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Veranda is a new restaurant that has opened up in Hotel Executive enclave which serves Modern Indian Cuisine. This is the same hotel which houses the rooftop wonder Café Terra which is known for some really nice continental food with a lovely rooftop setting. Previously this space was only a Banquet hall but now the place has been completely done from scratch and has been converted into a full-fledged restaurant which focuses on 4 key elements. These Are Art, Home Décor, Food & Live music. We were very curious to know how the food would be here and decided to drop by to get MyTasteTest. With a bag of expectations and promise we entered the restaurant


Art, Home Décor, Food & Live music

From the onset of my entry here one thing was completely evident and that was the ambience of this restaurant. One of the most stylish and well done restaurants artistically and aesthetically. The Ambience of this places focuses on 4 key elements which are Art, Home Décor, Food & Live music and each element has been given a lot of thought process.
The Art Element is showcased by the beautiful artwork done by K Ramachandran that is seen hanging on different sections of the restaurant. Each portrait has a story to tell about india and Mumbai and that’s the beauty of these pictures.

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Art is further showcased by the other elements which encompass the ambience which is the chairs with floral cushions of different colours, the tables which have been setup with a pretty flower pot, the low hanging chandeliers, transparent windows, the marble flooring and the 150 year old antique door. The spacious restaurant exudes style and oomph.

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The Home Décor element comes from a small section of the restaurant which houses nature inspired home décor that is also on sale.


The Live music element is something which is going to be started soon in the form of live music bands and DJ’s playing on select days where a section of the restaurant will be transformed into a dance floor and the last but not the least is the food which is very evident. In our opinion this place is very stylishly done and gets a thumbs up.


Fusion Indian Food

Veranda serves fusion Indian cuisine with a focus to serve Indian food with European style elements and plating. Though fusion Indian cuisine is not new to the city but since it’s exclusively dominated by certain players in the city veranda comes as a breath of fresh air and change to the food scene. There are dishes that will not only surprise you but want you longing for more. Veranda is a restaurant where the options for vegetarian food have been given equal importance as compared to the non-vegetarian food. Their menu isn’t exhaustive but each dish has a story to tell in terms of flavour. Even If you don’t like modern Indian food and want to stick to the traditional stuff there is something for you as well.

Must Have
The Veranda Soup, The Shami kabab, The Dhaba Chicken Platter, The Teriyaki Chicken, The Gulkhand Choco Bar & The White Chocolate Souffle

Veranda Soup
We ordered some soup to start off the meal and this soup was a blast in terms of flavours. This soup was primarily made from roasted pumpkin with elements of Sour cream and Blue Cheese Crouton added into the broth. The sour cream was to add another level of texture and to balance the sweetness of the pumpkin and the blue cheese crouton was added to give a salty and crunchy element into it. It was a winner from the get go. Mytastetest completely recommends this soup

Veranda Soup

Crab & Raw Mango Salad
With just 2 salads to choose from in the menu we decided to crack up with the Crab & Raw mango Salad. It was a melange of flavours and textures. The Raw mango & roasted bell peppers gave it a crunch, the treated crab meat with the chef’s secret dressing gave it a soft creamy element. When you mix them both with the spicy avocado cream you get bursts of Spicy, Sour and creamy elements. Not only the flavour but the presentation of the salad also got a thumbs up from us

Crab & Raw mango Salad

Shami Kabab

Mutton is a meat which if made well can do wonders to your palette and this kabab was no different than a top notch kabab. Every time I think that I have tasted almost all types of mutton kabab there is something or the other which changes that perspective. This was that type of a dish. Shami kababs are slightly soft and spicy in nature with earthly flavours. To change this its served with Apricot chutney and a spicy mayo drop on top of it. The apricot chutney will get you a sweet and sour tinge with the spicy mayo adding the saucy element to the kabab. These were top notch kababs and a must have at Veranda

Shami Kabab

Dhaba Chicken Platter
There are very limited chicken options in the menu for the average chicken eater but Veranda’s take on Chicken platter famous in City dhaba’s called the Dhaba Chicken platter will relish all your chicken cravings in one platter. It consists of 3 types of tikkas The Pudina Chicken Tikka, The Kashmiri Red Chilli Tikka & the Malai Tikka served with some ranch dressing, Kasundi mayo and a salad made of onion, tomatoes and capsicum. The presentation was great and so was the platter in itself. The ranch dressing and the Kasundi mayo is what differentiates this dish to its ancestors

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Goan Fish Curry
The Goan Fish Curry here consisted of some Filets of Pomfret and Beer battered onion rings placed on a bed of Brown Onion Pilaf served with a Goan curry made absolutely for the Goan Curry Diehards. This dish is not for the faint hearted but for the ones who love a strong fish curry. It’s not the standard coconut milk and ingredients fare. There is a broth mixed in this curry which is made out of fish bones which gives it a very strong fish smell and flavour. The Brown Onion Pilaf and the Beer batter rings are the elements which balance these strong flavours and gives you a good fish curry experience. My only recommendation here was to increase the quantity of rice in the dish

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Chicken Teriyaki & Mumbai Tawa Rice
The Veranda take on the extremely popular Chicken Teriyaki. Here they prepare the chicken with their in house teriyaki sauce and serve it with a moderately spiced Tawa pulao that you would to have on street side stalls with the only difference that the rice is made of Sticky rice and not basmati. The Smoky sweet flavour of the chicken balances so well with the rice like an amalgamation of Indian & Japanese Culture. A dish we personally recommend for all teriyaki lovers

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The Gulkhand Choco bar
A Dessert worthy of being presented in a MasterChef contest this was definitely a dish of the day for us. Veranda’s take of having a pan after a good meal. In the centre is a Choco bar made of chocolate mousse that’s glazed with dark chocolate. It’s garnished with some dry fruits, fennel powder and silver coated betel nuts. The chocolate mousse in the bar is mixed with a little Gulkhand to give you that fragrance and an after taste of Gulkhand mixed with chocolate. Words are not enough to describe this decadent dessert. It’s a must have dessert here


White Chocolate Soufflé
A Soufflé is a French dessert. It’s basically their version of cupcakes but the veranda version of soufflé ignited our love for soufflé all over again. The freshly baked soufflé had a core of gooey white chocolate which oozed out as you cut it. This was served with some dark chocolate ice cream and caramelized nuts to add a contrast in colour. The soufflé was so fresh, soft and gooey that we finished it flat in few seconds. So if you’re looking for something which isn’t high on chocolate then this dessert will be your next best friend.

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Final Verdict
A Meal for 2 would hold you back by Rs 2000 but it’s all worth it because of the ambience and food. It’s a place which is stylish, aesthetically pleasing and serves some killer food. It passed OurTasteTest with flying colours across the board. It has the potential to become the next hotspot for Fusion Indian dining. It’s a great addition to the culinary story of bandra and a must visit if your nearby


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