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Celini is a luxury Italian dining restaurant nestled within Grand Hyatt Mumbai. Grand Hyatt Mumbai is already known for its hospitality, warmth & for its restaurants which serve some finger licking good food. Fifty Five east is a restaurant known for its grand buffets and the latest addition to the #LivingGrand family is the Unapologetically Italian Brunch at Celini.

With Chef Allesandro Persico at its helm Celini is only seeing new highs this year in its Italian restaurant. Celini is primarily known for serving Italian soul food to its patrons. Its expertise lies in embracing home-style cooking of traditional Italian recipes and presenting them with a modern approach. From Thin crust Pizzas made with simple and fresh ingredients to its freshly baked Tiramisu there is a scent of Italy in every dish that’s made here. The unapologetically Italian brunch is an ode to true Italian food that’s made with Love, passion & perfection by the chef and his team

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss the Brunch

There are a number of restaurants in the city which serve Italian food but what makes the brunch at Celini so special that makes it a must visit for the Saturday brunch well read on to know more


Vibrant Ambience & Live Music
Well the first basic necessity for me when opting for a brunch is that the restaurant in question needs to have a good ambience which can not only uplift my mood but also makes me have a good time while travel through a gastronomic journey of food. Hyatt ticks all boxes when it comes to style, décor and ambience. Every restaurant here is styled to perfection and in detail to the ethos of the place. Exuding an understated elegance, the interiors of Celini Mumbai are contemporary and simple. What also adds to the ambience here is the live music that’s played. During my visit we had an Italian chef from Prego Westin singing Hindi songs like it was his native language. It was a delight to hear him sing.

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Chef Alessandro Persico
Chef Alessandro is the sous chef at Celini and he’s one of the major reasons you would want to visit this place. He’s highly energetic who is always on his toes interacting with guests looking after them, catering to their requests, getting them the food they want in their style on the table. He even sings with the live bands. He brings 17 years of culinary expertise to Celini and has worked with a number of brands all across the world and his expertise clearly shows in the food he makes.

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Exhaustive Menu
The brunch at Celini brings to you a menu so exhaustive that will literally make you eat till you drop. Consisting of Soups, Make your own salads with a number of dips, Cold Cuts, Appetizers, Different types of Cheese, Fresh Wood Fired Pizzas, Freshly Made Risottos & Pizzas, Different types of Italian Main Course Meals & Freshly baked in house desserts. It’s literally an Italian food lover’s paradise

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Wood Fired pizzas & Freshly Made Pastas
Are you looking for Pizzas that are authentic wood fired Italian goodness then look no further. The pizzas in this brunch are freshly baked each time you order one using the freshest possible ingredients. You can choose from a plethora of toppings or stick to the chef’s special pizzas which are specially crafted house specials for the patrons indulging in the brunch. Other than that there are a host of other homemade Pastas and risottos that you can indulge in like the Trofie Smoked salmon and Pesto or the Porcini Mushroom Risotto. You can also get them custom made with your choice of meat, veggies and sauces

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Freshly Baked tiramisu
If there is one dessert you can absolutely not miss when you’re here then that’s the in house baked tiramisu. The smell, texture and flavour of a freshly baked tiramisu here completely beats any and every dessert you can have. One of the best tiramisu’s in town. Of course there are other desserts you can go for but this is absolutely surreal and decadent.

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Comprehensive Food Review

For the people who want to read about every dish served in my session of the brunch this section is for you. Here we will do an in depth review of some of the top dishes in the brunch. As written earlier the menu here is quite exhaustive so beware of a long read. People who don’t like to read much can just go through the pictures instead. These are some of the dishes that we loved most

Lobster Bisque
The bisque here was how a seafood lover would want it. It was smoky, tangy, and high on flavour. The primary ingredient of the bisque is the broth made of lobster shell and mixed with some vegetables like Leek, onions, carrots, celery etc. & Brandy. Very nice way to start an Italian meal.


Roasted Zucchini Barley Salad
I usually write about non veg food but rarely does a vegetarian dish pop up in the dishes we loved and the roasted zucchini was just that. A Zucchini stuffed with primavera vegetables and Topped with some salmarigo sauce was just what the doctor ordered. An appetizer which is again very light on your tummy but very high on flavour. The salmarigo sauce is actually the magic behind this dish. A very simple yet effective sauce made of Semi dried tomatoes, parsley, olive oil and lemon juice


Braised Cabbage salad
Another veg appetizer noteworthy of a mention is the Braised Cabbage salad. A Very interesting dish which consisted of mixed primavera vegetables slow cooked and rolled with Parmesan cheese inside a braised cabbage leaf with a garnish of pink sauce. This starter was light, fresh and invigorating. Very juicy and crunchy


Rolled Mushroom Bruschetta
I absolutely never have bruschetta’s and don’t even like them for some reason but the bruschetta’s here were top notch. This was because of the fact that the bruschetta’s here are initially shallow fried in olive oil and not toasted like other places. They are then stuffed with some sour cream & pan tossed mushrooms. So the texture was moderately crunchy and the flavour of the mix of mushrooms and sour cream went so well with the bread that you would fall in love with bruschetta’s all over again

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Roll Chicken salad
Italian cooking is all about using simple ingredients to produce maximum flavour and this salad was yet another example of that theory. Consisting of a slice of roasted chicken breast stuffed with some minced liver in the centre and served on a bed of caramelized onions with a hint of anchovy sauce this dish shows how tasty can a salad be when you mix fresh farm and poultry 🙂


Egg Mimosa
Another modern take on the standard boiled egg by Chef Allesandro. Here the yolks of the egg are mixed with mayonnaise beaten down to a pulp and then the resultant mixture is piped on the centre of the boiled egg white and served with paprika and caper berries. A very nice take on the standard boiled eggs done the modern Italian way


Marinated smoked salmon with horse-radish
Since when did Italians start loving sushi but this modern take on sushi by the chef was not only a treat for your eyes but a treat for your taste buds too. A Sushi stuffed with smoked salmon & goat cheese on the inside and topped with some horseradish sauce and trout caviar was a sushi that you would not stop having. The sauce and the caviar gave it the saucy element which substituted the need for having it with Soy


Porcini Mushroom Risotto
The Italian dal khichadi was another one of the dishes we loved having. The porcini mushroom risotto was so damn good and one of the best mushroom risottos in town. The risotto was primarily made of mushroom puree and that’s what made it so good. Mixed with some chopped mushrooms and topped with truffle oil. I honestly love truffle oil and the flavour of truffle gave this risotto such a nice balance that you wouldn’t mind wiping this entire dish off


Ravioli Primavera
The Ravioli Primavera was another dish we loved a lot at Celini. This specific one had a filling of mixed primavera vegetables and was laced in a saffron sauce and topped with salmarigo sauce and baked. The reason I liked this dish so much was because of the use of simple vegetarian ingredients to make such a nice ravioli

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Trofie Smoked salmon and Pesto
This was the first time I tried trofie because I usually have penne and the chefs made a really mean seafood pasta. The pesto sauce had the right consistency and the proteins were abundant in it. It was topped with some treated salmon and trout caviar. I loved the way the chefs took pains to make sure every dish is presented well because you don’t see that in a buffet usually but when you are at Celini you can expect the unexpected


All Thin Crust Pizzas
The pizzas at Celini are thin crust wood fired oven pizzas using the freshest ingredients possible and mixing some of these combinations to get you a great pie at your table. We loved almost all of them because they were all having different toppings and were the chef’s special pies. The best one for us was the pepperoni and Chicken pesto versions.

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Pollo Tirolese
One of the best main course meals for us was the Pollo Tirolese. It was a dish which consisted of Chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese, Parmesan cheese and chicken mince. The breast piece was wrapped with a thin layer of speck and served with some caramelized onions, rosemary potatoes and red win Jus. The flavours of the cheese, the sweetness from the caramelized onions and the saucy element from the red win jus made it a Dish of the day for us


Salmon Amaretto
The Salmon Amaretto was another dish which surprised us that day. Amaretto for the uninitiated is a sweet, almond-flavoured, Italian liqueur associated with Saronno, Italy. This dish consisted of a grilled fillet of salmon laced with amaretto served on top of a bed of spinach. This sauce adds an element of sweetness to the dish as it’s a bit on the sweeter side but was balanced well with the spinach base. I go Yo Mon when I have a good Sal Mon 🙂


There were a lot of desserts that are part of the buffet but the two must have desserts for us was definitely the freshly baked tiramisu and the millifoglie. No words of appreciation can describe how good chef Allesandro is with his signature tiramisu. The millifoglie on the other hand was pure chocolaty bliss. Each piece of this dessert has a milk chocolate filling in the centre and a dark chocolate outer lace. These are decadent and 2 desserts which you can’t afford to miss

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Final Verdict

We loved the unapologetically italian brunch at hyatt and we recommend you to try it too. It’s a paradise for italian food lovers. It will cost you around INR 1999 per person which is really affordable considering your dining at a 5 star property like grand hyatt.


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