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Vedge is a pure veg restaurant situated at Fun Republic in Andheri. The name of the restaurant is a synonym for their love with vegetarian food and its motto to serve a global vegetarian cuisine experience at one table with flavours from different parts of the world. It has been open since some time now and has won several awards from the Times group for the best vegetarian restaurant in the western suburbs.


The Team at vedge has recently upgraded its already exhaustive menu to add more new dishes onto the menu and remove off their not so favourite dishes. The changes are not for one particular cuisine but are a mix in match in all of their sections like the Indian, Italian, Chinese and Mexican section. I had read a lot of praise about their pan Asian dishes from the new menu so I had made a mind to try all of their pan Asian dishes


The ambience of vedge is created to give a very modern indian look to the décor of the restaurant. Be it their low hanging beautiful lamps, the matching artistical tiles on the floor and walls, the classy modern furniture or the rack consisting of different types of home décor it all is done in conjunction with the theme of the restaurant



The multi cuisine menu at vedge serves Indian, Continental, Pan Asian and Mexican food. The team has tried a mix and match of all the great dishes from these cuisines and tried to give a menu which covers a lot of the greats from these cuisines while giving a good focus on indian food to suit the palettes of the indian food lovers who dine here. I had read a lot about their Pan Asian dishes hence I was on the lookout for having some vegetarian pan Asian goodness here. Though we tried out a lot of dishes here I would be writing about the dishes we loved most.


Must Haves

Wok Tossed Potatoes In Honey Chilli sauce, Loaded Nachos, Crispy Cottage Cheese Tossed In Black Asian Sesame Sauce & Thai Massaman Curry



The Laksa Soup

For Soups we started off with the newly launched Laksa soup. A very thick and spicy soup served with cilantro, mint, fried garlic and some lime with a very lovely aroma. It has the potential to really heat you up but the coconut milk tones it down a bit. A great way to start the meal and a nice addition to the new menu



Chilli Honey Potato

Sweet Spice and everything nice. This is what I had to say after having this gem of a starter. Certainly one of the best pan Asian starters you can have at Vedge. The rightly crisp potatoes tossed in the right proportion of sauce. The sweet, spicy and tangy flavours from the sauce would tingle your tastebuds. Mytastetest Recommends this dish as a must have



Loaded Nachos

Vedge is known to make a mean plate of Super Loaded Nachos and we got the first-hand experience with this dish. Their tortilla chips were made in house and were spiked with ajwain to give them an Indian flavour. These chips were loaded with a heap of spiked chilli Cheese sauce, olives, jalapenos, sour cream, tomato salsa and some refried beans at its base which is covered with more of that yummy cheese sauce. This is one starter no nacho lover would be able to miss. The dish looked as good as it tasted

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Chaat Platter

The chaat platter here consisted of dahi bhalla, sev puri, raj kachori, papdi chaat and bhel puri. Though the platter looked visually appealing it had its share of hits and misses. It lacked in some elements while it shined in some. The sev puri, papdi chaat and the bhel puri was spot on but the dahi bhalla and raj kachori could have been better. The dahi bhalla was bland as it missed having the right amount of chutney in it, the Raj kachori had a moist outer shell which made it difficult for us to cut it open. Though the raj kachori tasted great but these are small things which we thing Vedge can improve upon



Crispy Cottage Cheese Tossed In Black Asian Sesame Sauce

Another one of their bestselling pan Asian dish the Cottage cheese in black Asian sesame sauce was a hit from the get go. Consisting of perfectly crispy cottage cheese tossed in their vivacious sauce we were ravenous for more from the first bit itself. Served in a cute little basket this dish hit all the right notes and is definitely we recommend you to order. The chef really knows his pan Asian sauces and that’s completely evident from all the dishes we had till now



Peri Peri Spiced Cottage Cheese Pizza

The next dish on the table was the Peri peri spiced cottage cheese pizza. The pizza was perfectly thin crust and topped with a good amount of cottage cheese, capsicum and onions. The best part of this pizza was the paneer that was tossed in the right amount of sauce and then used as a topping because in some places paneer turns out to be a very bland topping but that wasn’t the case here.

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Stir fry vegetables in hot chilli and basil sauce

Next came the stir fried vegetables mixed in some chilli and basil sauce. The consistency of the sauce was perfect. It was abundant with exotic vegetables and had some basil leaves as a garnish. The sauce was a bit on the spicier side due to cut green chillies that were in the sauce. If you like spicy Chinese sauces then this is the dish you need to order when you’re dining here.



Thai Massaman Curry with Brown Flavoured Rice

Thai massaman curry is a Thai curry with Malay and Indian origins. It’s a Thai curry which is mixed with Indian spices to make a massaman curry paste. The flavours of the massaman curry paste come when Indian spices like Cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, cumin, bay leaves, nutmeg and mace are combined with local thai produce such as dried chili peppers, coriander seeds, lemongrass, galangal, garlic etc to make the massaman curry paste. The curry was brownish in colour mixed with exotic vegetables and some peanuts as garnish. The chef made this curry a bit on the spicier side as well by adding finely chopped green chillies which really turned up the heat. The brown rice and curry turned out to be a great combination in our opinion



Chocolate Mud Pile

Another latest addition to the dessert menu is the Chocolate Mud Pile. A deconstructed Cake is smashed and combined with Cocoa and sugar to replicate chocolate soil, some icecream & Chocolate sauce. After that it’s all mixed up till it looks like a pile of chocolate mud. It’s then served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some chocolate sauce drizzle. A dessert not for the calorie conscious as it was Sweet, soft and sinful.



Final Verdict

Vedge has its share of hits and misses. They definitely hit all the right notes in their pan Asian cuisine and is something we absolutely recommend you to try but some of their Indian dishes like the Pani puri Shots and the Chaat platter had its share of flaws and could have been better. All in All it’s a great veg restaurant to visit if you’re in the vicinity and want to have a pure veg dining experience, A meal for 2 would hold you back here by Rs 1000


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