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Oshiwara is a place which is known for its party and dining scene. With a plethora of options for people to dine and party here it becomes really difficult to choose where to dine when. We at mytastetest take this as our responsibility to help fellow foodies to make them decide the right combinations to help you in your next meal. So here we were at Hymus Restobar to try out their droolworthy dishes. Hymus restobar has been a vital part of the oshiwara dining & party scene since some time now.  They have recently been revamped and relaunched a few months back. Renovated, rejuvenated and replenished it is back to take the challenge of becoming the number 1 spot for people to have a great time


The ambience at hymus sports a dim light drink, dine and dance sort of a vibe. The place has an outdoor seating, an indoor seating and a mezannine floor. The low light chandeliers in cages, the soft couches to chill out on, the spaced out tables, the stocked bar, the dj playing some electric music constitute the core of the ambience here. We decided to sit on the mezzanine floor on the comfy couches where we could patiently check if Hymus passes OurTasteTest.


The food menu at hymus constitutes of dishes from every part of the world. While indian, Asian, American and italian are the dominant cuisines here. We were very excited to try them out and see which dish turns out to be the dish of the day for us. We started off with the starters section which is a section that has a good number of options to choose from that can complement your drink.

Papas Ala Huancaina

This dish is definitely one of the must have dishes here. A dish which carries its origins from peru has been the go to dish for vegetarian potato lovers. Consisting of potato bites covered with yellow pepper spicy cheese sauce and olives. The magic of the dish is its sauce and the texture of the potatoes. The soft potatoes just melt in your mouth and the mildly spicy cheese sauce adds a creamy element with the tang coming from the olives. Definitely a dish all vegetarians should try out here.


Spicy Chilli & Herby French Fries

Fries is like a dish which is most ordered by patrons around to complement their drinks and the guys at hymus muster a very neat fries in the form of the Spicy Chilli & Herby French fries. A Dish consisting of fries tossed in herbed spices, topped with bell peppers and served with sauce. The basic fries got the hymus touch and it turned out good. The spices are just right and don’t make it like overly spicy


Latino Bruschetta

These consisted of Garlic bread topped with marinated jalapeno, tomatoes, bell pepper sprinkled with cilantro and feta cheese. The bruschetta’s were somewhere in between good and great. They were completely loaded with veggies and cheese which added a cheesy tangy crunch but on the other hand the texture of the bread wasn’t something spectacular but wasn’t bad as well. That’s why the good but not great comment.

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Margarita Chicken Fillets

The next dish we gorged upon was the margarita chicken fillets. It consisted of grilled chicken fillets infused with tequila and marinated with black pepper, garlic, cilantro, oregano and was served with a mexi ranch. The chicken in itself had a very subtle and very slightly tangy flavour and when mixed with the mexi ranch the chicken fillets get a creamy texture which adds on to the brilliantly marinated meat. A dish for the alcohol infused meat lovers

Margarita Chicken Fillets

Mango Chipotle Chicken Wings

The mango chipotle chicken wings is a dish which has the potential to give you wings as well because of its great flavour, texture and presentation. I don’t like a lot of chicken wings but these absolutely top notch and definitely a must try dish when you’re here. This dish consists of chicken wings tossed in a sweet and spicy mango chipotle sauce. This sauce carries these wings to a different level all together. The sauce had just the right balance of sweet and spicy notes and went so well with the perfectly done wings that you just cant stop yourself from having more of this dish.

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Chicken Sekela

The name sekela sounds very indian and the dish looks also very much indian but the fact of the matter is that this is an Tanzanian chicken kabab in which the chicken is marinated with multiple herbs and spices and served with a side salad and chutney. This dish was another one of those great must have dishes at hymus because of its marinade and the final dish itself which is soft, juicy with afternotes of garlicy spice. In plain words maybe Tanzania took inspirations from the indian tikka

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Harissa Mini Chicken Balls with Cilantro Mayo

Next up were the Harissa mini chicken balls served with a cilantro mayo. The chicken balls were soft and well-presented but their flavour didn’t give me anything that I could put my finger on. The dish consisted of chicken balls mixed with harissa paste, orange ZEST & green onion. With such a number of ingredients you would expect them to be really high on flavour but that was missing from this dish. One of the dishes you could avoid when you visit here. The cilantro mayo was actually very good but it can only add that much to the overall taste of this dish


Athens Nachos

Then came the Athens nachos. We have all had a lot of nachos but this one is the hymus style of serving some really good nachos. Consisting of tortillas topped with peppers, onions, jalapenos, cheese and the works. These are really loaded and passed mytastetest in flying colors. This dish was cheesy, crunchy and tangy all in the same time. The nachos were not overly crunchy and were absolutely rightly done.

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Main Course

Mongolian Pot Rice

Many people know of this legendary dish due to the guys at 5 spice. There was a time when this dish was absolutely top notch here and was a must have but then with time the quality of this dish degraded and almost left us with a gaping hole that couldn’t be filled. However the guys at hymus have pulled of their version of the Mongolian pot rice and it’s even better than the original. With rice mixed with the right amount of sauce, exotic vegetables and truck loads of chicken you know this dish is good from the get go itself with a soy based gravy that will reminisce you of the old 5 spice days.  The only mandate to this dish is to have it as it’s made as that’s when it’s at its finest


Veg Paprika

Another must have dish at hymus is the Veg paprika served with peppered Rice and Mashed potatoes. The sauce of this dish which was just superbly creamy and delicious. The creamy paprika sauce mixed with exotic veggies went so well with the rice and mashed potatoes that this dish was wiped clean in few seconds. A dish that is highly recommended and will never fail you. They have this dish with chicken as well.

Final Verdict

Hymus has transformed itself post the reopening and has the potential to become one of the next food and party hubs for oshiwara residents. It is a restaurant which provides value for money food with no compromise on quality and can also help you get hold of a tv actor or two when you’re here. If your looking for a date spot which has good drinks, food and music then hymus is a place you should go try.


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