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Crafting is an activity which involves skill in making things by hands. Humans from the ancient ages have been experts in crafting all sorts of things be it historic monuments, great food, art etc. It something which comes naturally to some great artists. These days the scope of crafting with food has really gone up a few notches where people have actually started crafting some really good tasting ice creams.


Inception of Ice Kraft

Ice Kraft was born when a food loving entrepreneur in the cash rich jewellery segment decided to step into the Mumbai food scene because of his love for good food. He visualised an idea of opening a joint which not only served fresh gourmet ice creams but also value for money veg food which is made fresh and goes light on the pocket as well as light on your tummy. He and his co-partners thus decided to open Ice Kraft.


What’s It All About?

Ice Kraft is a Hidden gem in oshiwara. It not only serves great customized ice creams which are beaten black and blue on cold stones as per what you want but also serves some soul food like freshly made Waffles, Pancakes, Salads & Fries. So whoever knows his poison can actually go for what they like. If you want something Light opt for the corn and salads and if you want to add few extra calories go for some cheesy fries or some decadent creams. While waiting for your order there are games that your group can play like Uno, Jenga and monopoly.



The Joint is not that big in space but it makes up for its space constraints by having a mezzanine floor. The floor has a few tables where you can sit and also oversee the chef’s work on your orders. The setup is pretty cute small and quaint. The décor is vibrant. Medium sized wooden tables and chairs.

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The mezzanine floor has card games on tables. The major positive of this joint is the space utilization that it has done. Open counters so that you can see what’s being made for you.






As written earlier there are a lot of options to choose from when your there. The menu consists of Signature Ice creams, Salads, Sandwiches, Different types of fries, Steamed corn to Waffles and pancakes. I tried one of each of these sections and none of the dishes disappointed me at all. They were all fresh and tasted great.


Ice Creams

The main USP of this place are their ice creams and I tried a couple of them. The cold plates used for bashing the ice cream don’t use ice so that you get a great textured cream with no icy particles. All of the creams are made in house and don’t use any third party creams. The only thing third party would be the assortments like Nutella, chocolates etc. We started off with their Holi special Thandai ice cream. This one is there only for a week but it is a must try if your there. The innovative guys here keep having weekly specials so that there is always something new to expect when you’re here. The Thandai ice cream consisted of their in house Thandai cream mixed with white chocolate sauce and Mawa whipped cream. If you like Thandai and Indian flavours then this is something you love. The small rolls of cream that you get are soft and full of flavour with absolutely no ice particles.



The next one we tried was their most selling cream the Absolute chocolate. This one doesn’t joke when it says absolute chocolate because that is what you get. Consisting of a mix of Swiss melt chocolate, Oreo cookies, Chocolate cookies, Nutella, Dark chocolate chips, hot chocolate fudge and whipped cream it’s an overdose of good tasting chocolate ice cream for the chocolate fanboys and oh I loved every bite of this.




Assorted Fries

One of their must have dishes in this section are the crinkle cut fries with cheese sauce and paprika. Its also one of their most sold products here. The fries are made and crinkle cut in house itself and not bought from outside. Crispy, fresh and perfectly done fries tossed with paprika and cream cheese. The cream cheese was there to add the dip element to the fries and the paprika was to add a little spice. This dish absolutely hit the spot and was wiped clean in a minute. A Must have if you’re here



The second thing we tried were tempura veggies. Its exotic veggies deep fried in a tempura batter and served with sweet chilli sauce. This was a bit oily in my opinion but it really went well with the sweet chilli dip. They could definitely make this a bit better




Salads & Sandwiches

In this section you can make your own salad & sandwich where you get to choose your base green veggies, type of pasta, exotic veggies & sauce to make that salad of your choice. In case you don’t know you can get recommendations from the staff there. The same salad can be eaten with a brown bread like a sandwich too. I tried the exotic veggies with a mix of herbed garlic labneh and mint mayo. The veggies were fresh, crunchy with right amount of sauce mixed with the veggies. Every bite was just right. I also tried this in a brown bread sandwich style but I would prefer to go with the salad any day. If you like to eat something light you can definitely try this out

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Waffles & pancakes
In this section I tried the Churro Waffles. These consisted of freshly made waffles topped with chocolate fudge, whipped cream, marshmallows and served with maple syrup. The waffle was crunchy and loaded with chocolate while the soft marshmallows complemented the crunchiness of the waffles. The maple syrup also adds the little extra sweetness where ever you need. I would recommend having the red velvet waffle as well in the same form.



In pancakes we tried a very different pancake here. Instead of a complete sweet pancake we went for something sweet and salty just to see how it would taste. We went for a red velvet pancake topped with a cream cheese frosting and served with maple syrup. The pancakes were really nice and soft. They were not at all dry. The cream cheese on top was adding a bit of saltiness to balance the sweetness. It was definitely something different. If you feel it’s a bit too salty on some ends mix a bit of maple there and you’re good to go. I would not recommend this topping if you like to eat sweet pancakes. Go for the chocolate syrup instead but if you like a mix of flavours you can venture in this lane


Final verdict

Ice Kraft is a Hidden gem in oshiwara. It’s a must visit for every ice cream lover. If you don’t like ice creams you can still give it a visit because of its fresh food. It’s a high value for money joint as the prices you pay for the food you get is awesome. The staff is courteous and will help you out in the choices you make. It’s a joint which is here to stay and will be expanding in other parts of Mumbai and pune soon. Go for the pancakes, fries and ice creams anytime you’re here and you won’t be disappointed

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