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Chinachini is the new oasis for Chinese food in a distant dessert called Kharghar. Kharghar is a place which doesn’t have too many options for fine Chinese dining and Chinachini situated in royal tulip recently launched at September 1 sprung like an oasis of Chinese food here. We at MyTastetest love to try out new restaurants & cuisines which is why we left for this oasis the moment we heard of its appearance.


Royal Decor

As you enter this place its royal décor is the first thing that will strike your eyes. Everything from the tabling to the décor will keep you in awe considering you are in kharghar but the folks at royal tulip have ensured that they raise the bar for styling their newly launched Baby. Everything from the chandeliers, the opulently decorated table, the furniture, the floral wallpapers, the stylish tiling and the chopsticks with their brand name embossed in it displayed style and class of the décor of this place. We loved the setup completely



5 Dishes You Absolutely Must Have At ChinaChini

Chinachini strives to serve Pan Asian cuisine and has a very elaborate menu consisting of food from all corners of the orient to the land of the Thai. Their menu and quality of food promises to make it one of the busiest Chinese joints in this part of the city and had a number of amazing dishes that we loved having. So here are the Top 5 Dishes you absolutely must not miss when you visit ChinaChini


Honey Chicken Chilli Maki Roll

Sushi Lovers who want chicken options look no further as Chinachini has cracked the code to make a swell chicken sushi in the form of the Honey Chicken chilli maki roll. The dish consisted of Honey glazed chicken chilli & cream cheese wrapped with Sushi rice and a rice sheet served with wasabi, pickled ginger and Soy sauce. The dish was glazed with some honey chilli sauce as well which gave the sushi a nice sweet and spicy flavour by default which was the best part of this dish. The ingredients were fresh and top notch



Blast Pepper Australian Rack of lamb

Everyone loves to gorge on chicken and seafood in Chinese food these days but lamb lovers need to look no further as the Blast pepper Australian rack of lamb ticked all boxes for us when it came to texture, flavour and presentation. Consisting of pan seared lamb tossed in Black pepper, garlic, soy and sesame oil this has all the ingredients to make it a delicious starter.  The meat of the lamb falling off the bone and sauces tingling your tastebuds this one was a top notch starter



BBQ Pork Spare Ribs

We love BBQ Sauce and anything that is laced with this sauce. The BBQ Pork Spare ribs were the next dish which is a must have here and is something you absolutely shouldn’t miss. The pork in this is slow cooked to perfection so that it just melts in your mouth as you gently rip them off. It is then flavoured with a mix of Star Anise, Soya sauce & 5 spice. This dish was a dance of Sweet & Spicy flavours.  A dish we recommend you to try if you eat pork



Chicken Sapo with a Bowl of Stir Fried Noodles

We Indians love comfort food. With The Indian Dal being the king of comfort food it is in our nature to find for dishes that comfort our soul and make you feel like having more. The Chicken Sapo with a bowl of stir fried noodles is just that dish in Chinachini. Very gentle flavours of the Sapo combined with wok tossed noodles with the right combination of meat and veggies just stood out as that dish for us and made us want to have more of it. The Chicken Sapo here had the right saucy texture and complemented the noodles extremely well. Just order this combination and you will be sorted fro Dinner and thank us later

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Chocolate Dimsums

No words can describe the dish as much as a really good picture can and hence I thought to let the picture of this dish do the talking. This picture taken by Nishant of Kmedia & Indieopus fame just describes how decadent and sinful this dish is. A dimsum stuffed with chocolate chips, nuts and chocolate sauce is something you don’t get very often and so we loved to try it out. These sinful dimsums are something that will make your diet plan go out of the window



Final Verdict

ChinaChini is set to take the kharghar Chinese dining space by storm so if you’re nearby you should pay it a visit inside Royal tulip. It’s a place which is very value for money as well as a meal for two would just cost you Rs 1500 which is very economical for such a good meal. A meal like this in the city would cost you rs 2000 – 2500 for sure so that’s another box this place ticks


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