Escobar – The First Avenger

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Escobar is one of the first places in Mumbai that had brought the concept of Tapas to the city literally like the first avenger. Back then Tapas was just a distant dream in the restaurant scene in India where people were happier to experiment with other forms of cuisine. Soon it became one of the most popular lounges in the city visited by socialites regularly and housing high clientele parties. Other than bringing on the concept of tapas it also boasts of having one of the longest Bars In India. Once I saw the bar I really couldn’t disagree with them.



Escobar has been the spotlight of bandra since inception. It’s spacious and is spread into 2 sections. The indoor section houses big screens and sofas whereas the outdoor section is open air with candle lights to give a romantic candle light roof top dining feel. It sports a bar which is the longest in India and is spread across both the sections and houses bar stools for seating. The ambience is very classy and you can always spot a celeb or two on weekend night scenes. One more thing I wanted to mention was that The DJ here is a true “Belieber” Fanboy as most of the tracks he was playing that day were mostly Justin Bieber 🙂

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The owners of Escobar played a pivotal role in the planning and implementation of the menu here. It houses a very compact menu with very specific tapas bites. The focus is outright quality instead of quantity. The owners had planned the menu in one of their visits in Spain which was then replicated in the form of the Escobar we all now know with a few Indian twists to suit the Indian palette. The menu houses veg & non veg tapas, mains and desserts. It also focuses a lot on drinks which I haven’t covered in this review as I don’t drink much. We tried some of the dishes here and they were all pretty well made.



Small Sized bites

Clay Oven Roasted Cheesy Chicken

I was told about this dish being one of the most selling dish here and I was very eager to go for it. The result was an amazingly soft chicken with cheesy goodness in the center of the meat served with a pineapple salsa.

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Char grilled Chicken supreme

I am a sucker for well grilled meat and this grilled chicken breast was great. The meat was done so well that I cleaned it up in a minute. The meat was served with honey roasted BBQ sauce and that complemented the chicken really well. A Must try dish here if you like having BBQ Sauce. They can also make it in Spicy BBQ sauce if you wish to have it a tad bit spicy



Golden Cigar Rolls

These cigar rolls were rolls that had an outer crust made by oats with a cheesy filling inside. These rolls were not upto the mark for me as the outer crust was very thick & crispy due to the oats and bit oily due to the deep frying which completely neutralized the flavor of the cheese.

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Herb Grilled Prawns with Feta

Dish consisted of prawns grilled perfectly with a combination of spices and served with Feta cheese to use as a dip. The prawns were perfectly grilled with house spice and had the right texture but they had a high amount of salt in it which made it very bitter. I was advised that this was done to balance the flavor of the prawns with the feta but the extra salty aftertaste wasn’t very satisfying

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The pick of the tapas for me were the chicken ones. The prawns one was good but the salty aftertaste ruined it for me. We jumped onto the mains after this



The consistency of the tapas for me was a curved graph where the chicken tapas had set high standards and expectations came tumbling once I had the Cigar rolls and the prawn’s tapas. But Escobar nails it completely in their main course meals. They have very few mains to choose from but they have some definite show stealers out there. My must have recommendations are the Chargrilled Salmon with gremolata & lemon butter sauce and the Burnt Garlic & Thyme rubbed BBQ Chicken. Both of them were great dishes that you could have here.


Chargrilled Salmon with gremolata & lemon butter sauce

You know you love fish when a well grilled pink salmon is presented to you with a vivacious sauce that can tingle your taste buds with flavors and that’s the role the salmon does here. The lemon butter sauce is the traditional sauce that you can depend on to have with your fish. The salmon was brushed with French sauce, white butter and chopped herbs and was served with exotic veggies and lemon butter sauce. A must have here at Escobar




Burnt Garlic Thyme & BBQ Chicken

This dish was an ode to Spicy BBQ sauce lovers. It was like the second part of the I love BBQ series for me. The dish consisted of a grilled chicken breast which is slowly grilled to perfection, served on a bed mushroom risotto with some thyme rubbed Spicy BBQ Sauce. The risotto, porcini shrooms, the chicken and the Spicy BBQ sauce make you fall in love with chicken once again





In Desserts we tried the Chocolate Mud Pie served with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. Though the dessert was good it wasn’t something which could make me go wow. It was standard Mud Pie fare. With the high expectations that were setup by the mains I was again expecting something refreshingly different and innovative. None the less this is a dessert you can go for when you’re here



Final Verdict

Escobar had its ups and downs but on the onset it is a good place to visit at least once when you’re in the nearby vicinity. I would recommend giving it a try over the weekends to catch a celeb or two as that’s when the place is at its best. It transforms into a club from a lounge once night falls and houses some great EDM music and crowd from all over bandra. A Meal for two will hold you back by Rs 3500 so be prepared to spend. The DJ is a true “Belieber” so you can find all Justin Bieber remixes there for sure


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