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There are restaurants in the city which open up, create a story of their own and shut down. There are restaurants which cook up a storm and then get rebranded or acquired and then there are restaurants which become an iconic symbol and a heritage to the place they belong to and Gaylord is one of them. Gaylord needs absolutely no introduction from a blogger like me. It started out in 1956 as one of the first open bakery restaurants in town. It has stood tall against the sands of time and continues to be one of the legendary heritage restaurants in town which continue to serve good food.


The Legend behind Kwality

Gaylord is not only known for serving food which has been eaten by 2 generations but also for their legendary ice cream brand “Kwality Ice Cream”. It was founded in the year 1956. It was the first in the city to import machinery for mass production and sale of ice creams on a commercial scale in the city. As years passed and the growth potential increased they later entered into an agreement with level and became Kwality Walls we all know and love today.


Royal Look & Feel

Gaylord is a very spacious restaurant which houses an alfresco, indoor and mezzanine level seating. Many restaurants have adopted to certain rustic or industrial themes but Gaylord has stuck to its basics and that’s the beauty of this place. The grandeur of this place is that it has stuck to the essence of its spirit and that’s its classical look. The classical chandeliers, furniture, marble flooring, walls and the paintings on them all are in unison with the story of the place. And they have maintained it very well. The outdoor section also has these metal chairs which have retained that antique look. Old is definitely gold and especially if you have the knack to recognize it.


The Food

Gaylord on account of its 60th anniversary had invited us to indulge and blog about the launch of their new menu. The menu specially designed by Chef Zaheer has Indian food that will not only be tasty but also give you the feeling of having a brilliantly cooked meal at home. I being a staunch non vegetarian was ready to gorge on some of the delicacies conjured up by the chef.


Must Haves

The Kulhar Ki Tangdi, the Lasooni Fish Tikka, Cooker Ka Kukkad & the Hanky Shanky Chicken Korma


Kulhar Ki Tangdi

This dish consisted of chicken drumsticks that were grilled in the tandoor with their in house marinade and then served in pots which were garnished with mint chutney and onions at the bottom. If you love to feast on chicken legs prepared in tandoori style then this is the go to dish for you. The chefs presentation for this dish was perfect. The chutney complements the chicken really well



Lasooni Fish Tikka

The dish consisted of King Fish marinated with indian spices & garlic, grilled to perfection and served with coriander, Chutney and mayo drizzle. I love higher tones of garlicky flavor and this dish had the garlicky zing mixed with the marinade and the texture of the fish. Serving King Fish in tikkas instead of Basa is the best decision Zaheer has taken. Its sad that new restaurants these days have over popularized basa so much which pales in comparison to the might of the king fish.

Lasooni Fish Tikka


Chaamp TaajDaar

Have the Chaamp and be a Chaampion. J This is what you feel after having these mutton ribs that were marinated with Curd and spices. The ribs had a generous amount of meat sticking to the bones and that made the chaamp very delectable dish for me.



Mutton Dum Biryani

Chef Zaheer loves his biryani and that can be shown from the outset of getting this biryani in front of you. It is very difficult to get a good dum biryani in town and chef zaheer makes sure his biryani checks all the boxes. The biryani is cooked and completely sealed in a pot when served. Yes you can clearly see the chef loves serving in pots but the ethos here is that earthern pots has been the tradition for india. Indian cooking during the Mughal age was done with pots and that’s where he inferences this from. As soon as the seal is cut there is a thick aroma which will fill the air surrounding you. The mutton pieces were soft and succulent and I just loved it with the Raitha.


Cooker Ka Kukkad

I am a Punjabi and Punjabi chicken curries can be devoured by me in any time of the day. That’s what you get from this dish. This dish is completely made from scratch and pressure cooked in a small red cooker which is the same cooker that is served on your table.


The gravy was very light and had the use of Onion, tomatoes and garlic. The chicken was tender and could easily be separated from the bone. This dish went really well with steamed rice. If you like having Chicken that has a very light gravy with rice then this is what you need to order



Hanky Shanky Chicken Korma

Ahh this dish was pure bliss. I recommend you to go for this dish whenever you get the chance. Another one of those dishes where the chicken curry is light and high in flavor with tender chicken pieces. A north indian delight and goes absolutely well with rice. Indian Soulfood at its best. No heavy ghee, oil but just pure curry magic



Khumani Ka Meetha

Khumani ka Meetha consisted of dried dry fruits that were mixed with Sweet elements, Ghee and Mawa. It is a dessert which is very rich in terms of its content. It was also one of the best presented dessert that I got in the resto. When you want a smoky presentation you can bet on your best friend “Dry Ice”. Jokes apart this dessert was something different. In case you don’t like too many dry fruits then you may not like this dessert but if you have no issues with that then this is one dessert which is rich in dry fruits



Final Verdict

Gaylord is an established brand in the city today. Be it ice creams, their food or their bakery which has an European feel it has it all. A meal for two can clean you up by Rs 2000 but for me that’s completely ok especially with the great food that’s being served. If you’re a vegetarian you may want to have a look at other reviews but if you like your meat then you should go and pay a visit to Gaylord if your nearby to the vicinity. Chef zaheer is a man that has deep respect for good indian food and it shows In the food that was served here.


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