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Dessert therapy is the brainchild of 2 brothers who have the vision of becoming one of the leading cheesecake makers in town that specialize in no bake 100% vegetarian cakes. The ethos of their brand is to deliver freshly made no bake 100% vegetarian desserts at any time of the day across anywhere in Mumbai. Yes they deliver 24/7 so if you want to surprise your friends or family for any special event you know you can count on them.

19 Year Old Chef

The man behind the cakes is a young 19 year old chef Nisarg. He was very fond of cooking since childhood and was a regular when it came to watching various cooking shows in different channels. As time flew he started trying his hands on cooking and started mastering the art of making desserts. He spent days creating different types of cakes that had the ability to tingle his taste buds but his love for cheesecakes made him specialize in creating different types of cold cheesecakes. With the help of his brother he has now gone ahead and started the brand “Dessert Therapy”. As of now they operate from home but the plan is open their own cheesecake café. Dessert Therapy specializes in cold cheesecakes with over 20 varieties of chocolate and non-chocolate based cheesecakes.

Different Desserts

The menu at dessert therapy consists of a myriad of no bake desserts that Range from Cheesecakes, Crumb cakes to different types of mousse. The cream cheese used by the guys at dessert therapy is completely home made from scratch. They use absolutely no preservatives or gelatin in any of their cakes. We tried the Lemon cheesecake, Coconut cream cheesecake, The Almond crumb cake and the oreo crumb cake.

Coconut Cream cheesecake
One of the most innovative cheese cake that is being sold by the folks at dessert therapy. It is one of the rarest types of cheesecake available in the market. Made of Coconut milk, coconut cream cheese and whipped cream this cake has the ability to send your taste buds tingling in every decadent bite. Everything in this cake was home and hand made.

Lemon Cheesecake

This cake consisted of their signature homemade cream cheese which sat atop on a crispy layer made out of digestive biscuits. The cream cheese used in the cake is infused with just the right amount of lemon to add a little lemony zing so that the cake gives a burst of sweet and sour flavor with each sinful slice.

Walnut Crumb Cake
A crumb cake which consisted of loads of dark chocolate on a crunchy walnut base mixed with the chefs secret mix. This is their house special crumb cake and it had all the elements to make one. It was sweet, soft and absolutely superb.

Oreo Crumb Cake
This one consisted of Oreo crumbs as the base with layers of white and dark chocolate to enhance the flavor of the base. If you’re an oreo fan and love to have it in different forms then this is certainly for you


Final Verdict

Dessert therapy is ready to set foot on the highly competitive home based dessert makers market. They have some interesting cheesecakes which are very moderately priced. They are based out of kandivali but are ready to delivery anywhere in Mumbai. An Average 1kg Cheesecake will cost Rs 1k and is made fresh on order. You can order from zomato so do give them a try whenever possible

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