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The Spare Kitchen needs no introduction in the Mumbai dining space. They have been in business since some time now and have become a force to reckon with when it comes to the Modern Indian dining space at this part of town. With Rakesh Talwar at the helm of this restaurant there have been many accolades that this restaurant has received in the past few years and with that it has expanded itself into new territories with brands such as Café Cubano or its second outlet in atrium mall worli.


The original juhu outlet is like a bastion for spare kitchen fanboys like me who have visited this place innumerable times to enjoy its impeccable food, swanky ambience and Super Service.  It was one of the few all day diners where you can sip, munch and just have a nice time the entire day. The Team of Chef Rakesh Talwar & Chef Abhishek Botadkar keep producing something enchanting and keep adding them in the menu from time to time. Their menu needs absolutely no introduction from me as many Connoisseurs have already experienced it multiple times.

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5 Dishes You Absolutely Cant Miss From The New Menu

The Team at Spare kitchen have recently come out with some new additions to their existing menu. They have added new tongue twisting dishes to most of their sections in the menu. We at Mytastetest now bring to you “Dishes You Absolutely Can’t Miss from the New menu Of TSK”. If your planning to visit this place then you should give them a try not only because they are new but because each dish is uniquely done by the chef duo to get something fresh out to its loyal patrons.


Sukha Chicken Pita Pockets

Every Indian loves dabeli I am very sure there are extremely less people who are not a fan of this delicacy from The Kutch of Gujrat. But there isn’t much of a dabeli for non-vegetarians. Here’s the TSK take on non-vegetarian dabeli in the form of the Sukha Chicken Pita pockets. Here their in house prepped chicken sukha made just the way south Indians like it is stuffed inside a pita with onions, sev and coriander. Your first bite inside the pita will give you a similar dabeli feel minus the sweetness because they have tried to keep this dish a non-sweet affair.



Khakhra Nachos with cheese sauce

The Khakhra Nachos is the TSK Take on the nachos we all love to eat. In this the tortilla chips are replaced with soft square khakhras which are loaded with refried beans which are made in makhani style to give you an indian taste and then topped with Mexican salsa and further garnished with cream cheese and our indian chutney duo. A very innovative indian take on nachos and we loved it



Grilled Chicken Breast

Whilst we kept 2 dishes from the indian section it was necessary we feature something from the continental section as well and the grilled chicken breast is the next dish we highly recommend. The dish consisted of a grilled Chicken breast Marinated with salt, pepper, oil, mustard and secret seasonings by the chef which is then placed on a bed of grilled zucchini, a really lovely potato mash which had crushed peanuts in it and a super tasty white sauce. The soft texture of the chicken combined with the innovative crunchy mash and the super sauce made this dish top notch and that’s why we added it to our must have list. In my previous review I had emphasized on portion sizes in the continental section and this new dish showed us that the team is listening to feedback and implementing them in their new dishes.

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Wannabe Sri Lankan Curry

I love sri Lankan curries and the influence these curries take from south indian cuisine but the chef duo at CPK have come out with a really good TSK version of Sri Lankan curry. Dish consisted of a pan seared Basa topped on a bed of Rice with the curry on the base of the dish. So what made this dish so special. It was the various elements of this dish that made it special. The rice was cooked to perfection with coconut milk to give it a soggy yet tasty element. The curry at the bottom made of simple ingredients like ginger, garlic, coconut milk, turmeric and curry leaves exuded a rich curry flavour and the Basa that was grilled to perfection. All 3 elements of this went dish complemented each other really well and made this an outstanding curry.



Biggest Comeback of 2016

The biggest comeback of 2016 was a dessert which we loved to our hearts content. A Strawberry Ras malai cheesecake garnished with blueberry compote and mini rasgullas. The Strawberry cheesecake had a Ras malai between its base and the cake which added a whole new dimension of flavour to the dessert. This is one of their bestselling desserts and we now know why that’s the case



Special Mentions

There are a lot of other dishes that I haven’t mentioned in this list but were drool worthy for a visit there and were some really top dishes. I have created a pictorial galley for these dishes which you can refer to and decide to try them. The chilli garlic chicken tikka was a dish from the indian section which was another top dish but didn’t get a mention above.

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Final Verdict

TSK is a brand which doesn’t need any verdicts from me. It has been serving top quality food and continues to do so with its new menu. It has opened up its second outlet in worli and is all set to rock the dining scene there and we wish Chef Rakesh All the very best for that. We would be hopping there soon for doing a TasteTest


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