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Café infinito is brought to you by KA hospitality. This group has established itself in the city with some top notch brands like Tiffinbox, Hakkasan & yuatcha. Whilst Tiffinbox is a restaurant which unified Indian cuisine under one roof café infinito brings to you some finger licking good continental cuisine made with finesse and perfection. Few years back this place used to be called Otto infinito a Mediterranean themed dining restaurant but that has now been changed to the Café infinito we all now know. The changes in name brought with itself changes to the menu where sub continental dishes were added in it over and above the European fare and slight changes to the ambience.

Chef Sanjay Dhali

Post the rebranding Café infinito has got the young chef Sanjay Dhali manning the helm of Sous chef in the restaurant. Hailing from Kolkata chef Sanjay dhali did his studies from IHM Mumbai and brought with him a wealth of 11 years of experience in cooking Italian and continental cuisine. He has previously worked under popular brands such as Café Mangii, Mia Cucina, Moshes etc. If he is not busy creating good food he is constantly experimenting and creating new dishes which can satisfy your continental cravings.

Dishes We Loved

The menu at café infinito has pictorial depictions of the dishes available there and has a number of options ranging from Freakshakes, Eggs, Soups, Salads, Starters, Wraps, burgers, Pizzas, Mains & Finally desserts. With so many options to choose from if the menu here confuses you or you don’t know what to order then we at Mytastetest are here to help you out and sort these confusions. Here are the top dishes we loved and recommend that you absolutely must have at Café infinito.

The Chocolate Nutella Freakshake
For freakshake lovers there are a number of freakshake’s you can choose from but the chocolate Nutella freakshake was what we loved the most. It is a shake which will make you forget the word “Diet” and will make you plunge into a world of chocolatey calories. Freakshakes are the next level of milkshakes and there few restaurants in town which make them well and infinito is one of them


White beans & Chicken Soup With Spicy Polenta
The best thing about continental cuisine is about its simplicity. How a simple dish with simple ingredients can make a world of difference in flavours. The Chicken soup is one such dish. With a broth made from white beans that is seasoned with salt, pepper it has pieces of shredded chicken and some polenta immersed in it. Each spoonful of soup had the rich, thick flavour of the broth, crunch from the moderately spiced polenta and chicken in it.


Balti Chicken Skewers
This dish is one of the bestselling creations of Chef Sanjay at infinito and is made for the people who just love chicken skewers. Here he has marinated the chicken with “Balti” Spices and then grils it instead of making it in the conventional way. This is a completely homemade spice which consists of things like red chilli, cloves, garlic onion powder coriander powder, basil etc. It’s served in a glass with some homemade Aioli made of mayo and harissa spice. The texture of the meat was perfect and the spices added a very Indianized flavour to it.

Baked Brie
A dish which was recommended here by many fellow food connoisseurs to me. As I took the first bite of the thin phyllo pastry the combination of cheese and honey danced on my taste buds and made me understand why this dish was recommended by them. Another very simple dish consisting of brie wrapped and baked within thin sheets of phyllo pastry and dressed with honey and some balsamic reduction


The Shrimp Risotto
The shrimp risotto is the epitome of soul food here at café infinito. It’s one of the best risottos we have had in town and definitely the dish of the day for us. This is because of the way this risotto is cooked at infinito. What makes the risotto so special is its sauce. It contains a broth made from boiled crab shell with veggies. Once done and strained it’s added to the risotto which is made with regular risotto ingredients and sautéed shrimps. A Flavour Bomb of a dish and was wiped clean


Spinach and ricotta ravioli
For the uninitiated ravioli is a type of a pasta that is stuffed with veg or non veg ingredients. The Ravioli at infinito is completely homemade and this in this particular dish its stuffed with spinach, ricotta cheese and some pine nuts. They are then made and served in a Porcini mushroom sauce. The sauce again was top notch. Very rich, creamy and high on flavour from mushrooms. The perfectly done ravioli was cheesy and crunchy at the same time due to pine nuts. A dish which all vegetarians would love to have


Chicken Cafreal
Chicken Cafreal is a dish which originates from Goa. It was introduced into the Goan cuisine by the Portuguese and the African soldiers serving under the Portuguese. The generic preparation involves chicken marinated with fresh coriander leaves, onion, garlic, and ginger, cinnamon, pepper, chilli, mace, clove powder and lime juice. Chicken Cafreal is always made from whole chicken legs, flavoured with the spices and herbs mentioned above and then shallow fried. The team at infinito replicated this dish quite well. It’s served with fondant potatoes which are pan seared in Aglio olio style with higher spice levels and some Chicken Jus. The dish is something that would go well with people who want to eat a moderately spicy chicken.


The Tiramisu
Tiramisu has become a dessert I purposely love to try in most of the restaurants I go to for checking how well they make it. There are some restaurants in the city who really make a mean tiramisu like CPK and Chef Allesandro in Hyatt but the guy’s at café infinito surprised me with their version of the tiramisu. Its layers of cream cheese mousse with mocha flavoured sponge was decadent and delightful at the same time.


Whilst we loved the tiramisu they even do a good Tres leches but that wasn’t as good as the tiramisu which is why it just gets an honourable mention

So we have it the top dishes we absolutely loved having at café infinito. Whilst they were all good we found few chinks in the armour of the Fish in Pommery mustard sauce due to its excessive sweetness which wasn’t getting balanced well with the overall scheme of the dish.


All in All we loved Café infinito and recommend you to try it too for any meal of the day when your in BKC


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