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Kebab Korner is situated at the legendary intercontinental Mumbai since the dawn of time in my opinion. It had first started its services to its patrons in 1971. Way long before I was even born. Situated besides the queen necklace this place is one of the most beloved and iconic restaurants in Mumbai which serves some really delicious Indian food.

New Chef At The Helm

Recently chef bhairav has joined the helm at the iconic KK. Previously working at Novotel he brings about 20 years of experience with him as a Master Chef in KK. He has previously worked with some of the best hotels in the industry like Kandahar (Oberoi), Hyatt, Bageecha (Novotel) and has joined KK with some heavy weight expectations. He believes in making Indian food in the most authentic and original way possible using high quality ingredients. When he’s not working he’s busy shooting for shows where he shows how Ayurveda food can also be healthy as well as tasty. It’s been 3 months since he has joined KK.



New Floor New Ambience

KK has newly shifted to the first floor of this hotel and has been revamped internally. The view of the queen’s necklace from its artistic glass windows is certainly a sight to behold. It adds a sense of piece and calm to the patrons who sit beside the artistic windows. The ambience has been completely traditional with some classy elements. The royal haveli style chairs, old copper Indian utensils hanging over the ceilings, the walls and The windows don a very royal look. The interiors have been done to give the place a royal palatial look. I love theme based ambience in a restaurant as it’s a big welcome change from the standard industrial and brick & mortar types of ambience


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The Food

He has revamped 70% of the menu in KK and has added some modern Indian elements to the food whilst maintaining traditional elements. The thought process behind the menu was to make food which tastes completely authentic Indian, retains flavours of its original ingredients and also has some healthy or modern twists to it and he has been very successful in doing so. From the get go itself you know that there has been a lot of hard work, passion and zeal gone behind the menu here and its success story shows up in the final dish. From the starters to the desserts every dish has a unique story to tell. The menu comprises of dishes from various states of India especially the north.



Roomali masala Papad

A gargantuan papad topped with a mix of onions, tomatoes and some chat masala. The standard papad that you would eat outside consists of Maida which is harder to digest. Due to this Chef Bhairav has come out with this form of papad where the dough is made with a mix of Atta and Maida. Small changes which yield the same taste but have better benefits. Its like If chef wasn’t working he would have been an Ayurveda doctor instead 🙂

Moong Dal Pops
This is the Indian version of the jalapeno cheese poppers. Consisting of the same cheese filling that you would get in this original dish the main difference here is that the bread crumbs have been replaced by moong dal to add that crunch. The pineapple salsa it’s served it gives a nice sweet and smoky flavour to the poppers.



Sweet Potato Ragda
Ragda Patties has been like the mother of junk food especially in north India. Chef has given a modern touch to the age old recipe here. The dish consists of a sweet potato patty with millet Ragda. The usual potato patty is replaced with a sweet potato patty where the sweet potato is boiled with salt to reduce the sweet content and the Ragda is made of Millet, onions and imli chutney drizzle and served with sev. The millet Ragda is to give it a healthy touch whilst trying to retain the great taste of a Ragda patty. Full marks to chef here.



Jaituni Paneer Tikka
Paneer tikkas are the meat of every vegetarian but one of the biggest drawbacks of a paneer tikka are that they tend to have that same consistent flavour when you have them. If you top it with some marinate then the margination gives a flavour out but the core of the paneer tastes the same. To change this aspect chef has mixed the centre of tikkas with olives. The olives give that acidic sour flavour to the innards of the paneer which when combined with the marinate makes the Jaituni paneer tikka a must have here if you’re a vegetarian



Kakori Chicken Kabab
I have already written the history for kakori kababs in my previous reviews. Kakori kababs since the dawn of time have been made with mutton but there are many people who don’t eat meant and miss the goodness of this kabab. To change this Chef came up with Chicken Kakori kababs. The kababs are made in the same way you would get a mutton one but here the meat used is chicken. Kababs are melt in your mouth soft and go well with a special yoghurt dip that has 37 types of masala in it. We wiped the dip clean.




Pomfret Tikka
This one was the standard Pomfret tikka with a yoghurt chilli margination. Nothing extra to write here. The fish used was very fresh which showed in the texture and taste of the fish. No stickiness and no after taste just pure goodness of a fresh fish tikka



Main Course

Baingan Choka
Chef Bhairav’s menu has been inspired from many states of India. This dish originates from Bihar with the name of Lithi Chokha. It has been a delicacy of Bihar and is loved by foodies all over. Lithi is a dough ball made of flour and stuffed and is eaten with Chokha which is a vegetable preparation of roasted and mashed eggplant, tomato, and potato. Chef has given his touch here where he has replaced the dough and the chokha is served with grilled aubergine discs that have been marinated and pan fried. The outcome is a stellar choka which retains all the elements of the original choka while the discs add presentation value to the dish.



Beawar Bhindi
Beawar Bhindi originates from Rajasthan. It’s a delicacy there and that’s what has inspired the dish here. Here okra is tossed with cherry tomatoes and their secret spices. The veggies were fresh and crisp. The only downside here for me was that random pieces of okra turn out to be rather stubborn and I had a difficult time chewing them.



Murgh Hara Masala
We All Love everything Dum. Dum is an art of cooking food with its own heat and it has inspired some of the most amazing dishes in India. This dish here is a modern take on the classic Dum ka Murgh by the chef. Here there is a small twist given to the Dum ka Murgh by Adding spinach and making a rich spinach sauce into the Dum ka Murgh. Resultant dish is a Dum ka Murgh with the goodness of spinach. First Bite into the Murgh and you could clearly get a smoky flavoured sauce there which showed its dum characteristics and the chicken was so soft and succulent that you could just go on and on eating this dish. Clearly one of the top dishes of the day




Martaban Rogan Mutton Curry
This dish originates from Kashmir and is a must have dish if you like to eat Kashmiri cuisine. My Sweet wife loves this dish and made me a fan of it too. This dish is now one of those go to dishes for me when you want to have mutton in an Indian form. But this dish here was nothing less than stellar. The dish of the day for me and I ate it all up. The boneless mutton pieces were so well cooked and marinated that you almost felt like you’re eating chicken. That’s a winner right there. The Gravy was made like a home cooked gravy with absolutely no fatty elements. It went so well with the veg biryani that was served and I couldn’t stop hogging. Special Thanks to the chef for introducing such a great mutton curry and wow I now know why mutton eaters don’t really eat chicken.




KK Signature Dal makhani
No Indian dish can ever be completed without Dal Makhani. The Dal makhani served here by the chef was definitely not as same as peshawari but second best to it. The process here is not same but similar to them where the Dal is cooked overnight on a slow flame and then tempered with spices, tomato, Kashmiri chillies, cream and butter the next day just before serving. Another Signature must have dish if you love having Dals in an Indian restaurant. The Chef also knows to cook up a stellar Yellow Dal Tadka but I have to catch him someday to learn the recipe




Veg Biryani
The Veg biryani was a tawa style biryani with exotic veggies and caramelized onions. It is made in such a way that you can have it with any of the curries and veggies served. I had it with the Mutton and chicken curries and it complemented it well. It was served with a RAITA but surprisingly I didn’t need it and that’s the magic of the dish. And the most important thing here is that it was not at all heavy like the usual biryanis. It was as light as having jeera rice




We were served the Churchur lachha and the ajwaini paratha. The ajwaini paratha was so hum honestly but the signature Churchur lachha was a great bread. Here the laccha is broken into several pieces and mixed with butter. Resultant is a very soft laccha high on flavour due to the butter and spices. A Must have bread if your dining here.


We ended the meal with a platter that consisted of 3 desserts. The Chilli chocolate tian, Shahi tukda with rabri & Jalebi pearls. The Shahi tukda was soft and the fresh rabdi complemented it well. Was over in one scoop. The chocolate Chilli tian was definitely the dessert of the day for me. The hint of chilli that prickles the back of your throat adds that sweet and spicy mix to this dessert which makes it interesting.



Final Verdict
The verdicts out. KK has passed my taste test with flying colours. A complete dining experience. With the expertise of master chef here shows in the food offered. the place is definitely going to touch new heights under his vision. Hes still working on newer elements that he would be adding in future dishes. That’s something positive and it only means that you will always taste something new when you’re here. A must visit restaurant if you want to have some good indian food. Ask for the chef and he will be more than happy to help in conjuring out the best dishes as per your palette


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