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Poetry brought to you by the team at love and cheesecake is their take on the café scene which has taken bandra by storm. With a number of dessert cum cafe outlets opening at bandra its like a carnival for frequent café visitors as there are now a number of options they can go for. Poetry which had opened up last year is already one of the top places for their decadent desserts and mouth melting sandwiches in bandra. They are the latest entrant to the Break your fast bandwagon in bandra offering you an expansive breakfast menu. We at Mytastetest thought to give everyone a heads up about what the latest offering from Poetry is all about

Choose Your Style

The breakfast menu currently comprises of three types of breakfast options that you can opt for. You can choose to go with the Continental, English or American option depending on what suits your palette the best. Whilst all three of them have similar elements to their menu like breads, juices, hash browns etc there are unique dishes in the menu as well that distinguish them from each other. If you have come here in search of Indianized breakfast options like the Humble Vada Pav then this is not the right place for you. You will need to google map the nearest Zunka Bhakar Outlet near you for breakfast

Go Alacarte

People who dont want to go for the set menu can also have a look into the Alacarte section of the breakfast menu. This section consists of various types of healthy Starters like Fruits, Parfaits, oatmeals, cereals & Smoothies to Waffles, pancakes and different array of omelettes. There is also a signature section which consists of their signature dishes that are a must try if your visiting this place.

All American Breakfast – Making America Great Again

Once you select the type of menu you want to go for you would be served with a set meal comprised of a number of dishes in that menu. We had opted for the All American Breakfast cause I Support Trump LOL and wanted to break my fast in an all American Glory. The American Set menu consists of 1 choice of beverage which can be selected from an option of Juices, Hot Chocolate, Tea etc. With the beverage a bread basket consisting of fresh breads and muffin is served with Cream Cheese, Butter and Marmalade. A bowl of cereals or Bircher muesli comes next. For the Main Plate you have few options from which you need to select one option and that gets served to you with Hash browns, Turkey Ham & Bacon. You can choose from 2 eggs cooked as per your choice, Blueberry pancakes, Nutella Waffles or a Hazelnut Brioche French Toast. Have a look at our breakfast table in all its glory.

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Pancakes & Waffles

When it comes to pancakes and waffles poetry dishes them out really well. The blueberry pancakes were soft and had a centre that was tad bit gooey with generous amount of blueberry served with slices of strawberry on the side. The Nutella waffles were crisp and loaded with Nutella and fresh fruits like Mango, Bananas and Watermelon. Both of them were really good but my personal favourite is the Banana Crème Brulee Pancake from the normal menu. Thats one pancake which will never fail you at poetry. A picture can describe it more than words can in terms of how decadent the pancake is.

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Poached Egg & Avocado Love

From the Alacarte Section we tried the Poached Egg & Avocado On a Croissant and My oh my it was one of the best dishes that we had there for breakfast. It consisted of a super fresh pastry which was topped with chopped avocado, salsa, tomatoes, onions & a poached sunny side up egg in all its gooey glory with wedges on the side. The fresh croissant pastry was so fresh and rightly textured that it perfectly replaced our beloved bread without any problems and the fresh toppings intertwined with the egg so well that every in every bite the pastry would just melt in your mouth. Divine is all I could say


Our Thoughts

The breakfast menu was great and has a lot of potential but it needs few improvements as well. The Bircher Muesli and the parfaits were ok and could have been better.


The omelettes looked good but lacked distinctive flavours and needed sauce to accompany it but considering the different options to choose from you would expect them to have their own flavours. There need to be more options for alacarte signature dishes. Three just doesn’t seem enough to me as they can really steal the show for them.


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