Summer House Cafe 5 Dishes We Loved

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The bustling mills at Lower parel are looking busier than ever with yet another new entrant entering the food drinks and gig scene. This time it’s the Café from Hauz Khali Delhi which has garnered accolades and huge success for its stint there called the Summer House Café. A restaurant so spacious that it can house an exquisite meal for all the teams participating in the champions trophy and can still have place to spare. Consisting of wooden interiors, easy chairs and throwback couches to create a laid back atmosphere it’s a place meant to relax and unwind with different gigs every night like musical performances, stand-up comedy. Concerts etc.

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13 Page Food Menu By Chef Harman

The expansive menu prepped up by Chef Harman Singh is like a novel to read with an option for every palette including jains as well. Oh Yea the plight of chefs when they plan for menus in Mumbai:). His thought process is that nobody should leave summer house on an empty stomach so there is something added for everyone from their house special continental dishes to Indian, Chinese & jain dining options. Chef Harman an Oxford pass out has expertise in continental cuisine. Previously with Hard Rock Café he moved into Summer House as the Head Chef in delhi and is now the head chef for all of their outlets. Out of work he is actually an extensively multi-talented person with passion for Photography & being a DJ. So if you ever need anyone to help you on site you can give him a shout

Top 5 Dishes We Loved

Well we at mytastetest know how the extensive menu at SHC can confuse you so here are our top 5 picks from the SHC menu which you can go for and without an iota of doubt they won’t disappoint you. The portion sizes in SHC is something you can particularly be happy with as they are enough to fill you in one dish itself which makes it a good bang for your buck


At number one is their Tiramisu. The guys at SHC make a very good Tiramisu and is one of the top tiramisus in town. They use absolutely no gelatin in their tiramisu and bind it with a secret agent which I cant disclose. The flavours of the coffee, cream and pastry go so well that they do a happy dance on your palette. This is a dessert you must have and can thank us later


Nachos / Chilli Fries

Confused at what to order with the booze you ordered at SHC then the Loaded Nachos and Chilli fries is the solution for your problem. The Loaded nachos with Salsa and Sour cream is a dish of gargantuan proportions. Consisting of tortilla chips loaded with Beans, Sour cream, Pico de gallo, onions, jalapenos, Cheese & an optional non veg it is one of their bestselling dish. Chef Harman has definitely cracked the code for serving a good plate of nachos and it shows in the resultant dish. Every Tortilla chip will have something different to bite on.

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For the French fry addicts there are the Chilli Fries Served with 4 different types Dips. Consisting of Fries tossed with some red chilli and topped with cheese and an optional non veg it is a paradise for the fry lover. The dips that accompany it are the true heroes of this dish with the in house BBQ sauce being our personal favourite. The only downside to this dish is that they will become soggy in time due to the way it laded with cheese which can result in losing the crunch but the flavours of the cheese and chillies are not lost in that process.


Lasagna (Veg/NonVeg)

The next dish on the list is the Lasagna. Chef harmans love with continental food shows in this dish. Its one of his personal favourite and even ours. Layers of Sheet pasta filled with tender exotic veggies, béchamel, cheese and a light tomato sauce make this dish a flavour bomb of a lasagne. The sauce used in the lasagne made us go wow from the first bite itself. A creamy moderately spicy sauce with a hint of sourness went so well with the other elements that we had to include this dish here


Basil Pesto Chicken With Parmesan Sauce

Next On the List is the Grilled Basil pesto chicken served with parmesan sauce. The dish consisted of 2 breasts of chicken that are marinated in a pesto marinade with their in house spices and grilled to a right texture. This is then served with a silky creamy parmesan sauce with sauted exotic veggies and mashed potatoes. The Parmesan sauce infused with the pesto marinated chicken very well. The dish is actually on the lighter side despite all the cheese and cream.

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Pesto Chicken Bruschettas
I don’t like bruschettas and generally don’t order them in any of the restaurants I go but Chef absolutely wanted me to try this dish here and we loved it from the first bite itself. Consisting of garlic oil infused breads topped with a pesto chicken marinade that had chopped pieces of green apple and walnuts. The sweetness from the green apple, crunchiness of the nuts and the pesto flavoured chicken element on a garlic infused bread was something we loved. The bread itself was so soft and well done which just elevated the experience further


So these were the top 5 dishes we absolutely loved and recommend you to try it out when in SHC. The wood fired pizzas are a noteworthy mention which I didn’t feature in this list but is something you can definitely try as they make them in a dedicated wood fired oven.

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Whilst we loved everything about the food the drinks are something that can be improved upon there. What dishes do you think were your top 5 let us know 🙂


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