Irish House – 5 combinations we Loved At The DIY Menu

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Irish house as we all know is a place where you can drink and dine and spend a cool Friday night partying with friends. Largely known for their drinks Irish house has recently started with a new menu called the DIY menu during lunch times on all days. “The strategy behind the new menu is to give our guests a variety of dishes as per their choice at a value for money price. It will give people newer options to select when dining with us. Whilst the regular menu is always there for people who want to order from that the DIY menu just adds to the options says the chef at Irish house”.

What is “DIY Menu” All About?

The DIY stands for “Do it yourself”. In this people have an option to create their own customized Burger & pasta with their choice of meat, sauces & toppings. With more than 20 options to choose from there are a wide variety of permutations and combinations that you can try. There is something in it for vegetarians and non vegetarians both. In case your confused and don’t know what is the best combination to go for you can always give a shout out to the chef and they will be more than happy to help you out with their recommended combinations. Priced at Just Rd 350 per dish I found the DIY menu to be a steal as compared to the regular priced meals at Irish house. The menu is only available during lunch hours and isn’t available all day. We knew all this could be very confusing so we thought to give you 5 combinations we loved when we tried out the DIY Menu at irish House

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Well Done Spaghetti laced with thick chicken bolognaise sauce and mixed with exotic vegetables. The moderately spicy minced chicken flavor balanced itself very well with the spaghetti and with the crunchy exotic veggies. The way the minced chicken was cooked is what made this dish our favorite from the lot. A must have dish from the pasta section which costs as low as Rs 350. A very value for money deal with good portion size


Penne In Pesto Sauce

The second option we loved was the penne done in pesto sauce with seafood. One of the recommendations by the chef as he is a huge fan of having good seafood. The pesto sauce was perfectly thick and had been infused with the other ingredients very well. The pasta was cooked al dente and went very well with the seafood toppings that were added


Penne In Pink Sauce

We ordered this pasta just to see how it turns out to be as we personally are a big fan of the pink sauce pasta and it helps us to compare with other brands. The al dente pasta served was flawless and was full of meat, veggies that were laced with the creamy pink sauce. You would get something in every bite be it the chicken or the veggies.  The chef had been very consistent with all his pastas and that was something we appreciated


BBQ Chicken Burger

The BBBQ Chicken burger is something we liked a lot though it wasn’t one of the best ones we have had but it was pretty good. It consisted of Crumb fried Chicken tenders topped with Caramelized onions, pickled gherkins, House BBQ Sauce and some classic mayo stuffed between soft burger buns. The crumb fried chicken tenders were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside which was a positive. It went very well with the mix we had selected. The only downside for me was that the burger was having empty edges which gave me a feel of having plain bread when I was having the last few bites of the burger.

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Customized Chicken Burger

The last one was a customized chicken burger specially made by the chef that was loaded from top to bottom. It consisted of grilled pepper chicken tenders, boiled egg, pickled gherkins, few jalapenos, fresh lettuce, yellow cheddar and loads of sauce. It was a meat fest of a burger which would make your jaw go pop. The burger went excellently with sweet potato fries which is also something you need to have your burgers with. One burger is enough for you to bid farewell to your diet regime and your hunger.


So that’s it these were our 5 favorite dishes from the fest. Let us know which were your favorites. You can also follow me on other social media channels below

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