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Sodabottle openerwaala is a restaurant which serves parsi cuisine. Parsi cuisine is a cuisine which is known for its melange of sweet and sour flavours from its various curries. Located at BKC and brought to us by olive hospitality the restaurant has become the talk of the town for its great food and café type setup. A place which has a very high footfall for something as simple as Chai and Bun Maska. After the success of its BKC outlet the team at SBOW has now opened its second outlet in Viviana mall thane.



Parsi’s as an ethnic group are very fun loving, vibrant people with a lot of energy and who live to eat good food. The ambience of SBOW tries to replicate that vibe, zeal and energy in this outlet. With the Dj playing some great tracks becoming the core of the experience the outlet is segregated into two sections with an inside and outside seating arrangement. High Ceilings with mirrors on certain walls, Walls decorated with bawa Jokes and fun rules, historical parsi Antiques used to decorate few sections, tables with red and white chequered cloths are some of the salient features of the ambience that comprises of SBOW. There is also a bar section and a section which showcases their in house parsi bakery products

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Our Favorite Dishes

Parsi Food as written above is a melange of sweet and sour flavours. They are primarily loved for their legendary non vegetarian dishes like the Dhansak, The Salli Boti and the Berry Pulao. But the guys at SBOW have created a very expansive menu which comprises of a lot of their well and lesser known dishes to give a complete parsi dining experience to its patrons. We tried a number of dishes on the launch and these were some of the dishes we at MytasteTest would recommend

Egg Kejriwal
Though the place doesn’t serve one of the best kejriwals in town it still does a good job in serving a kejriwal you can indulge on. And this kejriwal doesn’t validate your marksheets. Jokes aside this dish consists of a sunny side up egg on a well done toast with some cheese and mushroom in the centre. It was a dish all on the table unanimously loved to eat hence it shows up here

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Chicken Farcha
This dish is basically a BFC “Bawa Fried Chicken”. This is the fried chicken of the parsi’s. A combination of a juicy boneless chicken with an exterior made of egg batter is something you wont get disappointed having but beware it can get a bit oily so do let the staff know that you prefer it very less oily. The chutney it’s served with accompanies the dish very well as it adds flavour to the dish.

Chicken Farcha

Masala Cheese Fries
This isn’t an authentic parsi dish but an SBOW variation of fries. The fries were sauted in some in house masala which added a zing to it and were garnished & served with some cheese sauce which went really well with the fries. A French fries dish in the must have list of a parsi restaurant oh the irony.

Masala Cheese Fries

Chicken/Mutton Salli
No Must have Parsi dining list would be complete without the Chicken/Mutton Salli. The guys at SBOW Thane did a good job with this dish. The gravy of the dish is rich, thick with high notes of tang from the tomatoes but then the gravies in parsi food usually borrow a lot from tomatoes so that was completely fine with me. The mutton and chicken pieces were very juicy and succulent and complemented the curry well.

chicken Salli

Mutton Dhansak
Dhansak is like the parsi version of Dal Ghosh and a very tasty one as well. The Dhansak here is served with some onion pulao and a side salad consisting of onions, tomatoes and cucumber. The dhansak was sweet, spicy and tangy at the same time. The dal was mixed so well with the meat and had a thick texture. The meat was soft, succulent and had absorbed the flavours of the dal so well that you will wipe your plate clean if you get your hands on this dish

Mutton dhansak

Chicken Berry Pulao
The Last dish on the must have dishes in SBOW is their Berry Pulao. The berry pulao uses a gravy which is something similar to the salli in terms of flavour but my conscious makes me love this dish whenever I order it. Be it the small berries on top of the pulao or the rice laden with right amount of gravy or the boneless succulent pieces of meat inside the rice or the cashews that are garnished on top. It will all please you to no end and that’s why I have added it on this list. When you eat a spoonful of this pulao with all the elements together that’s when you will relish this dish in its truest form

Chicken Berry Pulao

While we loved these dishes there were few dishes which didn’t pass our tastetest and those were the Tareli Machi & The Baida Roti. The Tareli machi is something I loved having in bandra but during the launch of the thane outlet this dish was very salty as compared to the BKC outlet. This could have happened due to some errors in marination.

Tareli Machi

The Baida roti on the other hand was poles apart to what we had in the BKC outlet. It had very less filling and the texture was extremely dry to my liking.

Baida Roti

Final Verdict

Well SBOW has opened its second outlet in thane and has a very diverse menu for all types of food lovers. We have written only some of the top dishes but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You should pay them a visit and try them all out in case you’re in the vicinity and we are sure you won’t be disappointed. A meal for two would cost you Rs 1500 minus drinks which isn’t very costly in my opinion


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