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Italian cuisine is a cuisine which is highly experimented by many chefs across the city. There are staunch lovers of good Italian food and we have chefs trying to find out ways and methods to cater to Indian palettes. What happens in return is that the cuisine ends up becoming much Indianized and leaves a different picture of the cuisine in a user’s mind and that’s what they expect when they go overseas and come back with their hopes crashed against expectations. The question is where do you go if want to have completely authentic Italian food. Do you go to the star studded hotels where you have to pay a bomb or is there some place which can help and that’s where Gustoso comes to the rescue.


Pizza Metro Pizza Rebranded

Gustoso previously called as Pizza metro Pizza is brought you by Indianapoli hospitality and its ethos is to serve authentic Neapolitan cuisine to its patrons. They rebranded itself due to the fact that they wanted us to try Italian cuisine as it was intended – a wider range of dishes for everyone to share, enjoy and most importantly, remember. At Gustoso they are Neapolitan at heart and Italian by nature trying to bring to authentic and simple dishes that will make you love cuisine from the land of Naples. Gustoso means tasty in English and that’s something they strive to serve in every dish.


Neapolitan Masterchef Giulio Adriani

For creating its Neapolitan magic Gustoso has brought in the infamous chef Giulio Adriani as its consulting chef. Chef Giulio Adriani is known for winning several accolades in the field of Neapolitan cooking especially in pizza making. Widely considered one of the world’s leading pizza experts, Chef Giulio travels across Europe, Asia and Latin America to instruct aspiring pizzialos and teaches proper Neapolitan techniques. He has been certified as an authentic Neapolitan Pizza Master by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) and the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani (APN).



The Ambience of Gustoso has been created to give a very Italian casual dining feel. It exudes famous Italian hospitality, warmth and comfort, making Gustoso a perfect place to enjoy delicious food and spend quality time with family and friends. The low hanging Gold plated lamps, polished wooden furniture, marble flooring, walls and the general décor on the walls are all in sync to create a very homely Italian dining vibe. The place also houses a wood fired pizza oven to create that perfectly crusted pizza

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Authentic Italian Comfort Food

The food in this restaurant is for those people who have an acquired taste of having completely authentic Italian food. Neapolitan cuisine is a form of cooking in which the food is made from simple 8 – 9 ingredients and where the freshness of the ingredients is what does the talking for the dish presented. If you like a very Indianized version of Italian food here you will be extremely disappointed so beware of that before visiting the joint. The place offers a broad range of antipasti, soups, salads, pastas, risotto, entrees, desserts, as well as a Sunday brunch offer, a kid’s menu and a lunch menu. Pizzas of course are the show stealers here specially curated to give a taste of authentic Neapolitan cuisine. The ingredients are handpicked by Chef Giulio to ensure that the food served to the patrons gives them the real feel of Italy.


Must Haves

The Arancini, GAMBERONI ALL’ AGLIO, SPAGHETTI LIMONE 850 E TARTUFO, POLLETTO DIAVOLETTO, Pizzas & Their Signature Tiramisu. Have a read if you want to read all the dishes we tried




We have had the fusion versions of this legendary dish in many modern Indian restaurants but this time we got a chance to have the real deal and it was a super dish. Crispy Arborio rice balls stuffed with mushrooms, mozzarella and saffron, and served with a truffle aioli. The balls were not at all oily despite being deep fried and that’s perfection. The melted cheese in the centre of the ball gushes onto your taste buds and balances with the truffle aioli. One of the best things about this restaurant is that if it says TRUFFLE it means TRUFFLE. If you don’t like truffle oil in general then you may want to get a non-truffle version of this dish

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This dish is for meat eaters. If you like stuffed chicken breast then you need to give this one a try. Sliced chicken breast roll, stuffed with mozzarella and sautéed broccoli, served with a lemon mint sauce. The lemon mint sauce adds a zing to the stuffed chicken breast.




Tiger prawns sautéed in white wine, tomato and garlic sauce. The ingredients used in this restaurant are completely fresh and that’s completely evident when you try this dish here. Many times I have had prawns which don’t mix well with the sauce and taste awful but the prawns here are so fresh and blended so well with the sauce that you would have them all. This dish has used tomato as its base so it’s something all Indian palettes will love having as well




French fries powdered with parmesan and truffle oil. Another restaurant that’s taking its fries seriously and very seriously. If you don’t like truffle fries then stay away from it but i loved them




Baked baby Portobello mushrooms with a rosemary-garlic flavoured oil infusion. This dish was instantly loved by all mushroom lovers. This is also one dish that can be loved by Indian palettes due to the oil infusion they are tossed in. Again this dish is a very simple dish with hardly any ingredients in it but that’s what do the talking




Creamy spinach with onion and garlic topped with parmesan. Spinach is an ingredient which is too pungent and has the capability to spoil the entire dish if it hasn’t been cooked and complemented well with other ingredients. I am usually very sceptical about dishes that have a lot of spinach in it but this dish was picture perfect. The cream and spinach balance was done exactly as I love it. There was absolutely no pungent flavour of the spinach. A must have dish for vegetarian lovers.




The pastas at Gustoso is what soul food is all about. There are selective ingredients in them and each of them have a story to tell. Made in true Italian style they could appear to be a little bland for the Indian palette but these are exactly how they are made in all its authenticity. This Spaghetti is a must have for truffle lovers. The pasta is tossed with a generous amount of chicken, creamy lemon and Italian truffle sauce which makes it a bit tangy and high on that pungent truffle flavour we love.




Very little elements but high on flavour and another one of those dishes is the Alla gricia. This one is made for people who like pastas el-alfredo. Spaghetti tossed with bacon, onion, in a parmesan creamy sauce garnished with a generous amount of black pepper. Indian palettes who don’t like this type of pastas could go for something that uses tomatoes as a base

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This was the dish of the day for me. It’s something all palettes will love having. Consisting of Pan roasted chicken breast medallions that are topped with mozzarella cheese and a spicy tomato sauce it will be a sure shot hit from the first bite itself. The chicken was roasted to perfection and topped with cheese and spicy tomato sauce. Served with some potatoes to add starch to your dish it’s a must have for chicken lovers

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Grilled chicken breast, served with arugula, cherry tomatoes and parmesan. This dish was a tad bit too dry for me. Had absolutely no flavour and was the only dish that disappointed me on the table.




It was time for their signature wood fired pizzas. They have been known for making some amazing pizzas and that’s something which was very much evident even here. Their pizzas are usually rectangular in shape and that’s their speciality. Their crust was super soft and the toppings are what make you enjoy it.

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The pizzas are specially heated in a wood fire oven to get that texture and the consulting chef’s experience shows in that. We tried the Pesto E Pollo and the Murgante. The pesto e pollo consisted of Mozzarella, basil pesto, caramelized onions to add that nice sweet tinge and copious amount of roasted chicken breast.



The Murgante was another flavour bomb of a pizza. Topped with Mozzarella, chicken, capers, Kalamata olives, garlic, basil and oregano, layered on their signature tomato sauce. Their signature tomato sauce is an old world recipe using only the famous San Marzano tomatoes. It’s one of those pizzas which the Indian pizza eaters would love having. They are also very famous for their metre long pizzas with multiple toppings in it that’s fit enough for a group of 4 people. It’s made only on request though hence you won’t find it in the menu




Signature Tiramisu

If you visit an Italian restaurant and don’t have their signature tiramisu it’s a cardinal crime. Coffee flavoured goodness with a dessert consisting classic Italian coffee, mascarpone cream and cocoa.



Panna cotta

The panna cotta was ok nothing special that made me go wow. it was a mango pannacota



Millie Foglie

This dessert is a Nutella lovers delight. Consisting of layers of puff pastry stacked on each other and slathered with copious amount of Nutella and cream you would not want to stand on a weighing scale after having this sinful dish. The puff pastry was super soft and the Nutella cream combo was absolutely top notch.



Final Verdict

If you want to have something really authentic to the T and are ok spend Rs 2k for a meal for two then you should definitely pay Gustoso a visit. If you like Indianized Italian then this place would not be something you will like. For the authentic food lovers Gustoso held true to its meaning and was worth the visit, Go for it when you get the chance


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