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Wok Express a QSR that had set footsteps on the QSR scene in May last year has grown leaps in bounds in this year. It all started off with an outlet in bandra as the stepping stone. However as time passed it opened up its outlets in all parts of the city from Bandra to Andheri and has become a household name in the Wok QSR scene in the city. It has had its share of influencers as well as criticism but the crux of the matter is that it has worked on its weak points and has kept the ball rolling.

Food Courts Get Ready to be Woked

As a result of its success and its first year anniversary it has now chosen to also move into the Food court scene by opening 2 outlets one in Infinity Malad and the other in Infinity Andheri. I believe it will be a major competition to the existing food court joints as none of the joints give you the choice of creating your own wok basis your choice of veggies, sauces and meat so all the Woker’s be ready to get indulged in some mind boggling woks


New base Of Operations

Andheri Lokhandwala used to have a legendary CCD known as a prominent social gathering hub in Lokhandwala but change is something which is constant and with time the former got replaced with a new outlet of WOK Express. The place is segregated into indoor and outdoor dining. The indoor section is very congested and doesn’t have much seating space but the outdoor is completely spacious and can fit in a lot of people. The outdoor section though can get a little hot during summer noon sessions despite all the coolers so try to get a seat inside if you get the choice



On account of its first year anniversary Wok Express has released new dishes in their already expansive menu. Known for its mouth-watering woks, dimsums and Sushi’s they have added a tone of spice to their existing menu with the addition of the Chilli Paneer and Spicy Chicken Bao. For Sushi lovers they have added the flavour-some Ninja prawn sushi and The Jalapeno cream cheese and assorted veg roll sushi. If you’re done hogging all the food you can sip on the newly launched Iced Chai and the Mango Basil Bubble teas.



I tried the Chilli Basil chicken and the Hot Spicy Chicken Bao. Both of them were excellent Baos and really stood up to my expectations. The Chilli Basil Chicken Bao had a extremely generous stuffing of meat in it. The stuffing was primarily of Pan fried Chicken chunks tossed in Soy, Onions & Chillies. It was made in a very Indianized love for a good Chilli Chicken way. The Baos were super soft and the entire combination of this BAO had me feasting over this dish.



Then came the Hot Spicy Chicken Bao. This Bao was like the Rajnikant of Hot Baos. It really held true to its name of Hot & Spicy. This one had Chicken Chunks mixed with Veggies, peppers, chillies & onions in a Spicy sauce that will tend to tingle your taste buds. Made specially for the spice lovers this bao is something spice eaters shouldn’t miss



Sushi Love

With my love for Japanese food there is one thing I absolutely cannot ignore in any menu and that’s a generous dose of Sushi. Wok express has really got some good sushis in its arsenal for the price that you pay. They added 3 new sushi’s in the menu “the ninja prawns” for non-veggies and “The Jalapeno cream cheese roll” & “Assorted Veg Sushi” for veggies.


The Ninja prawn sushi was bang on target with chunks of pan fried prawns embedded within a roll of vinegared rice & sesame and topped with a little sriracha mayo to flavour it up. Served with Dark Soy and Wasabi this new dish from their collection is a must have for sushi lovers



On the vegetarian side the jalapeno cream cheese rolls were a showstopper for me. Perfectly balanced sushi with the right amount of cheese and jalapeno in the centre. Both balancing the dish well. Garnished with coriander and their in house spice it is definitely a must have vegetarian sushi in the house



Woking The Talk

When I visited the outlet for the first time I had a lot of their woks. Most of their woks are special in their own ways because of the wide array of sauces they have to offer. Wok express is also known to be very generous while preparing their woks when it comes to adding a good portion of veggies and meat into it. It’s one thing which will never disappoint you any time of the day. They believe that every bite should have a crunch in it and it should not just be plain rice and noodles.


WOK 1 – The Hot Crispy garlic

This wok is a must have when you’re here as the flavour of the sauce is primarily sweet, garlicky and highly spicy. This really makes the dish well balanced in terms of spice. The garlic balances the sweet and spicy tones and doesn’t let one supersede the other. I tried this with Noodles, prawns and veggies and it was a killer combination from start to end. Go try it out when you’re here

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Wok 2 – The Traditional Chilli Basil

If you’re in the mood for Spicy woks then the Chilli basil is also a wok you can give a try. The sauce by default isn’t on the spicier side but it has a fair amount of chillies mixed in the wok and they can really turn up the heat for you. So if you love spicy woks then give this a try, I had it with Chicken, Rice and veggies because I feel chilli basil goes well with rice.



Final Verdict

The newly launched dishes add diversity into the menu. They are great and completely worthwhile to be given a shot. It is also a high value for money joint as their entire menu is very reasonable when it comes to cost vs food. The Woks are the backbone of this joint and that’s where their strength is. A meal for 2 would cost you Rs 800 which is very good. If you like Bao’s and Sushi then you definitely need to try the items I had. The only place where you need to keep an eye is the oil content in your woks so ensure you proactively tell the staff to make it less oily.


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