has already been historically known as the vault for Good drinks and parties in Andheri west but with time Boveda is looking to expand its wings into the Sunday brunch segment. Sunday brunch has been a popular thing in this specific area where it has been dominated by the “Chinas of Shalimar Morya” or the “Bot which brews a storm”. For the Regular vault hunters here the sheer mention of a brunch would land them in a state of shock in the same way as I was when I saw SRK’s “Puke”num Opus Happy New Year.

Brunching away with Board Games

However I had a quick tête-à-tête with head chef Saqib Duggal where he explained to me how the seemingly famous vault for “Knowing your poison” is now not only concentrating on drinks but is also focusing on tapping into the brunch space where they are looking to deliver a very western styled casual brunch which emphases on fresh food made live in front of you or prepared fresh in the kitchen instead of the usual keep food in the hotpan style. An experience where their guest can completely relax, eat, drink and also pass time playing some board and card games while they are at it. For me that was something different right there. I would love to play board or card games while feasting it out on their freshly made food

Attack Of The Warehouse Clones


Boveda like many other pubs I have visited in places like LP sports an industrial warehouse type look. A look which is being replicated by every other Pub/Resto in Mumbai like the storm troopers in “Attack of The Clones”. For me describing these joints is like copy pasting from a standard template makes the job all the more easier for a blogger. The exposed brickwork on the walls with modern paintings slightly covering them in some selected spaces, the concrete looking bar, The industrial mill type air ducts on the ceiling above, the wooden ‘crate box’ lamp shades suspended from the roof all proof of concept for an ambience which has worked well for many such restaurateurs. I think if this continues Asian paints will shut shop soon 🙂


The Brunch Itself

All this talking made me really hungry and I decided to look at the brunch menu boveda had to offer me. The brunch has 3 options. You can either opt for the food with unlimited mocktails/milkshakes, food with unlimited beer and sangria or the food with unlimited cocktails and any of their liquors mentioned in their brunch menu. These are 3 are priced at 899, 1199 & 1699 respectively so if you know your poison you can definitely go for the right one too. 🙂

If Milk is your poison

If your one of those who have to start their day with a glass of milk and if that’s your poison instead then You can start the brunch with a healthy helping of some toned or skimmed milk with an assortment of different cereals like fruit & Nut muesli, Honey Loops, corn flakes and chocos. Nothing better than starting your meals on a healthy note.


In case you just want to go for milk shakes instead of having it plain with cereals then you’re in for a treat cause they have an assortment of milkshakes in the brunch with 6 types of milkshakes namely Chocolate, Oreo, mango, Strawberry, Chocolate & Banana. That’s the best part of this brunch where there is something in it for everyone.


Cold Cuts & Assorted Salads


They have a dedicated cold cuts sections which has 6 different types of cold meats on offer for the meat lovers to choose from like the Chicken Chilly salami, Chicken cheese salami, Chicken black pepper salami etc. I am not a big fan of salami so I just gave it my “cameras salami” and moved on.


After the cold cuts is the dedicated salad bar which is stocked up with all sorts of roughage that you can choose from. They have the readymade potato salad or you can make your own salad too with the various veggies in this section with the help of different salad dressings that are on display. One feedback from me to the chef here was to get someone to make these salads on the counter itself because not all guests would like to duke their hands on making a salad themselves. The customization options are great and that would just add to the salad experience. The veggies themselves were fresh and with some copious amount of dressing you can give yourself the rough jump start you needed for the brunch


Bread & Butter the Necessity of Life


Once done with the salads and cuts I headed over to the assorted breads section. They have a wide array of really fresh and soft breads to choose from like the brioche, olive focaccia, Wheat bread, Pita & bread sticks. You can try them out with Olive tapenade, honey butter, herbed butter, herb oil or hummus.


I personally would recommend having the Brioche and the focaccia here with herbed and honey butter. The breads were extremely fresh and soft and what else can complement a good bread other than an equally tasty serving of butter. If you like having a slightly sweet form of butter then honey butter is the stuff dreams are made of but if you don’t like sweet then the herbed butter will do great as well.


Eggs In all Forms

With soft breads in one section of my plate loaded with dollops of butter my heart shouted out for some freshly made eggs. There is a live counter where the chef conjures some egg preparations. You can choose from the universally acclaimed omelette in its various forms (Cheese, Masala cheese, Plain jane, Mushroom & cheese, Ham & Cheese you name it they will make it), scrambled, half fry, Burji or the sweet French toast and they will make it fresh in front of you. I tried out the Masala Cheese and the plain cheese omelette and they both were fab. The Calorie conscious part of me just vanished in thin air after having these omelettes.


After that I went for sweet sensation “French toast”. Thick slices of bread, soaked in a mixture of beaten eggs with milk and cinnamon, toasted in a frying pan, and served with butter or maple syrup on it. Another dish for the sweet breakkie lovers who like all things sweet.


Waffles & Pancakes

How can any breakkie be complete without waffles and pancakes? Their live counters will make them fresh for you and serve it with fresh cream, honey and maple syrup. I went for the fresh waffle instead of the pancake. They were soft, honey was soaked in each square of the waffle and it was topped with a spoonful of cream on it.  The waffle disappeared within seconds. I was “Waffled” after having this. You should definitely give it a try.


BBQ Boys

One of the key features of the brunch here is the Live Barbeque section. Here you can choose from a variety of meats marinated in different styles which are then grilled and served in sticks like the satay. You can have them with their in house dips (onion mayo, spiced mayo and the mint mayo). The dips and the BBQ meats complement each other like Bunty & Babli doing a 20-20 🙂 🙂.


I tried the Fish Cafreal, Chicken Peri Peri, Fish Harissa and Chicken with Cheese. They were all grilled to perfection with their marinades doing the talking when it comes to taste. The chicken peri peri was actually a bit spicier than I expected. Sausage lovers will love to indulge in some Chicken with Cheese sausage, smoked Chicken sausage and the German Bratwurst sausage.


Sliders & sandwiches

After this the time was right to feast on even more calories in the form of some sliders and sandwiches. In sliders you can choose from the Chicken, Pulled pork or the veggie one. I went for the chicken slider which consisted of a juicy chicken patty layered with lettuce, mayo, cheese and onions. The slider was good. The only feedback I gave to the chef for this was the quality of the bun used. It wasn’t soft as the buns served by burger stalwarts and was a bit on the tougher side which was evident when I had the slider.


In sandwiches there was the Braised lamb, Chicken, Croque Monsieur, oven roasted & Mumbaiya toast to choose from. I went for the oven roasted sandwich as I was already feeling full and having the other sandwiches could have stopped my grub machine. It consisted of oven roasted veggies mixed with parmesan cheese and mayo. The sandwich was just stellar. The roasted veggies and mayo went so well that it felt right in each bite. I would totally recommend for trying them out if you’re here. The breads here are super soft.


Uno & Pizzas


We were getting pretty full having some stellar food. We were playing uno to pass time between our meals. While playing and losing some back to back games in uno I decided to go for their thin crust pizzas. They have some good choices to choose from. I went for 2 different types of toppings in one 9 inch thin crust pizza. They were Mediterranean and the smoked chicken with veggies. I was a bit sceptical about the pizzas at first but the chef pulled them out really well. They were thin crusted, loaded with meat and veggies and was actually a good pizza from a buffet perspective. What better than a game of uno in one hand and a thin sliced pizza in another hand to pass that lazy Sunday afternoon.


The Palatial Mains

Grilled Fillet Of basa with Saffron Sauce & Asparagus

I kick started my mains with a fillet of grilled basa served with saffron sauce and sauted exotic veggies. The basa with grilled well and served on top of a bed of sauted exotic veggies. The saffron sauce was poured on top of the basa. It wasn’t one of the best basa fillets I have had but definitely had no qualms with it either.


Grilled Chicken Breast with Mushroom Jus

Then came the Grilled Chicken breast with exotic veggies and mushroom jus. This dish was perfect. Soft breast of chicken – Check, Crunchy exotic veggies – Check, Pepper Mushroom Jus with a hint of rosemary – Check. That’s a great piece of protein right there. A dish you should definitely try when having the mains


Chicken Malaysian Curry


A Red styled Asian coconut curry with chunks of chicken in it served with steamed white rice. This dish disappointed me from the get go as I have had many Malaysian curries from many pan Asian joints but this curry just didn’t hit the right chords in terms of consistency and flavour. I think it was the only dish which was a let-down for me in this awesome brunch.


I was packed after this due to which I had to miss the pastas. In pastas you can choose and mix match from the 3 available sauces (Alfredo, Pesto & Arrabiata) and add veggies and proteins in it. I didn’t get to have them so I can’t comment much on them.

Sweet Something


In brunches you usually have good food but the restos absolutely fail in desserts. But I couldn’t say the same for the desserts here. The German black forest and the dutch chocolate truffle cakes changed the entire dimension of desserts in the brunch.


These 2 desserts stood out of the crowd and were top notch. The Chocolate tart gets a noteworthy mention.


The muesli parfait couldn’t stand up to the expectations that were setup by the stellar cakes


Final Verdict

The Brunch priced at 899, 1199 and 1699 are definitely value for money brunches that you can go for in Andheri. I completely recommend you to give this brunch a try. Not often do u play board games while chilling out in a brunch and that’s a different and remember able experience in itself. There were many hits and very few misses but in a nutshell it was a great grub session.

What’s Hot: – Value for money brunch, The Board games, Live counters for meat & eggs, Sandwiches, Pizzas & Mains

What’s not: – The chicken Malaysian curry, Muesli parfait, the buns used for the sliders & the cucumber cooler

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