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Broasters chicken is a 1953-established American brand, known for its unique pressure cooker-cum-deep fryer technique of cooking chicken. This technique of cooking Chicken is called “Broasting”. For understanding more about this we will need to turn the pages of time and look into the year 1953. This is when this technique was invented by L.A.M Phelan. His invention combined parts of a deep fryer and pressure cooker as a way to cook chicken faster. With this vision he manufactured the first Broaster Pressure Fryer under Flavour Fast Foods, Inc. and in 1956 formed the Broaster Company, expanding its line of offerings to include food product ingredients and accessories.


Get Broasted

The Broaster as they call it is a pressure fryer where chicken is first pressure cooked and then fried resulting in a chicken which is known as Broasted Chicken. It’s an alternative way to eat fried chicken as this method retains meat moisture and utilizes much lesser oil as compared to a normal fried chicken that you would eat at places like KFC. This variant of fried chicken contains zero Tran’s fats and is definitely an alternative for fried chicken with lesser calories and that’s the magic of broasting.


Yellow Tie Hospitality

Whilst this technique is originally from America it has been brought into India by Yellow Tie Hospitality under the expertise of Karan Tanna who brings with him a lot of experience into the FNB space. The first outlet opened up in versova will be the first place in Mumbai that will give you a complete and comprehensive Broaster experience. The place will not only serve you the complete menu but is planning to start drinks too once licensing is sorted. Yellow Tie has expansion plans in the pipeline which focuses on opening multiple outlets in other parts of the city with shorter variants of the menu.


Rustic American Ambience

The ethos of the ambience here is to give a very rustic American BBQ joint type of a look. You have vintage furniture comprising of chairs, tables and stools spread across the joint. Lamps which are in the form of American Rugby helmets. Rugby is an American sport and these helmets portray just that.  There are photo frames with American cartoons and captions like the one with Captain America on it.  The Ceiling had gunny bags stuck across with their branding on it and cute Chicken jokes scribbled painted on some of the walls. These were some of the American elements of the ambience which stood out in my mind.

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Comprehensive Indian Menu

Shakespeare had once said “What’s in a Name” while the name of the outlet is broaster’s chicken the menu here is quite comprehensive. It’s exclusively designed with the help of celebrity chef Harpal Singh Sokhi and Karan Tanna. They have crafted the menu keeping the Indian palette and taste in its mind. The menu has equal number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options so there is something for everyone here. There are dishes created by the energy chef of india himself which are also the star attractions of the menu here.


Awesome Food

The menu here consists of their core Fried chicken, wide array of starters, Burgers, Fries topped with sauces called “Franchos”, Pastas, Chinese Woks, Indian Dishes and Continental. The menu doesn’t restrict itself into being an outlet which serves only Fried Chicken. The dishes which are marked as Chefs special in the menu are something you absolutely must try here when you visit the place


Must Have

The Hot Chocolate, The Happy Fried Chicken & Its masala counterpart, Firangi Palak Paneer, The Rogan Josh Burger, The Ghotala Khichdi & The Gulkhand Muffin


The Hot Chocolate

The Hot chocolate here is very rich, thick and decadent. The hot chocolate here is definitely one of the better ones I have had. The right mix of sweet and bitter flavours in a rich, fluid mass of chocolate served with 2 marshmallows. You will need to forget your calorie counter at home when you order this devil of a drink but it’s something we thoroughly enjoyed

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Happy Fried Chicken & Hot Masala Chicken

We tried 2 variations of fried chicken from their Fried Chicken menu. The Happy fried chicken which consisted of fried chicken with a marinade flavoured with Chefs secret spices broasted to perfection whereas the other one consisted of fried chicken with a hot marinade, crispy Cajun coat served with their house special dips the Curry Jalapeno Dip (Chef Sokhi’s Creation), The Harissa Dip & Sweet Chilli Sauce. We loved both of these dishes. From the onset itself we could gauge that the texture of the meat was different and yet it retained the tasty fried chicken flavour we love. If we compare both of them the hot masala one was something which stood out due to the melange of Indian and American flavours in it.

Happy Fried Chicken HFC


Firangi Palak Paneer Dip

One of the best dishes of the day for us was the Firangi Palak paneer dip that we tried here. It was funny that we have a vegetarian dish of the day in a restaurant which is known for chicken. Never did I know that gratinated Spinach, Paneer & Cheese when combined and baked would taste so good. It’s served with Pita bread but honestly we loved to have that dip with any dish on table. Something we recommend every vegetarian to try out here

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Annas Chicken Idli

Well Broasters has something for everyone and this dish is reminiscence of that fact. These chicken idlis are something which health conscious chicken eaters should order if fried chicken is not their type of dish. Steamed chicken mixed with herbs and spices served in the form of an idli and offered along with some chutney. The name of the dish draws inspiration only from the shape of the traditional idli and has absolutely no rice batter.

Chicken Idli


Lamb Rogan josh Burger

A burst of flavours greeted us when we took a bite of the Lamb Rogan Josh Burger which was another one of the chef special on the menu. The sponge soft, hot pink buns (colour derived from beetroot, we were told) packed with a delightfully meaty lamb patty, caramelised onions and spiced gravy. The Patty is first made and then tossed in their Rogan josh curry and caramelised onions to give it that luscious curry flavour and served with fries and a dip. We absolutely loved it and recommend you to try it. There are also options available for double patty and cheese for all of their burgers which are not mentioned in the menu but you can speak to the staff and they would make something for you

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Ghotala Khichdi

Another one of those must have dishes at this place. The Broasters version of the feisty pulao. Consisting of Minced Lamb, Chicken and Egg mixed with Rice spiced with their in house special gravy it was a stellar dish. Each bite would have a world full of flavour with some or the other meat tingling your taste buds. You wouldn’t know what you’re having and hence the name “Ghotala”. We recommend you to try this dish out in your next visit to Broasters

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Cheese Maskedaar

This dish is specially made for the Butter chicken & Tikka masala lovers. A Dish which borrows its flavours from the famous butter chicken gravy but mixes it with Cheese instead of chicken. This dish is like whisky the more time you keep it the more the cheese melts and empowers the gravy. A Very rich gravy served with paratha is something for people who want to have a quick bite

Cheese maskedaar


Gulkhand Muffin

The muffin here is a creation by chef sokhi and that clearly shows in this power packed muffin. This muffin is a winner from the get go just like Sultan. A soft, fresh and sweet muffin with a central core filled with Gulkhand. A spoonful of this delectable dessert is enough to give you a sugar rush. Another dish we absolutely recommend you to have here without fail

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Final Verdict

We believe that Broasters Chicken is ready to start the Broaster revolution in India and many fried chicken lovers are going to hop into this bandwagon. We at mytastetest absolutely loved this experience and recommend this place to all our foodie friends’ vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. It’s very value for money and can give MCD and KFC a big run for its money. The dishes that are created by chef harpal deserves a noteworthy mention and are dishes you should try without fail.


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