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TAP Sports bar is an amalgamation of Lounge bar, sports bar, pub & a night club. A bold multi-faceted venture by China Gate Group. China gate group of hotels has been in existence since 1993 to provide the best dining experience to its customers with restaurants in different foray of cuisines and styles. TAP is one such restaurant from this group but its existence is purely multifaceted. The patrons here can choose from chilling out to some drinks, partying hard on the dance floor, play some games or choose to hop in on a Sunday for some live events.


When Square Foot Is Just a Number

TAP has recently opened its third new outlet in sakinaka inside Times Square. The place here is gigantic to say the least. It has sections after sections inside. As you step in the place you’re welcomed by a glass flooring which is small fish aquarium. The section that you enter is the place where they do live music events on the weekend.


This section also includes the place where you can play snooker, air hockey & darts.


As you go inside comes the non-smoking section which connects you to a section where there is a dancefloor (only couple entry here). There is also a section for banquets. All in all this place is huge and can cater to a lot of people.




Weekends is where the Fun Is

Weekends at Tap is where the fun is. They do live events every weekend which include music bands or standup comedy sessions by some much known comedians from the Canvas Laugh Club fame. For stand-up comedy sessions there is an entry fee which you need to pay but you can redeem that money for food inside which is completely worth it. However this is dependent on different events. If you want to visit tap the best time to visit is on a Sunday where they do exclusive #Sunset Sunday events. For people who are visiting this place just for the gaming aspect of it you can directly head on to the snooker table with your friends or have a competitive 4v4 on the air hockey table. Different charges are applicable for these games and are added to your bill


Superb Service

Service at Tap was something we weren’t expecting much from due to my experience at their Andheri outlet but that is something which I was most impressed by here at sakinaka. The entire credit for the service here goes to a staff member called Harry. He was very proactive, courteous and had full knowledge about the menu. He gave us recommendations and they all went well. He was there whenever you needed him and there wasn’t the slightest delay in getting the grub on our table. A Big thank you and keep up the good work from Mytastetest


Diverse Food menu

TAP Sports bar has a multicuisine menu comprising of mexican, continental, indian & chinese offerings. So there is something for everyone here. Like every bar the focus here too is more on starters and bar snacks and limited main course meals. We tried a number of dishes from the starters section.


Charmula Grilled Chicken
Charmula spices are a mix of spices like Cumin, Paprika, Onion, Turmeric, Cayenne, Garlic, Parsley, Salt, Pepper & Coriander Leaves. The resultant spice is greenish in colour and is moderately spicy. This is something used often in African cuisine. The chicken was tender and succulent and was grilled appropriately with the right mix of spice which made it a moderately spicy starter. The charmula sauce would taste similar to a chutney but yup you now know where its used other than india. We liked the dish and think it will go very well with people who want something from the continental menu that suits the indian palette

Charmoula Grilled Chicken

Tequila Chicken
The dish consisted of Chicken pieces grilled with Mexican spices and finished with a tequila flambe. For the uninitiated Flambé is a French word that means “flame,” and it refers to the wonderful culinary act of adding alcohol to your food and lighting it on fire. So when your meat is grilled just right you add a little bit of alcohol and light it up to infuse your meat with that drink and still retain the texture of the meat. A dish we all enjoyed and we think it’s a must have here

Tequila Chicken

Grilled Chicken Burnt Onion Garlic
A Chinese delicacy of the china gate group which has been replicated successfully in many of their other outlets like TAP & Global fusion. Though the dish we got was more on the oilier side but it was high on flavour due to the onion and garlic combined with pan tossed chicken, soy and spices. If you want to to try something Chinese then this is the dish you have to try. Mytastetest recommends and a dish of the day

Grilled Chicken In Burnt onion Garlic

Hot Chicken Wings
Its very rare that I eat chicken wings but I was recommended this dish here by harry and reluctantly I tried a bite but the result was some great tasting chicken wings. Though the name has HOT assigned to it the dish was not at all spicy. The sauce on which these wings were prepared was a bit sweet and spicy and was served with their in house dip. The meat was ripped off the bone in one try and I didn’t need to fight hard with it and that’s what I loved most.

Hot Chicken Wings

Chipotle Chicken Skewers
This dish was a mish mash of Chicken Yakitori skewers served with chipotle sauce. The skewers were prepared with a salty and sweet yakitori sauce. The chicken itself was very good and high on flavour as you would expect from a Japanese preparation but The chicken on one of the skewer was a bit chewy which irked me off but the other skewer was done well. The chipotle sauce was very mild but didn’t complement the dish in my opinion. I liked having the skewers minus the sauce

Chipotle Chicken

Cheesyyyy Fries
For a place which is a specialised bar it is very obvious that it would have some killer combination of fries available in your menu and here comes the CHEEEESYYYYYYYYY Fries with Extra CHEEEEEESE. Take fries and top it with beans, cheese, little salsa and sprinkle it with greens and you get the delicious cheesyyy fries. I think this is something every person should order with your drinks .

Cheesy fries

Chicken Dimsums
The dimsums were very ordinary and something which we think can be avoided here. Though the covering of the dimsum was perfect the filling was a big miss. The sauce served with the dimsums also was fairly ordinary. The sauce was more on the notes of tomato sauce spiked with few things but it cant replace something like a sweet chilli sauce.

Chicken Dimsums

Grilled Chicken In Coriander Pesto Sauce
There are very selective dishes for mains in the continental section but we recommend people to try this section as compared to the Chinese one as each dish in this section is unique in its own way. This dish consisted of a grilled chicken breast served with some really good and thick coriander pesto, mashed potato and exotic veggies. The chicken breast was succulent and the pesto was amazing. We slurped this dish off in minutes and is a dish we recommend for mains

Grilled Chicken In Coriander Pesto Sauce


TAP has a lot of options in desserts with a flurry of cheesecakes in their dessert bar. A loaded dessert bar is one of the things you would want to see after a great meal. It not only is a great way to end your meal but a great sight to behold as well. We tried a number of desserts here but the Hazelnut Mousse Cake and the Gooey Chocolate cake was the best of the lot and something we recommend having.

Hazelnut Mousse Cake
This was the dessert all of us loved on the table hands down. The hazelnut mousse was so decadent and fresh that I couldn’t resist myself from gobbling this dessert off. The dessert had a small layer of pastry on top with a central mousse filling and a small layer of pastry at the bottom. Spoonful of Sin is what I can describe this pastry in 3 short words.

Hazelnut Mousse Cake

Gooey Chocolate Cake
The picture says it all. Heat this little monster and indulge yourself in some melting chocolatey goodness. The chocolate mix in this pastry was not too sweet and that was a big positive about this dessert. The central area is very squishy and gooey which shows its characteristics as you heat this monster up. A great dessert to choose a good ending to your meal

Goeey Choocolate Cake


Final Verdict

The Verdict is out. TAP Sports Bar in Sakinaka is a place we recommend for Sunset Sundays. It’s a place which gives to you food and liquor that is very value for money, live events to entertain you, games to chill around with and a loaded dance floor to enjoy your heart out till 1am. The sakinaka branch has the potential to become the next party hotspot and give all other competitors a run for its money in this area.


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