Grand Hyatt OktobierFest – Things Your Missing If You Havent visited it yet

Grand Hyatt is known for its Hashtag Living Grand because that’s what it knows doing best in everything they set sail upon. Be it the experience they give their guests who stay at their palatial hotel, the food that they serve in their speciality restaurants, their super awesome flash mobs or their food festivals. And keeping up with their LivingGrand way of doing things the team at Hyatt has the GrandOktobier festival going on from 14th – 23rd October where you can experience Bavaria at its best. If you haven’t visited them yet then these are few things that you’re absolutely missing


Bavarian Grandeur

Every hotel tries to do an October fest in this month but Hyatt has been consistent in doing things differently and in style. To keep up with this legacy the fest this year the team at Hyatt has created a traditional Bavarian tent in its property premises to recreate Bavaria at Hyatt. The majestic tent is home to chef-crafted Bavarian delights, refreshing brews from around the world and foot-tapping music by “Talbachbuam‟, a renowned band all the way from Munich. The tents open up post 7pm. The blue and white coloured interiors of the tent look really stylish and the setup inside is very spacious. Benches have been placed for seating overlooking the garden which is lit up with green coloured lights.

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Foot Tapping Music by Talbachbuam

The Team at Hyatt have flown in Talbachbuam a traditional Bavarian music band from Munich to entertain guests with their foot tappingly good music. They will not only sing good songs but will also make you dance to the traditional Bavarian folk dance called the Schuhplattler. These guys have a lot of positive and happy energy and they transfer these vibes to everyone enjoying the fest with their good music and dance. We really loved it

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Bavarian Beers

No Octoberfest can be complete without beer and the team at Hyatt staying true to its ethos of keeping it traditional has got German beer imported for this festival over and above Indian brands. You can now sip from some of Bavaria’s best brands such as Erdinger & Warstiener. For the fest in totality there are a wide variety of beers to choose from. Some of them were Erdinger, Warstiener, Doppelgänger, White Zen etc. Beers can be paired up with different types of dishes recommended by the chef to increase the experience. In case you don’t drink beer you needn’t worry they have an array of other liquors and shots as well


Bavarian Food

The Food menu has been curated by Chef Hermann Grossbichler to create a Bavarian food experience at your plate. Specially selected Bavarian delights have been added in the menu with the sole purpose to give you a traditional feel of a Bavarian meal which would not only satiate your taste buds but would complement your drinks. The festival menu consisted of a number of German delights like the Chicken or Pork “Wiener” schnitzel, Chicken Cheese or Pork “Frankfurter”, Roasted Bratwurst” served with mashed potatoes & sour kraut, Lamb Goulash with spätzle, Kartoffelknödel – Potato dumplings on a bed of creamed mushroom, Schweinshaxe – Pork knuckle with sour kraut and potato dumplings and many more. You need to be a hard core non vegetarian to enjoy these dishes. Unfortunately there isn’t much for a vegetarian so they would feel left alone as there isn’t much for veggies in German cuisine


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Desserts Galore

A special section has been mentioned by me here is to emphasize the importance the desserts that are being served for the fest. We don’t get to eat a lot of authentic German desserts in this part of the town and the team at hyatt has done a wonderful job in adding some authentic Bavarian delights to the dessert menu here. You can choose from the Orginale Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte – A Black forest cake that consists of layers of chocolate cake with whipped cream and cherries between each layer, Bayrische Crème – Bavarian cream with fresh strawberries, Vienna Apfelstrudel – Apple straddle (oblong strudel pastry jacket with an apple filling inside) with vanilla ice cream, Rote Grütze – Forest berry pudding which consists of a fruity reduction as a base accompanied with fresh cream or ice cream to balance its acidic flavours, Freshly Fried Bavarian Pancakes & Some Baked Frankfurter Ring which was the best of the lot for us.

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Well then what are you waiting for. Go visit Grand Hyatt before the festival ends. The last date of the fest is 23rd October so be there to relive one of the greatest festivals of Bavaria done Grand. For reservations and more details you can get get in touch with them at 7045950140


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