Estella – Jewel Of Juhu

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Estella – Jewel Of Juhu

There are some hospitality services which fade out in time due to reasons unknown to men and there are some which stay strong against the waves of time and make that experience a cornerstone for their success. Whilst big players like Massive restaurants have taken the city by storm there is Silver beach hospitality which has taken small calculated leaps that has resulted in their expansion in the Mumbai dining space. With brands like Silver beach and Nom Nom that have garnered accolades in their respective genres they now bring to us Estella. Estella strives to be the first of a kind modern Australian dining restaurant in Mumbai which takes key elements from Australian cuisine and mixes it with Asian elements.

Ambience Perfect For A Date

Overlooking the Juhu beach Estella has an ambience so stellar that it has date night written all over it. One of the must visit places in my opinion as it is just besides the beach with an open roof seating section in which you can feel the fresh air from the beach hitting your skin or hear the waves rushing towards the shore. One of the better places in Mumbai to witness the sun go down while sipping on your favourite drink. The ambience is very elegant and stylish with polished Woodie interiors and exteriors. Every table is illuminated by a small Candle lit lamp styled with some top notch crockery. There are also dedicated cabana’s with minimum billing requirements attached to them but that’s for the heavy spenders

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The People Behind The food

The man behind Estella’s menu is Chef Rohan D’Souza, he is someone who has travelled extensively across Australia and has worked with some of the top chefs in the world to bring to you a menu that comprises of dishes made from best quality produce that is imported from Europe and Australia. He is supported by Chef Aniket who brings with him a wealth of experience in continental cuisine. One of the first chef I met who has cooked food at an altitude of 25,000 feet above sea level in his previous stint with Etihad airways. The menu brings together flavours from Australian, European, Chinese and Thai cuisines

Food that brings elements together

The food at estella is all about elements. The different elements in every dish intertwine with each other to create an epicurean experience for your taste buds. You better watch those masterchef Australia episodes:). Despite the focus on non-vegetarian food there is something in it for even the vegetarians. Here are some of the dishes we loved having there

Spanish Seafood Al Ajilio

The dish we absolutely loved from the small plates section. A dish which is a must have for all seafood lovers. Consisting of clams, shrimps & scallops braised in a delicate saffron garlic butter sauce served with garlic butter brioche. Every bite would have a different type of meat that is so high on flavour due to the saffron infused garlic butter sauce. It would make you wipe this dish clean. The soft garlic butter brioche soaked in some of that sauce was an absolute delight as an add on and accompanied the core dish really well.

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Grilled Zucchini & Chicken Skewers

Another killer dish from the small plates section for the chicken lovers out there. Consisting of skewers of grilled chicken & zucchini served with some sweet chilly rose petal lemon emulsion. There are many elements in this dish due to which we loved this dish. The first element was the spicy yoghurt dip that was added between each piece of the meat and zucchini to add moisture to the texture of the meat. The second was the blue coloured onions in the centre of the plate that were drenched in one of their cocktail syrup to give a sweet flavour. The third was the Lemon emulsion which was poured over the dish to add a slight tang. All three elements combined this to be one of the good dishes for chicken lovers

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Grilled Tasmanian Scallops

The first thing that we loved about this dish was its presentation. Scallops grilled to perfection are served on a bed of some cauliflower puree topped with some miso honey cream and carrot foam. The puree adds starch to the protein whilst the foam and miso honey cream add as the flavour enhancers for the dish.

Grilled Tasmanian Scallops

John Dory

Another dish we absolutely loved was the John dory from the Main Plates section. The dish consisted of an absolutely perfectly done john dory served on a bed of some jalapeno crab cream sauce, baby potatoes and Kangkong greens (Another name for water spinach). The Fish and the jalapeno crab cream sauce were absolute delights. The sauce had its own unique creamy flavour that formed the crux of this dish. A dish we recommend you to have here. The only feedback from me to the chef here was to reduce the amount of kangkong greens in the dish as it spoiling the overall balance of the sauce due to its pungent nature.

John Dory

Wild Mushroom, Chive & truffle Risotto

One of the best mushroom risottos that I have had in Mumbai. The porcini mushroom risotto was so damn good. The risotto was primarily made of mushroom puree and that’s what made it so good. Mixed with some chopped mushrooms and topped with truffle oil, chives and smoked goat cheese to add that smoky element. There is something about truffle oil that entices me to have it wherever I get the chance and it was no different here. The pungent flavour of truffle gave this risotto such a nice balance that you wouldn’t mind wiping this entire dish off. Unfortunately I couldn’t click a good pic of this due to the very bad lighting and I hate using flash

Mushroom Risotto

Hazelnut & Parmesan Crusted Chicken Escallop

A hazelnut & parmesan crusted chicken served with some morel mushroom cappuccino sauce. The mild undertones of the mushroom went very well with the chicken. The poached egg perched on top of the meat was complemented with a brioche topped with veggies. Chicken despite being crusted well had tender innards and had absorbed some of that delicious sauce. A complete meal in itself. One of the best things about all the main courses that we had were the potion sizes. One main will completely fill one person up so be wise when you order.

Hazelnut & Parmesan Crusted Chicken Escallop


We loved all the desserts here and completely recommend you to try everyone out. Each dessert is so different from each other and has its own complex characteristics which will make you fall in love with them.

Belgian Chocolate Fondant

A dessert that is made especially for the chocolate lovers out there. A fondant that consists of a gooey Belgium chocolate core is placed on some toffee sauce infused with Himalayan salt and served with an inhouse made peanut butter ice cream. I have had many molten chocolate desserts but this one was right up there because of the way the elements were combined with each other. The toffee sauce infused with Himalayan salts cancelled the sweetness of the chocolate sauce and when combined with the peanut butter gives you a very flavour that is not too sweet with hints of peanut butter. This dessert is very rich

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Triple Layered Chocolate Ganache

Another one of the rich desserts that we absolutely loved because of the way it was made. A base of espresso crumble is topped with three different flavours of chocolate each having its own distinct flavour. A piece of crumble mixed with all 3 flavours of ganache gives an explosion of different flavours. Another top notch dessert

Triple Layered Chocolate Ganache

Plum & Frangipane tart

I usually don’t have desserts that consist of any form of puff pastries but this one was recommended by chef aniket and I decided to give it a go. Consisting of a puff pastry baked with some fresh plums and topped with vanilla ice cream and laced with some yummy cream anglaise this was a dessert I finished in almost no time. One thing absolutely essential about this dessert is that you need to have the pastry with the cream anglaise and a bit of ice cream so that they can balance each other. If you have anything on its own you will find it a tad too dry or lack of flavour but that’s only because we are not eating it in the right way.

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While we loved the dishes explained above there were few more dishes that we had and get a noteworthy mention. They were the tempura asparagus maki rolls served with pink ginger mango soy dressing (Being an Australian fine diner you wouldn’t expect them to serve a mean set of sushi with some dressing that adds magic to each bite),

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The Asparagus Portobello Tortellini


The Smashed avocado & smoked Jalapeno with pumpkin falafels,


The Pumpkin & Spinach stuffed eggplant


The Blueberry & Vienesse Shortbread


Final Verdict

Estella is a place you need to definitely add to your places to visit list especially if you love having seafood. It’s definitely got everything you would expect from a continental fine diner. Prices at Rs 4k for two it is a bit on the higher side but this only due to the fact that they import a lot of quality ingredients for their food which increases the cost. The portion sizes are really good so if you’re tight on the wallet you can just go for the mains and can be full in Rs 3k as well depending on what you order.  You can speak to the chef in case you have any specific preferences and they would be glad to help you out

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