Mango Mania At Di bella

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Di Bella is a brand that was founded in 2002 in Brisbane Australia by Philip Di bella. His Mission was to provide his customers with products, tools, and the knowledge to make a perfect cup of coffee, each time and every time. After putting in nights of blood, sweat and hard work Di Bella has become a global brand that not only is known for its coffee but for its waffles too. It has been awarded with many accolades in Australia and has turned to become global.


The Di bella we all know and Love

With the rise in Café culture in India there has been a huge upsurge in Mumbai by brands to become that quality café which provides an experience that increases its brand recall and makes the customer come back to you. After it’s highly successful launch in India it has expanded to all parts of the city with around 8 outlets. Di Bella in India is known for its waffles where the slightest sight of Chocolate Overdose in the menu or on someone’s table can get foodgasms in every waffle lover. I have friends which can’t complete their day without having a bite of their waffles and that’s the presence it has in waffle lover minds


The New Summer Menu

Di Bella has recently started their summer menu and it had 2 reasons for me to go and give it a visit. One was waffles and the other was Mango Nutella Waffles :).  I gave their versova branch a visit only to find that it’s completely packed and had to literally wait for over 20 minutes to get a seat. But that’s completely ok for me as I was more interested in some mango indulgence.


Their new summer menu consists of different types of shakes and Waffles consisting of mango as their primary ingredient. They also have some banana variants added in the menu but I didn’t try them out. We started off with the Mango Nutella Waffles. This dish is indeed a must have one here. The freshness of the mangoes complemented with the sweet chocolaty flavour of the Nutella we all love with a fresh warm waffle was just the thing I needed to start my dining experience here. It’s served with their standard fresh Cream and Vanilla Ice Cream. The best thing about this waffle was the balance. None of the elements over powered each other at all



We then tried the Mango Explosion Milkshake. It’s a Rich Mango Milk shake mixed with chocolate sauce. Absolutely refreshing and hard on the calories for the average human. Di Bella is known for making some really rich milk shakes primarily out of chocolate but the mango explosion is sure to become a hit with both Mango and chocolate lovers.

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Then came the mango and Blueberry waffles the third dish from the summer menu. This Dish consisted of 1 mango and 1 blueberry waffle. This didn’t have any Nutella or chocolate on it. This waffle wasn’t something I would go wow after as the blueberry was a bit too sour for my liking and that didn’t go too well with me. The plain mango waffle didn’t wow me either and that’s only because I already relished the mango Nutella waffle so much that this one was feeling a bit too plain in front of it.



At last we had the Chocolate explosion waffle because no visit to Di Bella can be complete without having this monster of a waffle. With its ardent fans all over the city this is a celebrity waffle for this place. And when they say EXPLOSION they mean it. The Amount of chocolate slathered all over the waffle makes it an extremely rich and chocolaty waffle. Each bite will be sinfully chocolaty and you wouldn’t be able to have anything after having this waffle as its extremely heavy due to the explosions of chocolate inside your tummy. Make sure you don’t check the weighing scale after having this waffle as that will explode with the increased pounds  🙂




Final Verdict

Mango lovers go check out the summer menu. The mango dishes are top notch and they are more than enough for you to be extremely full. A Meal for 2 here can set you by Rs 700 as di bella isn’t the average value for money café but definitely worth each penny for its rich, sinful and decadent shakes and waffles. Be prepared to wait if your visiting the versova outlet as its always full



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