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MRP is another jewel in the crown of Pritam group of hotels. The same group of people behind grandmamas café and PDT. They now bring to you a modern Asian dining restaurant in the form of MRP. MRP is an acronym for My Regular Place. The place is a modern Asian dining pub and restaurant at daylight and turns into a club at night. It’s one of the few places that are open till 3 in the morning and is a popular club-spot for late night party goers.


More Than Meets the Eye

Though MRP looks like a Resto-pub at first sight there is more to it than meets the eye. Every table has a wooden box that has some mini bar games that a group of people can play like a spin bottle, deck of cards, dices, and join-the-dots coasters with a small rule book placed on each table to explain the rules of all the mini games that you can play. Additionally u can also play Jenga on your table and get shots in the form of mini foosball tables. The vibe is to give it a gaming bar feel but there could have more things that could have been done by the staff here to give it a complete gaming bar experience but considering the way the place transforms into a club at night which is packed with people I can understand why they may not have done those things




A Gaming Bistro

MRP is a very spacious restaurant which houses a very large indoor section and an alfresco dining section which is majorly placed for people who want to smoke. The décor is completely in sync with the gaming theme of the place. The different designs on each wall would reminisce you of scrabble, tic tac toe etc. Low lying chandeliers with moderate lighting effects and a completely stocked bar in the centre of the place with great music. Each table is large enough to house drinks games and food plates. You have all types of seating arrangements there. If you’re the one who likes bar stools you got them, if you like sofas you got them or else stick to the regular seating.

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Chef PuronJoy Das The CEO (Chief Eating Officer)

Modern Asian dining was a treasure waiting to be unearthed in the city. With Papaya setting high benchmarks to this type of dining it is something many restaurateurs are waiting to explore in their style and that’s what has been done here as well. The Chef behind the food here is Chef Puronjoy Das. Many people may recognise him as the man behind the menu at Café nemo. He has worked in Leela, Café basilico and Nemo and brings with him a wealth of experience. His expertise is in continental food but with MRP he has gone out of his comfort zone to bring out Asian food with elements of different cuisines. He is someone who has rich knowledge about every ingredient and sauce that goes in a dish and you will know that the moment you converse with him.



Multi cuisine Asian Menu

The Menu at MRP houses dishes from different types of cuisine made with Asian elements. The menu features soups, small plates, bao’s, dim sums and Asian mains with innovative combinations like a Shawarma made with Asian elements, A Patrani Fish made with Asian sauces served with ramen noodles etc. This is a place you would find Nachos, Shawarmas & Fajitas made Asian style under one roof in one menu

Must haves
The Wonton Nachos, Shawarma, Satay, Bao’s, Chicken Wings, the Yakitori Chicken for the teppanyaki lovers & The Drunken Chocolate Sundae

Must Avoid
The Prawn Crackers


Small Plates

Wonton Nachos
The Wonton nachos at MRP is a modernized version of the Mexican nachos we all love. While normal nachos are loaded with beans, cheese, guacamole and pico de gallo the Asian version found here was very similar yet different. Here the Tortilla chips were replaced with Deep fried Wontons. The Red beans were replaced with a special black bean paste made from black beans, soya, and gochujang sauce & lemongrass oil. The Cheese component is replaced with their House special Jalapeno cheese sauce. The wontons are crispy and the sauces intertwine so well with each other that you would MRP’s take at nachos from the get go. The black bean paste gets a special mention here.


Pulled Chicken Bao
Bao’s are very famous in this part of the city. It introduced itself as the Chinese answer to burgers. The Pulled Chicken Bao was top notch stuff. Chicken mixed with red Cabbage, Okra and Lomo Lomo sauce served with Bang Bang Sauce and Tapioca Chips. Bang Bang Sauce is MRP’s take on thousand island sauce. The Wheat Bao’s were soft, the filling inside was saucy and high on flavour. The Tapioca chips went really well with the Bang Bang Sauce. A Must have Dish at MRP

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Cottage Cheese & Chicken Satay
A Satay is the Backbone of an Asian meal. If you want to check how well a chef has done his basics you can quickly order a Satay. Both the Satays served in MRP were top notch. For The vegetarians you can try the Cottage Cheese Satay. Consisting of perfectly grilled Cottage cheese & mushroom the magic of this dish is definitely the magical peanut sauce. The peanut sauce is mixed with some red curry paste to give it a spicy undertone to the sauce which made it a hit with veggies and non-veggies alike

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For non-veggies you have The Chicken Satay which was absolutely bang on in terms of texture & Taste. The meat wasn’t at all chewy and fell of the stick in one pull. The Peanut sauce took care of the taste department.


Boneless Chicken Wings
Well For all the Chicken wing lovers you have the Asian style Boneless chicken wings. The Chicken wings here are boneless and prepared in Confit style and served with a bourbon glaze and gochujang drizzle to give that sweet and spicy sauce that people like having with their wings. These crispy and succulent chicken chilli squares were absolutely top notch for me. The sweet and spicy flavours arising from the bourbon and gochujang made it finger licking delicious


Prawn Crackers
I am a big fan of prawn crackers if they are made well. The dynamite prawns at farzi café are a great example of how good this dish can be but the prawn crackers here absolutely failed as a dish. This dish was the only bad dish I had that day. The prawn crackers were super oily and crackers in general never have a taste of their own. They are heavily dependent on the sauce and the lack of sauce here was what made the experience mediocre. The presentation of this dish is what has failed it in my opinion. Presented in a glass the sauce was lurking at the bottom of the glass while the crackers were all placed on top of the other. Due to this the cracker at the bottom were laced with some of that sauce but the ones on top were dry and oily.


Chicken Shawarma
A Dish of the day for me. A must have for all the shawarma lovers. I had never thought in my wildest dreams that a shawarma would be so tasty when made in Asian style. Here the pita is replaced with a very soft Chinese pancake. The grilled chicken in a regular shawarma is replaced with pan tossed chicken tossed in a chilli soy sauce. It is then wrapped in the pancake with veggies, garlic cream, chef’ in house secret spicy sauce. The Asian version of the shawarma is high on spice levels but people who love eating moderate spicy food will just love it. This was another dish of the day for me.


Assorted Dimsums
You can’t complete an Asian meal without having dimsums and so we decided to try the assorted non vegetarian dimsums platter. It consisted of Sesame ginger chicken, Red curry prawn and Balinese lamb. The Chicken and prawn dimsums were really well done but the Balinese lamb one was too pungent for me due to the sauce that the meat was prepared in.



Big Plates

Yakitori Chicken
Japanese Yakitori Fanboys say Ayeee. Japanese version of chicken skewers served with some Teppanyaki fried rice. This dish was everything someone would want from a dish of Japanese origins. Chicken skewers grilled and laced with a sauce made of mirin, sake, soy sauce, sugar etc. and served with teppanyaki fried rice. This dish didn’t have a lot of sauce in it but the rice and chicken complemented each other so well that wouldn’t ask for any sauce.



Patra Ni Fish
This dish is the legacy Parsi delicacy given the Asian twist. The fish here is marinated in an Assamese sauce instead of the usual green chutney that its marinated originally steam cooked and served with some japchae noodles tossed in yakitori sauce. The Assamese sauce used in this dish is very pungent as compared to the original sauce. The fish used in this dish was basa and that was a downer for me as I am not a big fan of basa as it’s relatively very soft and squishy and for me the texture of a fish is very important.




Drunken Chocolate Sundae
The Drunken chocolate sundae is all about the various elements it consists of that complement each other and make it a must have dessert. It consists of some ice cream, Chocolate mousse, brownie crumbs, waffle, caramel popcorn and baileys syrup. This makes it a dessert that gives you something new in every bite. The brownie crumbs were soft and sweet, the caramelized popcorn added hints of sweet crunch, the waffles on the other hand mixed with baileys and ice cream takes the dessert on another dimension. A must try dessert at MRP


Coconut Milk panna cotta
The coconut milk panna cotta was good but there wasn’t anything special that made me go wow. I would recommend the chocolate sundae instead. It also could be because I am not a big fan of panna-cotta these days as I have been having it in every other restaurant in a barrage of flavours.



Final Verdict

MRP is one Modern Asian restaurant that you should definitely visit in case you want to give modern Asian cuisine a try, drink hard and party till 3am in the night. The place is loaded with some great cocktails and it is a drink lover’s paradise but it hasn’t been covered by me as I don’t drink. The food served by Chef puronjoy is top notch and something people should try as there are a handful of modern Asian joints in the city. The place completely transforms at night and is a place to party hard so that’s another reason you may want to give this place a visit. It has passed our taste test and hope it passes your too


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