BrewBot Turns 2 – Top 5 Dishes You absolutely cant Miss

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There was a time when Maurya landmark was only known for Chinese dining due to a heavy duty restaurant in its vicinity but back in 2014 things took a change and that too for the good. A group of friends who travelled across the globe in search of flavours finally decided to start a microbrewery of their own which not only served beer but lip smacking global cuisine as well and thus “Brewbot” was born. With Chef Anand Motwani at its helm they had the man who knew what it takes to create food which is defined by textures and flavours. A Chef which lets his food do the talking. His passion and love for food shows in his work and dedication that he has put into the Brewbot we know today


Brewbot has recently turned two and to celebrate its second birthday Chef Anand has revamped the menu at brewbot and added more dishes into it. “The focus of the new menu is to serve to a larger audience, add new dishes for our existing customer base and to add dishes which people had been requesting from time to time” says Chef Anand during the launch of the new menu. Well with the menu being even more exhaustive it can be difficult at times to select whats good to order and that’s where we at Mytastetest thought to help you out. Here are the top 5 dishes that are an absolute must have at “BrewBot”


Hangover Fries

Well with Brewbot being a place which is known for some exquisite craft beers it was very essential to have a dish that complements them well and the “Hangover Fries” Do just that. This dish is just a must order with your drink. Consisting of fries that are served with shredded chicken mixed with house made Chipotle sauce further topped with sour cream and greens these fries are one of the best we have had. There was a crunchy element to dish by the fries, a sweet, spicy and saucy element by the chicken in chipotle sauce and a sour element by the sour cream. When mixed together it creates a melange of Sweet, sour, spice & Crunch which is something we loved.

Hangover fries


Bacon Wrapped Prawns

The second dish on this list is the Bacon Wrapped Prawns with Cilantro Aioli. Prawns that were tossed and cooked with a sweet and spicy Sriracha sauce and then wrapped with a slice of bacon. Another dish which floored us with its flavours. The prawns were cooked to the right texture. The Sriracha sauce added sweet and spicy elements to it which were further intertwined with the smoky and fatty flavour from the bacon. If you are permitted to eat bacon then this is a dish you should absolutely go for. The dish in itself is so good that you won’t bother checking the cilantro aioli out

Bacon Wrapped Prawns


House Special Calamari

The third dish on the list is the House Special Calamari. This dish doesn’t need any introduction from me. Its been a legendary dish since this place has opened up back in 2014. The sauce of this dish is pure bliss. We have had this multiple times but not even once will you find the calamari to be rubbery that’s because the chef only uses the freshest calamari for this dish. If the calamari becomes any older it wont be used the other day. The Sauce comprising of white wine, Lemon juice, Chilli garlic and cilantro takes this dish to a new level. Have it first and thank us later.

House Special calamari. Sorry For the Lighting


Chicken Paprikash

This dish for me was a revelation on how good a paprikash actually can be if you cook it to perfection like Chef Anand does. One of the best paprikash that you can have in town. The paprika sauce that you get is just top notch stuff. A thick and creamy sauce with mushrooms, chicken, peppers and the works dwelled into a concoction that will hypnotize your taste buds when combined with the lemon cilantro rice. This is a dish I order whenever I visit this place and it has been consistent all the time.

Chicken paprikash


Willie Wonka

A dessert that has been introduced in the new menu had to feature here. Consisting of Chocolate mousse served with vanilla ice cream on a bed of chocolate soil. The chocolate mousse was dense, sweet and slightly cool. A spoonful of it with some chocolate soil and vanilla cream will make you visit Wonka’s chocolate factory (Pun Intended). A Tribute to Charlie & the chocolate factory this dessert hit all the right notes for us.

Willy Wonka


So those were the top 5 dishes we loved. Let us know if you have had any favourites here and we love to try them out. You can follow us on the below handles to get more grub updates


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