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India is a country which has the biggest cultural diversity in the world. India is all about its culture and how different regions and people constitute the various types of culture that encompass our country. People from different regions of the world came to India historically and thus evolved its complex diversity and culture. This diversity has also created a sense of unity among the people. Indian food is as diverse as its culture as it encompasses food from all regions and sects of our country. Be it the Buttery North, the Spicy South or the Mustardy West every dish has its own story to tell.


KA Group Of Hotels

We have so many Indian restaurants all over Mumbai but there are very few selected restaurants in the city which can get you the entire gambit of our food diversity in one plate but Tiffinbox etc pulls that off in style and simplicity. Tiffinbox is brought to you by KA hospitality. These are the ones which have brought the Chinese powerhouse franchise outlets of Hakkasan and yauatcha to the city. Tiffinbox tries to emulate the feeling of getting a homemade tiffin to work. That’s one of the reason why both of the outlets of this brand is located near prime corporate locations. These tiffin’s are specialized for specific regions and get you food for which that Indian region is most famous for.



Tiffin box tries to give a very basic Indian canteen feel to its patrons. Canteens in this part of the city especially in schools and colleges are not something you would want to visit a lot until you want a tummy ache . The interiors here are basic but stylish with neat drawings on walls, canteen style tables, Lamps made of dholaks and milk cans, Different styles of tiffin boxes showcased in different sections of the place. Hindi Music playing in the background. The outlet is extremely spacious and can really fit in a lot of people at once. It makes you feel comfortable with its casual seating, spacing and vibe

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Food Spanning Across Metro Cities

Tiffinbox is a restaurant which serves you food from different regions of the country primarily Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Gujrat & Sindh. Over and above these it also has a house special from Birmingham. Its menu is primarily based around these regions for its Soups, Starters & Mains. It also has house special tiffin boxes which try to give you a holistically great meal experience from that region. None of the restaurants I have been to have been able to pull of food from different regions so well. Its food gives you a feel of how diverse our country is and how tasty its food is from various parts of the country. It also gives you all of this in one place and saves you the need to travel.



Must Haves
Some of the Must have dishes here are their Chicken Lasooni Kalimirch, Ghee Roast Chicken, Kosha Mangsho, Malvan Fish Curry & Mirch Waale Aloo. For a detailed read continue to read further


Chicken Lasooni Kalimirch
We have had this in various places and it’s a staple starter for many Indian non veg lovers and that’s why we tried this here. The Meat was so succulent and intense of flavours from the garlic and pepper that we couldn’t stop saying wow for this starter. The chicken here is marinated yoghurt, garlic and fresh pepper after which it’s roasted in the tandoor for just about the right time to give it the soft and juicy texture.



Ghee Roast Chicken
South Indians love their ghee. Be it ghee rice or Chicken they love their ghee. The moment I saw this in the menu I had decided to try this south Indian delight. The starter was absolutely how I have had it in a restaurant in Bengaluru. Chicken marinated with Ginger, Garlic, Red chilli powder and Indian spices post which it’s tampered in ghee in a mix of Onions, Curry leaves, Indian Spices and coconut powder. High on the ghee it can be a bit heavy but if you like ghee roast this is something which was made absolutely well



Main Course
In Mains we tried some of their specials from each part of the country to see how well they stand up against our expectations and the experience was nothing short of stellar for me.

Chicken Kosha Mangsho from Kolkata
If you ever had some Bengali friends you would know how tasty this dish is and that’s how the dish was made here. The dish was exceptionally high on flavour in each bite and that’s what how it should be. The Kosha Mangsho is a dish which is specially made with tons of onions and the flavour of onions infuses with the meat and the masala that’s sticks to it. The same was replicated here in all its glory. I can write a page long article on my love for this dish but I am going to keep it really short here


Malvan Fish Curry from Mumbai
We all have grown up in Mumbai and have visited many places where we have had that great fish curry made in pure Malvan style. The chef tried to replicate the same here and it was pulled off really well. The fish used in this dish was Betki. The curry is made completely in malvani style with different ingredients for its malvani masala and a rich coconut paste masala to give that texture to the curry. The curry was medium spicy, had that nice coconut paste flavour and had juicy chunks of Betki in it which gave it the protein element of the dish. Loved it with steamed rice. Another must have dish here

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Birmingham chicken From UK
When talking about India it was surprising to see a dish from uk in the menu but there’s a reason behind that dish to be part of the menu. This dish is very famous in Birmingham Uk and is a most ordered dish Indians and foreigners alike. That’s the story behind the origin of this dish for the menu here. This is a thick chicken curry which is made in medium spicy tomato based gravy with Onions, tomatoes and capsicum. The curry of the dish was rich in flavour of the onion based gravy however the chicken wasn’t cooked well and was very chewy. Passed that feedback onto the staff

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Chicken Chettinad from Bengaluru
Chicken Chettinad is the dominant chicken gravy hailing from the Tamil nadu region. A Chettinad based curry is primarily made from fresh ground masalas and is kept a bit on the spicier side. However the Chettinad here wasn’t that spicy. It consisted of a curry that consisted of Coconut, Indian spices and their onion based Chettinad gravy. The meat was tender and the curry had dominant south Indian flavours.




In desserts we had Gulab Jamun and Angoori Rabri. There desserts were completely normal there wasn’t anything special or wow factor in it that needed a mention here. The gulab jamun was soft and sweet and the angoori rabri was as every angoori rabri we usually have

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Final Verdict
This restaurant has successfully done what others have not been able to pull of well and that’s getting the entire gambit of Indian flavours on plate and in a very value for money way. An average meal for two would be Rs 1000 and it’s completely worth it. The staff named Vaibhav there deserves a special mention for the hard work and effort he put in during our dining session there. If you’re nearby the vicinity in Sakinaka then I give a big thumbs up for visiting Tiffinbox

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