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Massive restaurants is clearly following its brand name and is clearly en route to become one of the biggest restaurant chain in India. They have their expansion plans clearly laid out for India and are following it to the T. They are coming out with restaurants which continue to amaze its patrons. For me it’s a story which began with the Mango man’s Made in Punjab to the classy Masala Library a fun filled journey of food, friends and fun. With Masala bar the journey heads over to Chemistry 101 in a romantic candle light ambience with the DJ playing the latest dance tracks. The DJ here will definitely make you say “DJ Waale Babu Mera Gaana Bajado” Pun Intended


Chemistry 101

Chemistry Lessons ahh those were the good days. Back in those days chemistry labs were less study and more every Science Student knows what. Had I have known the importance of chemistry back then I would have really given 200% of my effort to become Dexter and opened up my own laboratory where I would be conjuring dangerously addictive drinks instead of crappy chemicals. As I visit Masala Bar I was reminiscence of that fact. So Masala bar is jigs Kalra new entry to the gastronomical drink and party scene of Mumbai where Chemistry scholars disguised as Bar tenders conjure Magical drinks, Chefs lead by the experienced, hardworking & dedicated Chef Vilas prepare bite sized flavour bombs, Candle Lit ambience with classy window panes overlooking the Arabian Sea give you a romantic vibe and a DJ Waale Babu playing the hottest sound tracks give you a combination of everything you want in a perfect date & party night.



A swanky, classy, sea-facing resto with cobalt interiors juxtaposed with reflective mirrors make the perfect location to catch a glimpse of the setting sun while sipping some drinks. The place has a great view of the Arabian Sea with windowpanes that have swatches of magnifying glasses. They’ve even gone back to the basics by using only candlelight’s and nothing else to create an atmosphere that consists of organic candles enhanced by a generous number of mirrors on the roof that make things look brighter. The vibe gets peppier during the night where the lounge converts to a pub scene where the DJ plays the hottest EDM tracks

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Am a very ocaasional drinker but you absolutely have to try the various concoctions MB has to offer. Each drink that you get here is an ode to Mumbai with its names giving tribute to some or the other things in the city. The cocktails that you get here are all made from scratch in their lab using old school chemistry methods that I didn’t study about thanks to my ignorance. Some of the must have drinks here are the “Malabar Point”, “Sunset at carter”, “Bollywood Bhaang” & Mumbai Matinee.

Malabar Point

This cocktail is influenced from Malabar Hill. With a base of Vodka topped with an Apple and Camomile reduction and a thyme foam, this is a must have cocktail at MB. I like well-balanced cocktails and this one just perfect. There will be hints of sweetness due to the Apple reduction but I like all things sweet so definitely had no problems with this one


Sunset at carter

This one here is influenced from carter Road and is an ode to the sunset in the Arabian sea. A drink which had a whisky base mixed with different elements and topped with an almond foam served in a double walled ice glass. Another drink where there are sweet, malty tones with a subtle hit from the whisky


Bollywood Bhaang

Bhaang lovers rejoice because your favourite bhaang is back with a MB twist. You now don’t need to wait till Holi to sip on your favourite bhaang and get sloshed because you can do this with the BB at MB. Bhaang mixed with Vodka and basil is a drink for people like who like their drink sweet and subtly strong. This is one of the top selling drinks here so I am sure there are many more bhaang lovers out there

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Mumbai matinee

Influenced by Mumbai matinee shows this drink takes Sattu to a whole new level. The main component of this drink is Sattu which comes back from chemistry class and is mixed with Gin & grapefruit. It is served with roasted chickpeas on skewers which u can munch on with few sips.



There were other drinks too that were on the table namely the Evening At Chowpatty, Filter Kaafi Uska, Bandstand Songkran, the great Hornby’s cloud & Himalayan. The great Hornby’s cloud out of this was the best of the lot. It consisted of whisky and a spice mix served with ice and a cinnamon stick dipped in the concoction. It gives a strong kick the moment you have a sip. It’s definitely not for people like me who drink occasionally.

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Presentation & Content is key when you’re at any of the outlets of massive restaurants and that is something they will disappoint you with. Every drink we had was presented in top notch style and was all made in house in their Lab with imported high quality liquor. The liquor prices are steep and can burn a hole in your pocket but it’s definitely part of an amazing experience.



Then came in Chef Vilas the star of the evening and the man behind the FOOD in MB. He is an extremely talented guy who can really multi task well. He was simultaneously managing 3-4 tables that night and not a single time did we feel that we were left alone or there were errors in the food that was presented to us. He gave in depth details of each dish that were presented to us and how they came into existence. Chefs are an integral part of every restaurant and are forgotten warriors. I personally want to thank him for the brilliant experience that night.


The Menu is segregated into Salads, Tapas, Fries, Sliders and Mains and is a mix of Indian, Oriental & hints of conti. The focus of the grub is to give finger food to accompany your drinks.


Chana Tempura Chaat

Chana tempura chat consisted of chickpeas that were soaked overnight and then deep fried with their in house tempura batter. After that they are tossed with Japanese togarashi spices, garnished with micro greens, roasted garlic spinach and pine nuts. This dish is what MB did to your Chakhna and is one of the most ordered dishes there. I found these to be good but as a staunch non veg I didn’t get bowled over by it


Chicken 65 Lollipop

Chicken 65 lollipop is a heavily Indianized version of the chicken lollipop. This is the usual lollipop deep fried and then tossed and glazed with Soya sauce, Ginger, Chilli & Pink peppercorns. It was served with egg drops which were small droplets of egg yolk baked to enhance presentation. Well I am honestly not a big fanboy of lollipops in general so I didn’t savour much of it. But Lollipop lovers rejoiced as they glanced upon this dish


Prawn Dynamite Sliders

I loved the sliders I had at Papaya and chef Vilas does everything correct in this dish. Soft Buns stuffed with Tempura batter fried prawns which were mixed in a really special sauce that consisted of Mayo, Sriracha sauce, honey & Gochujang spice. The Buns were completely black in color and that was done with the help of the infamous Squid Ink. Gave me fond memories of the Karbon Sushi I had at Papaya. Crunchy, Saucy. Slightly spicy with soft buns makes this slider a must have at MB


Pan Tossed Shrooms with Khari Bruschetta

It is rare that I thoroughly enjoy a vegetarian dish and this was the moment of truth. This dish is also a must have at MB. Consisting of a savoury mix of shrooms that were tossed with jalapeños, Bell peppers, onion, garlic, soya and finished with cream served on Melt in your mouth Kharis (yes the bread was replaced with Khari, MB Touch to your local bruschetta). The kharis are drizzled with cheese sauce and then topped with this delicious shroom mix.


Chicken Tikka Basilico

Do you love Malai Tikka Yes

Do you want MB version if it Yes

Do you want it soft and well done Oh Yes Yes

Then if you like these 3 things you should try the Chicken Basilico Tikka. Soft Chicken tikkas that are marinated with cheese and then grilled and then topped with cheese and basil oil is the ultimate soft and cheesy goodness you’re searching for in your chicken tikka. Another one of the must have Chicken dishes in MB.

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Carbon Pav Bhaji

The favorite color of Chef Vilas is Black. He loves all things black and it keeps him motivated to make his dishes look black too. If the Prawn dynamite sliders that we had were the trailer then this pav Bhaji is the complete Picture called the “Epitome of Black”. This dish is completely jet black. Yea Everything BLACK. This is done by Carbon dust for vegetarians or Squid Ink for non-veggies. The Bhaji though is very intricately done in an indian way and tastes fabulous. Its spices are different, tastes really different to standard Pav bhaji fare. Everyone swiped this clean and all I could say was BLACK is BACK.


Pepper Prawns

Prawns Ahoyyyy. Curry leaf Infused Pepper Prawns deep fried with their tempura batter and tossed in Chillis, Ginger Garlic Paste, More Curry leaves, Pepper, Soy, Worcestershire sauce, Pok Choy and cherry tomatoes to satiate your oriental starter needs. Crunchy, Peppery, Saucy & well done prawns. Another one of the must have dishes at MB


BBQ Pulled Kathal burger

When was the last time you had a MockMeat burger that was done extremely well. If you haven’t then you have to try this burger at MB. “Jab Kathal Ne Kiya Katal” you get this masterpiece. This burger is a replication of the BBQ pulled Pork burger where the pork is replaced with jackfruit that is done in true mock meat style. Vilas gave us a complete background on how they pulled this master piece of and it was very informative. Veggies rejoice


Truffle Fries

Café Zoe takes their fries seriously and MB takes their fries extremely seriously. And when they say Truffle they mean Truffle. Experience the punch of truffle in every bite of those crunchy fries. Its topped with parmesan to give a hint of cheesiness. My only recommendation to the chef here was to add some dip in this too. It has the potential to be one of the best fries in the city that can give serious competition to Café zoe


Butter Chicken

The butter chicken that I had here was reminisce of masala library. It was exactly like the one I had there. The same texture, presentation, and taste everything was perfect. The big difference is the cost. You pay a bomb for each dish in Masala Library but you can cherish the same butter chicken here for lesser cost. This dish comes with a chicken with a butter disk on top. The staff comes with an apparatus which heats the butter disk and melts it giving the buttery texture to the meat and gravy. Best enjoyed with their Sun dried tomatoes Naan.

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On The Vegetarian Side there was a Morel Do Pyaza and a roasted eggplant sofrito which gets special mention from my end. The Former is a dish which is made primarily from mushrooms, truffle oil and infused with makhani gravy while the latter is the MB take on a brilliant Baingan Bhartha

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Bailey’s Lollipop

The baileys lollipop was child hood personified. The dessert gets you an artificial stand which holds a number of lollipops. You can pick one up and lick it to your hearts content. The outside layer of the lollipop is made of dark chocolate which is filled with Rabri inside that is infused with baileys liquor. Give you sweet and a liquor aftertaste. A different dessert from the usual and I think its something everyone should try when you’re here



Final Verdict

MB is a fab place for a date night. It gives you all the 3 “D’s” you’re looking for in a fun place which is Daaru, DJ and Dinner. It’s a place where you would spend an average of 3500 to 4k rupees for a meal but it’s a place you should definitely visit when you’re near carter and looking for a watering hole that can also serve good grub. If you’re looking for food recommendations you can always look for chef Vilas and he will help you out. Special thanks to the Chef for putting in so much hard work and effort for making our meal a great one


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