A Night With The Owl

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The Historical Era & White Owl

I don’t drink much alcohol to be honest. I am an occasional drinker. There were those days in the city when someone wanted to drink people would talk about small time bars like GuruKripa (Guru kare kripa), Panchmukhi (Where 5 types of drinks go down your throat) and Kancha (Don’t Ask what it was good for). Then came jugheads with their free flowing tanks of beer in the form of happy hours. People would end up like a moose after having too many drinks here by the way. When you would think you have seen it all reality bites you and you start seeing breweries popping around the city. For beer lovers this is like a temple of overflowing goodness. It’s a place where you wanna sit the entire day long and keep popping up those glasses until you finally pass out (Hick Hick). White owl is situated at indiabulls and is like a breath of fresh air for beer lovers around this place.


Why White Owl???

White owl brewery and bistro is well known for its different types of craft beers. Headed by Chef dinesh it not only gives you glasses of free flowing “Amrith” but gives you some “YaY-JaY” (Ninjaman yo) in the form of some great tasting food. The chef here has been working hard to create new menus and dishes that would keep you hooked onto some great tasting meals to accompany that special beer you love drinking. I got the opportunity to taste some of it this time and meet the chef himself.

The Industrial Owl….


Industrial Setup In All Its glory

The ambience here was something I am not a big fan of but have to make do with in each and every restaurant I go to these days. And that’s the industrial setup. This is where u hang a cycle and tyres on the wall and call it a work of art. Puns aside the Ambience comprised of a Garage like rustic interior with exposed brick-walls (how quaint), modern art paintings, tyres and a cycle on the wall (innovation at its best). The dim lighting though gives you a good romantic vibe but mind it you want to look around or a tyre may knock you over (Industrial Puns)


I Spotted A Ninja

Yada yada… Bring On the Foood

Done with all the thrash talking I finally come to the major part of the experience here and that’s food and drinks. This is where white owl shines best and makes you a place worth coming back again. We started off with different types of beers in tasting portions.


Some Beers Please


Different Types Of Crafted Beers

Diablo – The first one to come on the table was the Diablo, I have grown up playing this game a lot on my computer during my childhood days. Had never thought I would be drinking it someday. It’s basically an irish ale as taught to me by a certain Ninja-man. You don’t get too many good irish ales so if you’re here this is definitely something you should go for. If you feel bitter is better then go for Diablo.

Shadow -. Shadow was the second beer out of the lot we tasted. Its an English porter with a strong touch of roasted barley. If you are a fan of porters then you can try this out

Ace – The Ace was like an Ace up the sleeve for beer lovers here. Its fruity and sweet and is a good option for beginners like me. Ninja-man taught me a thing and 2 about ciders having this one and it was a good learning for me

After tasting these 3 I got a bit too tipsy and decided to put a stop to drinking for the day as I had to get up early the next day and had a flight to catch. I straight away jumped for the food


Bring Me Some Popcorn Please!!!!
Gourmet Popcorn – we started off with some gourmet popcorn. I was a bit surprised at first to get some popcorn on the table but looking at all the entertainment on the table next to us I decided to actually have it. It complemented the scenes going out there well. The popcorn were crunchy, fresh and had a good sprinkle of pepper on it. There are 3 different types of popcorn served here and you can choose what you like



Starters Galore

Blackened Red Snapper Skewers – One of the must have starters if you visit the place. Soft and juicy Chunks of a snapper can make anyones day and it certainly made mine. Consisting of skewers that had chunks of snapper caught up with some spices and different types of bell peppers it was right there among the best starters for the evening. The pieces were succulent and had the right balance between taste and tenderness.



Minced Lamb Quesadillas – I am a big fan of quesadillas and can have it any time of the day. The minced lamb quesadillas served here predominantly consisted of kheema spiced with indian spices. Though it was a nice variation to the original it lacked that extra cheese and butter due to which I found it a tad bit dry.




BBQ Chicken Waffle Burger – A good BBQ chicken burger for me is like soul food for the fat and greedy. Don’t know whats up with me but sweet and smoky is what makes all the boxes tick in my book. This here was a BBQ chicken burger loaded with meat, fried egg, gherkins and fries. The bun was replaced with a waffle. The filling was perfect with the meat and sauce ticking all the boxes but the waffle could have been better. It neutralized the flavour of the filling inside by a great DEAL.



Corn On The Cob – The chef has certainly been providing us with some different things today and then came the corn on the cob. Nibble away everyone on some juicy corn styled with some chilli powder, parmesan and salsa. Eat Fresh. Be fresh. Irony we were having this with Beer 🙂



The Parmesan and Garlic knots – These were flavourful and soft, and had this lovely garlic tinge to it. Once popped in they would melt in your mouth. It’s the white-owl version of super soft garlic bread.





Verdure Flat bread – A Must have dish if you’re at White owl. It is a flat bread topped with veggies, cheese, rucola and some balsamic vinaigrette. The veggies in this dish complement each other so well that no one can eat just one….. I had heard stories about this dish till now but I finally found the masterpiece and was lucky to have it. This flatbread proves that small things also make a big difference be it in life or on your plate 🙂


Mighty Mains


House Red Curry Bowl – What do u get when you try to make mix a red thai curry and a khaosuey in the kitchens of Whiteowl. You get a culinary excellence in the form of a house red curry bowl. The dish consisted of a coconut based curry with lemon grass, kaffir lime, crushed peanuts, fried onions and some peas in the curry served with noodles. It tasted great if you like your noodles. Another Veggie delite.




Pan Seared Red Snapper – I was glancing through the menu and I caught hold of this dish and I wanted to feast on it the moment I laid my eyes on it because I knew the chef knows his snappers well. I have been heavily influenced by Certain MS addicts who have made me love to eat fish. The pan seared snapper was an example of what a perfectly cooked red snapper would look like. Consisting of a fillet of snapper drizzled with oil, topped with braised green veggies and a base of cooked lentils. The dish wiped out in no time. It was the dish of the night for all of us.




Mac & Cheese – A perfectly loaded mac and cheese to write off all the healthy vitamins you thought you were having whilst gorging on the fish. This dish had 2 dominant things and that was MAC and CHEEEESE. Period. Mac & Cheese lovers rejoiced when this came to the table. God Bless calories


Delectable Desserts
White Chocolate Crème Brule – The crème Brule had a candied orange zest to it with that lovely white chocolate. Simple and sweet but that tangy twist to give the dish a complete makeover. A must try dessert if you’re here.


Caramelized banana and Toffee Tart – I honestly didn’t get a chance to understand this dessert due to a certain “Amrith” who dogged it down in 2 seconds. I just got a spoonful of it :). Sharing is caring isn’t people prefer to do when it comes to delectable desserts. I will write a separate note on Bloggers becoming Hoggers sometime else 🙂



Final Verdict

The place packs a punch. It has some great drinks and good food. It is rising to new heights under Chef Dinesh and will continue to do so if he keeps conjuring dishes like these. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the company of other fellow bloggers. Meal for 2 will cost you Rs 2k here if you have a good appetite. Was #SoSwaggedUp …….. After the meal here but enjoyed it nonetheless.


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