5 things to look forward when you visit Upstairs

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Tardeo has a new place to party and you need to go upstairs to find it out. The swanky new place which has recently opened besides baraesti promises to be more than just the usual Asian dining restaurant. A place which is difficult to find without the help of Mr Maps can really make you a bit lost before ultimately reaching your destination. Hopefully you don’t harass the good guys at Sardar pav Bhaji dressed as a probable customer only to end up asking them the address for upstairs:). We decided to pay it a visit during its launch and here is a summary of our thoughts as the 5 things to look forward when you visit Upstairs.

Suave Ambience

Upstairs is all about its ambience. They have a very stylish Black-White & Gold-Pink Interiors with ample space to hit the dance floor. They have a dedicated section for people to experience the upstairs infinity shot and a outdoor seating section with ample of space to sit and chill. It also holds an open kitchen where you can peek at but the lack of glasses made it terribly smoky in the area closer to the kitchen which the staff is working to fix. For people who want to dine inside can resort to the comfy couches or the barstool like seating to have a sip and munch along

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Music, Parties & Events

The heart of upstairs is its Music. When the nights go deep the DJ shines brightest with his console and some killer music which ranges from the latest and greatest EDM to event centric music sessions. The DJ is a Belieber fan boy so yes all the Belieber Bhakts there is something here for you too. There are specific events on certain days where there are guest djs or the resident dj plays music retrospective to the event theme

More You Drink Less You Pay

The USP of upstairs is to make every hour a happy hour. The more you drink the cheaper it gets with the next subsequent drink making the 4th subsequent drink completely free. However this offer is on a selected liquor range. They have been categorized in the menu itself with their price and brand. They have also mentioned which drinks don’t fall under this purview which in my opinion was majorly Beer. Did I hear bear drinkers just pop…. They have a very innovative range of cocktails that can really cheer you up. Some of the must haves are the Infinity shot, the Massive Long Island Iced tea, Water pipe & The Gold fish martini. If the heart of this place is its music then the soul is its drinks.


Upstairs Infinity Shot

The upstairs infinity shot is something you absolutely cannot afford to miss when you’re here. With a dedicated section in the restaurant just for this drink you know you need to try this out. The resident mixologist makes you sniff, take a shot, make you go round, makes you head bang in the air and then repeats He will certainly make your world go round when you have this drink as he rotates you like a fan on the infinity floor. The drink will definitely make your world go round after this shot.

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Pan Asian Food from across various locations

In Food Upstairs majorly serves pan Asian cuisine with dishes selected from specific Asian countries like China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea, Japan etc. Each dish in the menu has the name of place it originates from with a neat description of what it is. We tried some of it and below are the dishes we liked most out of what we were served

Duet of pepper Chicken
Dish consisted of Stir fried chicken tossed in two types of pepper sauce to keep you guessing with each bite. The balance of meat, sauce and veggies were perfect for this dish. It was moderately spicy and the heat from the peppers could be felt from the first bite itself. A Dish which will be one of the most ordered dishes here.


Chicken Coriander Dimsums
A good dimsum will always make you feel good when you’re having anything Asian. The dimsums here were rolled to perfection with the outer covering being soft and the filling doing the talking with the assorted sauces that were served. I am a Chicken coriander loyalist maybe that’s why I just love having them wherever we can but we are sure that this will not fail you


Stir Fried Chicken with Chilli basil
There was a time when stir fry was the trademark style of serving food by the All Stir fry team at Gordon Hotel. But this has now picked up among various restaurants around the city. I like the concept of Stir fried food because the dish is made absolutely fresh with meat, sauce and veggies of your choice. We ordered for a stir fried chicken with Chilli basil and it was top notch stuff. Surely one of the dish of the day for us. The Chilli basil sauce and the chicken went so well with the Mee goreng that I absolutely couldn’t stop myself from hogging it all up


Mee Goreng
This Indonesian noodle dish needs no introduction. One of my favourites wherever I go. The team here make a good MEE Goreng. The proportion of noodles, meat, veggies and the hint of sauce was all perfectly balanced just like some of the dishes above. The dish wasn’t very oily and that was another positive point. If I am asked to compare with other restaurants in terms of if this is the best then no there is still room for improvement that could be done in this dish to keep it on par with the best. But that said we loved the dish here.


Whilst we loved these dishes there were a number of feedbacks that we did pass on to the staff in regards with the other dishes that were being served to us. Considering the fact that it was launch night there is always room for improvement but the staff here was very open for feedback and took it very seriously with a pledge to work on them in the coming days. We hope that does happen and that the food section goes from better to best. The food here is priced very nominally and is very value for money. A meal for two with drinks and food would just cost Rs 1500 which is very good

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