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When Jai Thakur decided to shut down the famous pizza joint Di Napoli and start something new we knew it would have something to do with Fresh Food that people crave for. With a vast experience in making some great pizzas that the team gained in Di Napoli this time he came out with Crave a brand which is an all-day café that serves stone baked pizzas and other American café food like Burgers, Paninis, Bruschetta’s & Fries.


Ethos Of Making Fresh Food

The restaurant focuses on serving freshly made food using the freshest ingredients available to them and making them fresh instead of keeping it refrigerated like our popular fast food chains. Everything used in the food is freshly prepared in house by his chefs be it the sauce used for the pizzas, the breads, burger buns or their dips everything is all made in house. Even their tomato sauce for their pizzas are made using San Marzano tomatoes. We decided to give their quaint bandra outlet a Taste test.

Small & Well branded Outlet

The place in bandra is actually very small and hardly has 4 tables where people can sit down. Their major area of focus here is home deliveries and that’s where they have a major chunk of their order value from. The place though was small it was neatly done and was branded really well with every wall promoting some or the other aspect of their brand


Food – A Little Bit Of Everything

The menu at crave consists of pizzas, burgers, Panini’s, fries with dips & some side orders. All of the dishes as written earlier are prepared freshly when ordered. We decided to give their menu a tastetest so read on to know what we loved the most.


Must Haves

The Chicktease burger & Their Fries with various assorted Dips

Can Skip

Their Bruschetta’s & The very oily Jalapeno cheese poppers



Awesome Foursome

The Awesome Foursome is one of their pizzas you would want to go for if you love having very cheesy pizzas. Made with tomato sauce made of san Marzano tomatoes and topped with four different types of cheese mozzarella, Cheddar, Scarmoza & ricotta this pizza is one cheesy pizza with a thin crust base. If I try to emphasize on the base of the pizza there are competitors outside which are having a better pizza base but the overall pizza came out to be really well



Some like it hot

This pizza is one of their pizzas made for the vegetarian friendly populace. It consisted of bell peppers, jalapenos, olives and caramelized onions. From a flavour perspective we loved the four cheese pizza more than this one as this one was just about the vegetables and didn’t have any distinct flavours that would entice us unlike the Awesome Foursome




The Chicktease

Though Crave is known for its pizzas the real star of the day was their Chicktease Burger. This burger just blew us away. it was a really mean, juicy and sloppy burger exactly the way we love to have it. The contents of the burger are freshly created and that’s what makes this burger more amazing. It consists of Freshly pan Tossed Chicken In Spicy barbecue sauce, Caramelized onions, Coleslaw, Yellow cheddar & Some lettuce. The spicy & smoky flavours of the BBQ sauce, sweetness from the onions, crunchiness of the coleslaw and the messiness of the burger in general made it a burger that had all elements of success written on it. Mytastetest absolutely recommends this burger to every non vegetarian who wants to try this place

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The Roast

The Roast was another one of their sloppy burgers. This one had chicken pan tossed in a house made gravy with caramelized onions, cheddar & lettuce. The burgers here are absolutely fresh and they really stuff it well. The moderately spiced pan tossed roast chicken combined with the sweet caramelized onions, white cheddar & their fresh in house bun made it another burger that won’t disappoint you. However it didn’t beat the Chick tease which in my opinion is their best burger hands down

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Chicken Greenhouse

The Paninis at Crave are very light, fresh and for the health conscious sandwich lovers. They have multigrain buns and are loaded with ingredients you choose from. We went for the chicken greenhouse this time which consisted of Pan tossed chicken in pesto sauce mixed with tomatoes, lettuce and yellow cheddar stuffed within a multigrain bread. The Pan tossed chicken in pesto mix was the heart of this panini



The fries at Crave were freshly made and not the frozen ones that you get at fast food chains. The best part of the fries is their in house dips that you can have them with. They have 5 types of dips namely the Chilli Garlic, Cheese n Chives, Lemon pepper, wasabi jalapeno and the smoked BBQ. Each dip having a unique flavour that really makes the fries eating experience completely worthwhile. We loved the Chilli Garlic and The cheese n chives dip the most



The Not so Good Siders

The siders at crave were not upto the mark in my opinion and there is room for improvement in that space. We tried the Jalapeno cheese poppers which were extremely oily and had oil sticking to the plate which was a turn off for us. The tomato bruschetta on the other hand were super dry and hardly had anything on top of it other than pungent tomatoes which didn’t go too well with us. I was searching for the hint of basil but couldn’t find any. The dips that accompany it were the best but the dishes in itself were not something we would recommend




Final Verdict

Crave is a place which serves some really good value for money burgers, Paninis and pizzas using the freshest ingredients. Though they are known for pizzas we loved their burgers the most and would recommend them to everyone visiting this place. The Chick tease was a showstopper for us. If you want to have a quick bite when you’re in the vicinity you can definitely try crave. A Meal for 2 would cost you rs 500


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