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Farzi Café was like a legend amongst the people in Mumbai. We had only heard stories about its greatness but had never really seen it in person. It used to stalk epicureans in their sleep here in “Mumbaigram”. Farzi café needs no introduction to the food loyalists here. Its name and accolades are enough to establish its brand name and quality. Known for serving Indian Food in Farzi style this cafe has won several awards in Delhi for its molecular gastronomic experience at the times food award. Farzi café has finally opened up in Lower Parel the restaurant Hub of Mumbai. This launch is a part of a series of planned launches of Farzi Café in India. BLR is going to be up next. This launch adds another feather to the cap of massive restaurants.



The ambience of farzi café is similar in concept to papaya where light projectors hold the core of the ambience which create different mappings on the walls. The only difference is that the core décor of the place its walls is done to give a very Stone Age type of look.  The essence behind the décor here is that the projectors project different types of light colors and designs which will give the visitors a new type of ambience every time they walk in. The ambience is at its peak during the night but during day time it has a very calm lounge feel associated with it. The sofa seats are usually reserved but if you get a chance to sit there go for it.

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Heroes Of Farzi

Farzi café serves you Farzified Indian food. Farzi means fake in India and that’s the complete ethos of the menu. They want to give Indian food in a very modern method with continental elements. They also want to be the pioneer of molecular gastronomy in India. Chef Kunal the man behind the madness in Mumbai out let of Farzi took time out for us from his busy schedule to explain the concept of farzi food to us. Previously working with Taj he has joined the helm of massive restaurants majorly due to the freedom of exploring food that is given to the chefs by the senior leadership in massive restaurants where chefs can experiment to their hearts content and if the dish turns out good it’s on the table which is something not easy to do in a 5 star. A very humble chef he does his best to get the food out to you which will suit your taste and palette so if you’re confused about what to order he’s the go to man for you. I also wanted to give a huge shout out to Anup one of the senior staff members in Farzi who took complete control of our experience and explained the different ingredients of each dish to us patiently and proactively. He is based here temporarily for setting the Mumbai outlet up post which he will be going back to Delhi. A great bloke with tons of experience in brilliant customer service




The food menu is majorly Farzified small eats, salads, tapas, sliders, mains and desserts. It has elements of molecular gastronomy. The best thing about all of its starters and small eats are its sauces which add a new dimension of flavor to its food.


Must Haves

Mini Raj Kachori, Tempura Fried Prawns, Grainy Mustard Fish Tikka, Vada Pao Farzified, Duck Samosa With Chili Plum Sauce, Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Tomato Kut, Delhi Belly Tikkas, Galouti Burgers with roast tawa boti, Their Appams & Chicken Tikka Masala



There were very few dishes which can be written in this category but the Goat Cheese & Walnut Tikki and the Tandoori Margherita Kulcha are the only 2 dishes I could write in this section



The Mini Raj Kachori is a must have dish in this section. A perfectly done kachori that is stuffed with mashed pumpkin, different type of chutneys (Sweet, Sour & mint), Curd and topped with a foam of tamarind chutney. It’s garnished with crispy okra and pomegranate that adds a crunch to the moist and delectable kachori. A Must have dish here

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Farzi café is majorly all about its tapas and that’s what you get in each of its dishes which were all Farzified versions of smart Indian food. We tried most of them and rarely did any disappoint us.


Tempura Fried Prawns

The tempura prawns were first class. Batter fried prawns which were very less oily, perfectly fried, fresh and texturally on the spot. The magic element of this dish was the special homemade mayonnaise sauce that the prawns were laced in which consisted of a mix of 5 different types of sauces (Mayonnaise, sriracha, oyster and some secret ones). A Must have dish


Grainy Mustard Fish Tikka

Am not a big fan basa and the chef at farzi agrees with me on this. A Bengali dish given some farzification is the fish tikka where the river sole is marinated with Kasundi and seasonings and grilled absolutely intricately to perfection and served with a sambal mint mayo. The texture of the fish was so good and it went very well with the Sambal-Mint Mayo.



Vada Pao Farzified

Mumbai people can relate their lives to Vada Pao and this dish has been given a farzi makeover here. When the Pao is replaced with Focaccia bread and is a part of the stuffing of the Vada you know it’s a big twist to the original but the resultant dish is really good. The stuffing is so soft and is molded so well with the bread inside that you would want to have more and I couldn’t even feel any bread when I had it. It’s served with Mint, Tamarind & Garlic Chutney.

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Duck Samosa with Chili Plum Sauce

Another Indian dish given the farzification it needed and you’re presented with Duck samosas. Standard Crispy Samosas with a stuffing of duck mixed with some chili sauce and cooked to remove its chewy texture. After that they are tossed in chili plum sauce to get that sweet and spicy taste we all love having.



Goat Cheese Stuffed Tangdi Kabab

Malai chicken lovers this farzified dish is for you. When they tell you they stuff it with Goat cheese they really mean it and that’s exactly what you get. Chicken Legs Stuffed with Goat cheese and cooked to perfection in the tandoor and then slathered with more goat cheese and served with a bell pepper couli to balance the flavors of the cheese. You will be pretty much full after having this dish so beware



Dal Chawal Arancini

Dal Chalwal Arancini was a dish we all loved at masala library and that’s the same thing that you get here as well. Risotto balls replaced with Dal chawal balls and served with an Achaari mayo, Tomato Salsa and mint chutney. These sauces are the life line of this dish. Vegetarians though had mixed opinions on this dish due to which I haven’t kept it in the must have section of my review



Tandoori Mushrooms, Truffle & Walnut dust

Truffle Lovers will rejoice at this dish. Perfectly cooked shrooms in fact one of the best textured shrooms I have had this year tossed with generous amounts of truffle oil, parmesan cheese and cream topped with walnut dust for adding a crunch element to the dish. However If you do not like the taste of truffle oil then you better stay away from it as its really heavy on it.

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The downers for me in this section were the Tandoori Margherita Kulcha which didn’t have a wow factor in it and the Goat cheese and walnut tikki which was too dry to my liking with no cheesy effect in the centre



We had the Butter Chicken Slider & the Galouti Lamb slider and the Galouti Lamb Slider beat it hands down. This is because of the way The Soft Galouti kabab has been combined with chunks of tawa boti and onion and presented in the form of a slider with hints of mint chutney. A Must have slider at Farzi café

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We had the Lamb Appam and the Vegetarian counterpart but couldn’t stop raving of the non-vegetarian counterpart. South Indian food is a delicacy in India and if made well it can really tingle your taste buds and that’s exactly what the Lamb Appam did to us, Soft Chunks of Lamb cooked in Sri Lankan style with coconut, caramelized onions, Curry leaves & Mustard seeds. The caramelization process gives the black colour to this dish. Served with your favourite appam chutneys. Also there is a hint of gunpowder on the appams. A Must have In the Appams section of the menu

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Main Course

In Mains we tried the Chicken Tikka Masala, The Aglio Olio with Tomato Kut & the Ratatouille Bhaji with Maska Focaccia. All of them were good in their own individual ways.


Chicken Tikka masala

Chicken Tikka masala is the national dish of London and that’s why it’s served here in a London telephone exchange booth. Quite a vivid way of presenting a dish you need to give that to them bur the dish itself was made really well and is one of the good chicken tikka masalas I have had and very different from the heavy fare you get from other restaurants. These are served with some buttery Cornish cruncher naans

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Aglio Olio E Cocco, Tomato Kut

Did you ever think of having an Aglio olio in Indian style? Did you ever wonder how it would taste? Well your questions answered with this innovative dish. Spaghetti made in Aglio Olio style but with Curry Leaves and Coconut cream instead of its Italian predecessors and then served with a tomato Kut on top of it. The Kut is made of Indian spices, tomatoes and onions and is a good alternative to the arrabiata. Mind you this dish is south Indian with heavy reliance on coconut and if you don’t like it then you should avoid the dish. But if you like coconut based stuff just go for it



Ratatouille Bhaji with Maska Focaccia

Here is the Farzi version of the Indian pav Bhaji cooked in the form of a ratatouille and you would love it. Another different version of pav Bhaji that I have experienced in the restaurants by massive. These guys know how to play with different forms of Pav Bhaji. When you think you have seen it all they come up with another different form of it and the best thing is that they all taste really good. Pav replaced with soft focaccia bread is another farzi element here




In desserts we had the Baileys Lollipop, The Chocolate dirt pile & Ras malai Tres leches with carrot cream & rose petal net. We had the baileys at Masala bar and the Ras malai Tres leches at masala Library previously so haven’t written much here as you can find the descriptions of these dishes in those reviews. The noteworthy new comer for us was the chocolate dirt pile. An idea which has been seen in the last season of master chef was a really good dessert to dig in. The entire dessert is made in such a way that it reminisces us of the soil in wet farm lands where the dirt is portrayed by Chocolate sponge, pebbles replaced with nuts, ice cream & fruits and Chocolate sauce is shown as the Water that wets the soil and gives it a distinct colour. All these elements made it a great dessert to have here. We couldn’t try the Parle-G Cheesecake but that’s another must have dessert here so do try it if you’re here

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Final Verdict

We loved farzi café and would recommend you to try it too but one of the biggest differentiators for farzi café is the “PRICE”. It’s really Value for money for the dishes that they are serving here and are making fine dining food available in the casual dining space and that’s why it earns the extra star from me. Farzi Café has proved that it’s a restaurant you have to visit in Mumbai. Be there or just be square. A meal for two would cost Rs 1500 – 2000 and that’s really good in the LP dining space



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