XXXL Festival Is Here

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Whats Its All About???

Did you always want to satiate your hunger pangs as per your cravings?
Did you look for a restaurant which can give you more value for money?
Are you looking for a menu which can save you some money when you treat you friends out next?
Are you the kind of person who likes to have huge portions of food?

If you are one of those people who are hunting the answers for the questions above then the creative guys from lighthouse café have started a festival that has been tailor made to suit your requirements. They have named this festival “The XXXL Festival”. The XXXL is there to signify their spirit of the festival which is to serve you more for less. It is made for people who are looking for having good portions of food and drinks for a cost effective price. In this festival you one can order drinks and food in sizes ranging from XL to XXXL and when they say XXXL they mean it. A unique two month long XXXL festival from 22nd September to 30th November, 2016 in which people can enjoy a host of new and innovative dishes and drinks which include sliders, pizzas and desserts in gargantuan sizes. The bigger the size the cheaper and more value for money it gets. So if your low on money and want to treat your hungry friends for Drinks & Food then Light House Cafe is the Place you need to visit.


XXXL Drinks

No festival can ever be complete without having drinks in their menu and LHC which is known for its exhaustive list of innovative cocktails have some surprises in store for you. Drinks are available in 1.5 litres, 2.5 litres and 5 litres in this fest and these range from White Owl Beers to innovative mocktails conjured by their in house Bar Chef.
You can try their Coffee & Violin – A unique combination of chocolate, loaded with Irish stout beer

The MH 44 Kokam Mojito – A refreshing mix of lemon, mint, Kokam and Carta Blanca Rum.

For those who live life on the edge and want to drink extreme can try the Death By Cocktail which is a mix of 8 spirits mixed with redbull, tonic & kokam. This drink isn’t for the faint hearted at all

If Sangrias are your thing then there is the new Beer Sangria – a concept of lager, wheat beer with liquor & fresh fruits. There are many more that are a part of this list but I haven’t mentioned them.



The special menu consists of a variety of Sliders, Pizzas & Desserts which are served in XL, XXL & XXXL sizes. Foodaholics beware but the portion sizes of the sliders, pizzas and desserts in this festival are for the people who have a Khali inside them when it comes to appetite. The Sliders where the breads have been replaced by freshly baked pao’s give you a very indian feel with no compromise on flavours. The pizzas are stretched to 21 inches and the desserts have multiple layers of decadence. We tried them all and below is a breakdown of what we loved the most from the new menu

They have a variety of sliders that you can choose from. They are served in packs of 9, 12 or 16 depending on what you order. These sliders have freshly baked paos and are made in a variety of ways for vegetarians and non veggies alike. You can try the Caponata Between Breads, a unique combination of Italian steam fried vegetables in tangy tomato sauce with stringy mozzarella and aged red cheddar, brushed with parmesan parsley butter or the Aatanki, Light House Cafe’s version of the traditional shami kabab buns with fried eggs, hot sauce, mayonnaise, cabbage and onion slaw.

From L to R Samosa Pav, Hindi Chini, Aatanki & Chicken Ham

If you are in a mood for a desi and a spicy slider, look out for Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai, a tribute to the classical paneer chilly or opt in for the Texas Cowboy, Light House Cafe’s take on the hot Texas barbeque chicken slider.

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We loved the AATANKI,, The Samosa Pav, Chicken Ham & Mushroom and the texas cowboy.

Chicken Ham & Mushroom

The pizzas in this festival range from 10 inches to 21 inches in circles and square pie shapes with different types of toppings. We tried the I’m Dope which consisted of scamorza wood smoked cheese, black olives, sundried tomato topped with arugula and fennel salad, I need some veggies which consisted of Loads of veggies with mozzarella cheese

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Lets have salami which consisted of Chicken salami, buffalo mozzarella, Roasted cherry tomato sauce, Arugula leaves and chilli oil and the Susegado which consisted of Spicy Goan Chicken cafreal with plenty of greens.

The 21 Inch Monster Lets have Salami & Susegado


All of the pizzas were really good and had an intricate flavour of its own. Something which is recommended for big groups

For the dessert Lovers, it’s for the first time that desserts will also be available in 3 different sizes (XL, XXL & XXXL). Choose from 3 signature desserts which include “Rolled Up for tripping”, a chocolate and hazelnut Swiss roll for those who go high on chocolate. Definitely one of the best dish of the day for us. The swiss roll was so soft and decadently mixed with chocolate mousse that we loved every bite that we devoured.


For those who like something sticky and sweet, go for the Sticky and sweet which has sticky buns, walnuts, banana caramel sauce and cinnamon. And finally PB&J which is stacks of PB&J with whipped cream and dark chocolate.

Final Verdict

The XXXL festival is a new festival and has immense potential to satisfy your hungerpangs. It is something which is value for money without compromising on quality and in our opinion light house café has passed our taste test and we hope that it passes yours as well.


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