Peninsula Within A Peninsula

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In Mumbai my culinary journey has been really special. Every new place I visit has a special story to tell. Something special to offer and an experience which is waiting to unfold. And one such experience was unfolded in The Peninsula Grand Sakinaka. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon where the rain gods were showering us with their love and we decided to go against the wind and pay a visit to this pristine 4 star property in Sakinaka. It’s a place known to many corporate offices in Sakinaka and a hub for Office Parties. Peninsula grand is a 4 star business hotel situated at the heart of the city’s Central business district. Its bang opposite the Metro station and 5 minutes from the international airport. Contemporary comfort, Best in class dining, modern amenities the hotel has everything you need and look for in a 4 star business hotel.


Peninsula within a Peninsula

The Hotel has a number of restaurants a foodie is waiting to explore. Their legendary Rooftop Lounge OPA has become a cult amongst late night party goers in the area. Their 24 hour Coffee shop Carafe is known for some really value for money buffets. They have a lounge waiting to be unleashed on Mumbai party goers which has the potential to be the next big party point in the city with some top class ambience. We decided to pay a visit to their restaurant called peninsula. Named after their hotel this restaurant is a multi-cuisine restaurant serving Chinese, Indian and Italian. It’s got some good food for every palate but its known more for its Indian food. Indian food lovers will not leave this place disappointed.



The ambience of this entire hotel is very elegantly modern. The restaurant is situated on the first floor. Transparent glass windows overlooking the busy metro station. Rain droplets falling on those large window panes besides our table set the mood right. Spacious interiors with white painted brick walls, Comfortable seating and a ghazal setup in the middle of the restaurant for ghazal nights that happen on weekends. The ethos of the team here was to give a very modern Indian ambience to its patrons who dine here.

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Peninsula grand has a really expansive menu with the indian section being the most diverse. The continental section has very selected dishes and Chinese is between both of them. Their forte in indian cuisine can be seen from the menu itself. However Quantity doesn’t always mean quality but peninsula grand begs to differ in that aspect. So we decided to do a taste test on their Indian food. Their expansive indian menu has starters, Soups, Chaats, Mains, Desserts etc. It’s so lengthy that you would actually get confused on what to order but we stuck to the chef’s special dishes.


Tandoori Non Veg Platter

We started off with the Tandoori non veg platter. This one had 4 types of Chicken starters namely the Chicken Tandoori, Malai Chicken, Pahadi Chicken & the Reshmi Chicken Tikka. All four of these tikkas shared the same distinct quality of being soft and succulent whilst being marinated in 4 different styles. The Pahadi Kabab was marinated in their house special green spices mix, the malai tikka was marinated with cream and cheese, the murg tikka was marinated spiced yoghurt with red chilli powder being the dominant spice and the reshmi tikka was marinated with mild spices & herbs. Whilst everything was very nice and tasty their presentation could have been definitely something which can be improved upon. The presentation of these starters was very ordinary at best and didn’t score high on the looks value. With the rise of well-presented food in restaurants these days it would certainly help

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Aloo ke Dahi Vade

The noble and tasty dahi wada is a dish that’s very close to every Indian at heart and if it’s made well it can be the differentiator for a visitors experience and the dish here was no less. The best part of this dish was the way the dumplings were made in this dish. They were lentil dumplings stuffed with spiced potato and fried. They were then soaked in yoghurt that’s mixed with different chutneys. The dish was nothing less than stellar and a must try chaat if your dining here. The soft potato dumplings were very well infused with yoghurt

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Gosht Kakori Seekh
Soft round kakori seekh kababs were just what the doctor ordered for me. We all have the history behind these soft tikkas and now was the time to compare them on mytastetest and they stood up high in all aspects. The minced meat in the kababs were mixed with a variety of things like root spices, mace, cardamom etc. The only thing that didn’t stand up was the presentation. The veggies on the plate were needless in my opinion and didn’t add any value to the dish.



Dal Bukhara & Steamed Rice
Dal Bukhara as a name itself rings bells for the ITC Bukhara fans and that was the case here with us as well. It was their house speciality and that’s why we decided to try it. The dal definitely wasn’t as good as the costly ITC ones but it stood its own ground here at peninsula. We loved it with steam rice



Murgh Rahra Masala
This non vegetarian main course is termed as a chefs special. It consists of Chicken chunks and mince in a medium spicy reddish brown gravy. The gravy is majorly influenced by onions and that is the core of this dish. The gravy is thick and has a dense onionish flavour due to the onion gravy mixed with Indian spices. The chicken chunks melange with the minced chicken well. The dish went well with Rice & garlic Naan.

Rosemary Chicken with Stir fried Veggies
The continental guy in me wanted to try out their Rosemary chicken to see how their continental fare is and I wasn’t disappointed at all. Consisted of 2 slabs of chicken marinated and grilled with rosemary sauce and Italian seasonings served with mushroom pepper sauce and exotic veggies. The only thing confusing in this dish was the whole grilled tomato. I think that was added just for presentational purposes as it added no value to the dish. The chicken here was a bit over grilled as well which affected the texture of the meat




Madhur Milan
Oh This Indian dessert is a flavour and a calorie bomb. Soft gulab jamuns dipped in rabri topped with dry fruits and baked slightly to give that baked texture. Each bite is extremely rich, sweet and very high on calories. This dessert shows how good Indian desserts can be as compared to some of its continental counterparts but it also shows that you will need to work your ass off in the gym to shed them.

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Final Verdict

Peninsula is a restaurant which will primarily attract Indian food lovers. The food in itself is really good but it lacks presentation. A meal for 2 would set you back by Rs 1800 which is ok in my opinion. The Chinese dishes tried by our vegetarian counterparts were great and they liked them. Continental fare could have been better. With restaurants like Tiffinbox & Delhi highway in the vicinity it adds a lot of competition to the guys here but It’s a definitely a place someone can visit if they wish to.


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