Maharashtrian Food Fest At Earth Plate Sahara

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Are you looking for indulging in some Maharashtrian food which is true to the locals and villages of Maharashtra? “The Earth plate” a global cuisine restaurant at Sahara Star has recently launched a Maharashtrian Food Festival which is happening between Jan 12th to Jan 29th 2017. The menu of the festival is specially curated by Sous Chef Rupesh khandekar alongside his junior sous chef Anupam Biswas. Earth plate is known for having intercontinental buffets covering a wide range of multi cuisine dishes. However this time the chefs wanted to do something different. Something in which they could relate to the land of Maharashtra and serve food which the people and the locals can relate to which brought them the idea of doing a Maharashtrian food festival. The festival aims to bring various cuisines of the state under one roof on buffet dinner.

Chef Anupam Biswas

We at Mytastetest got the opportunity to have a chat with the hardworking Junior Sous Chef Anupam Biswas. He has been working from the last 3 years in Sahara star. Previously worked in places like copper chimney and Ramee Guestline. He Specializes in Indian cuisine and its variants. “This time we wanted to have a festival which is local to the people of Maharashtra. A festival where we could inculcate a combination of Maharashtrian dishes from the streets, villages and the houses of Maharashtra and that’s when this festival got planned. Each dish in the festival has a story to tell of some part of this state. We have chosen the finest dishes from each region of Maharashtra and will be recreating them using the freshest ingredients available”


Maharashtrian Look & Feel

Whilst the menu has a lot to offer the team at earth plate have also left no stone unturned to recreate the Maharashtrian vibe at earth plate. The entire restaurant has been decked up to give a Maratha feel with swords and shields hung on walls, tables decorated in true native style, the service team dressed up in traditional Marathi attire such as Kurtas and Marathi sarees. Soulful Indian lounge music in the background and live counters setup in strategic locations serving some drool worthy food.

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Maharashtrian Food from All Corners Of The State

The menu covers an extensive range of Maharashtrian food varying from different regions of the state. There are traditional dishes from the Deccan region like the Bhakri, chawli chi usal & ambat goad Bhaji. There are dishes from the Konkan region which involve coconuts and it’s by products in a lot of curries as well as non-vegetarian food from the region of Malvan. In starters you are served with dishes like Sabudana wada, Bhakar wadi, Aloo wadi, Kothimbir wadi, Mutton chap & a wide array of fried sea food consisting of prawns, Surmai, Bombil, Halwa & mandeli. In Mains there are dishes like Shimplan Chay Kalwan, kolmbi pulao, mushi che mutton, chicken pandhra rassa in non veg and famous Maharashtrian stalwart dishes like alu che pathpadhe, batatchya sukhi Bhaji, Usal, Misal, Tamboli, kombadi vade & SolKadi. In desserts there is the almighty Modak, Puran poli with ghee and jaggery, Shrikhand etc.

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Final Verdict

We loved almost all of the food that was served to us especially the non-vegetarian dishes or maybe we are just too biased towards non vegJ. We recommend you to try it out and figure what you liked more.  Service by Kailash was impeccable just as the food. The festival is on till 29th Jan and costs Rs 2500 per person all inclusive. You can also get deals online to reduce that cost.


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